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My wife (Ariel) and I have been happily married for 5 yrs. We have 2 kids and we have made great sacrifices for her to be a stay at home mom. Ariel got married right out of college to a man who was 13 yrs older and she divorced after 2 yrs. Looking back it is easy to say now that she got married to a father figure that could keep her from moving back in with her parents after college.

Her ex-husband had an established career and lived in a prominent neighborhood; it was a perfect getaway. A few months into the marriage she grew tired of his 3rd shift working hours and all the overtime he could get. She would ask him to go to the local clubs to dance, he would always refuse but insist that she go with her friends. Ariel would go to the bars with her single girl friends and they were always hit on by the men. One thing led to another, she met a guy, she had sex with him a couple of times and she got divorced.

Ariel had been single for about 2 yrs when I met her and she shared this history with me as we started dating. She told stories about how she would sneak around behind his back and how she enjoyed the sex with this strange man and how much she liked being a slut. She insisted that this was her sowing of her wild oats and how she had settled down looking for the right, good, man. Me.

I never told her at the time but her tails of infidelity made me very excited. The thought of another man entering her body, with his penis, while she belonged to another sent me over the top. She told stories about not using condoms and how she would seduce her husband to cover her tracks in case she became pregnant.

Fast Forward to now.

About 2yrs ago I began reading about the cuckold experience and found this blog and it reminded me of the days of my wife's infidelity. I found great pleasure in these thoughts but knew it would be disastrous if I brought it up, now that she had gone legit. I finally got some ideas from this website and decided to talk about the subject.

One time I told her that her sex drive was so much greater than mine, that I was going to bring home a friend that could finish her off. She is still young and that statement is actually true. She joked with me saying "Oh if you want me to cheat on you, I'll cheat on you in a minute"! But her one caveat, She get's to pick him. I dropped the subject and left it alone for a few months. About a month ago we started watching the swingers TV show. I told her that I was talking about this subject with a guy at work, who's sister-n-law is a swinger. I started running my logic of how cheating could work without a woman falling in love and leaving the man.

Ariel gave me an example of how much she loves the family and lifestyle we live, the house, kids, security and material things. She would never want to loose any of that but there are things that this relationship cannot provide. I asked her to expand on examples and she said, "like sex, that's what!" She explained that we can never go back and have the burning passion during love making