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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    My Boyfriend Listened over the Phone


    My Name is Lisa, a 22-year-old living miles apart from my significant other Mark. Constant phone sex was great, but I always teased about having another guy fuck me which turned me on even more. After a while Mark started loving the idea of watching me with another man that he decided to accept the idea but only if I follow all his rules.

    Rule no 1

    Every message exchanged between my Bull and I had to be screenshot and sent to him, which should show the time and place where we were going to meet.

    Rule No 2

    I was to send Pictures of myself dressing up in my sexy lingerie, as I get ready for my date with my Bull as well as pictures and a video if anything happened.

    Rule no 3

    I was to Keep My phone on me while he listened to me and my bull. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 27, 2019

    My Wife, her Lover and his Boss


    It's hard to believe that 2 years ago my wife was a woman who wouldn't even consider something like this. It's like a switch was thrown and she is now comfortable with things I never thought she'd be comfortable with. It started when she seduced a friend of ours and decided that she was going to have a lover from now on besides me. It helps that her lover only comes to town every seven to eight weeks so I'm not sharing her full-time but when he is here she is definitely with him. Frank is a very lucky guy and while I know eventually it will burn out she has been given enough leash to do whatever she wants. (Frank, her lover, is aware I know but I am never there nor do I discuss it with Frank.)

    I know I have been blessed because I have been with my wife almost 20 years and I'm still insanely attracted to her. Jill is a very sexy wife with a beautiful face. It's not hard to understand how other men are attracted to her as well. She took up with her new lover about a year ago and since then it has progressed from just them hooking up to her spending nights with him and even vacationing with him. On two occasions now she has joined him in his native home state of Illinois. He is in the Real Estate Management industry and as he has built a very impressive business for himself. He has been trying to land a major clients account that would increase his income by three times but his boss was delaying the decision and Frank was very frustrated. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistress?

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019

    He Felt up her Inner Thighs


    I'm more into the 'Hotwifing' aspect, than cuckolding - I want her to FULLY enjoy her sexuality, and have told her she has my permission to cheat, if she ever needs or wants to do so. Think the happenings in her past have moved me towards the hotwife thing. And getting older!! When we first married I would have been jealous as hell if another guy made a pass at her, where as now I openly encourage her to dress a certain way (braless, quite often!), and have bought her a couple of anklets (she wears one occasionally, without being FULLY aware of the possible 'message'.)

    The closest we've come to another guy having a go at her, was a couple of years ago in Marrakech. We were walking in the myriad of alleyways near the large market, when she complained of her ankle hurting. Almost immediately, this old Arab was alongside us, explaining in decent English, that he could offer a massage to ease the discomfort in her leg. He pointed to the doorway in front of us, and rather warily (esp on my part!) we were ushered in.

    To be fair, inside did seem reminiscent of a doctor's room - there were some medical-looking bottles, and bandages, that type of thing. There was also a couple of chairs, and a bed. The Arab guy offered the chairs for me and my wife. We sat. He then offered us lemonade, while commenting on the heat outside. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 20, 2019

    The Bedroom is Hotter than it has ever Been


    So two years ago, my wife and a remote colleague started a flirting relationship via work email that turned into him suggesting texting, and then a day later some chat so his fiance did not notice all the texts to one phone number. Shortly after that, he started sending overtly sexual messages and they got into a pretty short but intense sexually explicit relationship where they messaged, talked on the phone, and sent each other naked pics.

    He was working on convincing her to webcam while he walked her through masturbating when I found her messages to him. She had tried to delete her messages but I recovered some. My wife has never had another sexual partner. We met in HS and got married early in life. Up until a few months before that, she was not interested in sex very much, but became very interested when I got fixed and she went off the pill.

    When I found out, I was furious at first, but after a few hours, decided to try and go along with it. We had talked about threesome fantasies in the past, and this seemed like we could try something together. After about 3 days, I decided that I could not emotionally handle it because she had been lying and hiding it from me. It was also such a major departure from how she had been that I just wanted her to stop. To be clear, this was only ever via phone and chat/text. He lives in Arizona and we live in WI. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 16, 2019

    How my First Creampie got me Hooked


    I'm happily married with a family and intend to keep this as fantasy only, but I've had a very strong, very specific cuckold-oriented desire that has roots in actual personal experience. The lust for this specific act gets so strong I feel like it's driving me crazy at times. Maybe talking about it here on this blog will be cathartic.

    Like many others (I've been lurking on various cuckold sites for years) I believe the desire I feel is a result of being cheated on in my young adulthood. This story is 100% true. I'm in my late 30s now, but as a young freshman in college all those years ago I met a girl known for being a slut. Hell, I knew several guys who had already fucked her, but she was hot, and I wasn't picky as a horny 19-year old. True to her reputation, getting her in bed was really easy, but we actually got along great and a real realationship started and lasted several years (off and on).

    She was quite candid about being a slut; she had a confident "I have a high libido and love sex and I'm not ashamed." attitude about it, but as we became exclusive she promised she could be faithful. Well, over the next few years we'd have arguments like young couples do and "go on a break" from each other occasionally. Without fail she'd sleep with other guys while we were on these 'breaks', but insisted it didn't count as cheating. I always took her back, I mean technically she was right, a break is a break. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, October 13, 2019

    Cuckolding in a Bad and Good Relationship


    So this is kinda long; completely insane, story that just happened to me and I don't know who else to tell it to. I literally can't believe this shit. It just happened and I have to tell someone so why not this blog?

    So I have a history of girls cheating on me. I always felt very ugly and lower status. I was never any girl's first pick. Even though I always liked girls, I would fantasize on occasion about blowing guys. I never told anyone this.

    My first wife and I were married for four years. She was also my first real girlfriend. She had cheated on me when we were dating. She stayed at a hotel with one of her friends and her friend's boyfriend. My ex had previously had sexual encounters with this guy. They ended up getting a room with only one bed. The guy was in the middle. After her friend fell asleep, the boyfriend rolled over and made out with my ex and at least were touching each other (although I doubt that was all). But even after knowing this I was very young and had no confidence so I thought I could overlook it. I married her a year later.

    Fastforward three years. She always had trouble keeping jobs and making friends. But she gets a job at a popular department store and was absolutely thrilled. One night she was on Snapchat all night while we were sitting there on the couch. I was suspicious. So a couple days later I sneak behind her while she's sending messages and I see hearts and something about cuddling. I confronted her and she says its just a friend from work (with a clearly male's name). I'm mad. Completely furious. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 09, 2019

    I asked her to make me Jealous


    I'm 33 yr old male with lots of experience. My fiancee is 28 snd we've been dating for 3 years now.

    Her style is subdued and average when she's out in public. Unfortunately when I first met her she was subdued in bed too.

    She's madly in love with me. I am her first but over the course of our relationship I have regularly pushed her to be kinkier snd kinkier and usually she responds quite well.

    I've shared one of my deepest fantaisss with her, and that is for her to make me jealous in public. This I think is the lightest way to introduce her to cuckolding/ Hotwife life as she's always been adamant how she would never ever sleep with another guy and how she only has eyes for me. She told me that she'll do anything for me and since it makes me happy, she'll get me jealous one day.

    Fast forward to her birthday week.

    She's wearing a hot red top and some skin tights that really show off her ass. We're celebrating her birthday with some friends and she asks to play beer pong. I expect her to partner with me but this is when the fun begins. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 06, 2019

    We are on a High and Cumming A lot


    I am writing out this post from my phone today so please bare with me. There may be some typos as I will probably fat finger some keys. So if you really don't know what that word means look around that word and try to play detective haha. Anyways let's get into it! Our sex these past couple of days have been... AMAZING. The loads the I blow are a lot more in volume and Ava tells me that I taste better too! Now I don't know if it is the daily vitamins that I am taking or the fact that we started this whole cuckold thing which brings up the male sperm competition aspect. Either way it is awesome to see me fill my slut with that much cum. I'd have to say of the 10+ times we fucked my load has been about the same amount.

    I honestly love her. She has been amazing and we got kinker in bed. I edged her to the point where she was willing to have any dick in her pussy. She hopped on my dick with so much desperation and aggression all I could think about was another man in my place at that moment. She looks so fucking sexy riding my dick. The way she had her hand on my chest or her hands behind her resting on my inner thighs. The way she tilts her head back and her moans start to get louder and louder with every thrust. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 02, 2019

    So Turned on and so much Shame Too


    So I'm 32 (Jimmy), partner is 29 (Sam). We've been dating for 4 years. I'm from the city and she's from a small rural town that I hadn't even heard of until I met her.

    She's always been pretty vanilla but recently got her telling me stories about her with other guys. Turns out she has slept with quite a few men (lots of one night stands) but not many real exciting times. Just drunk one night stands mainly.

    Through more probing though, she opened up about this one guy (Mike) who she used to fuck on a regular basis. Mike is 11 years older than Sam. He was a guy from the same town who moved to the city but anytime he was home and she was single, they would hook up.

    Sam goes on to tell me that Mike was the best she had ever had (she says before me but could be just protecting my feelings lol), he was the first to make her cum during sex and the fact that he was older was a big thrill. She says it's been a few years since they saw each other but she does creep his Facebook every so often. ... READ THE REST HERE


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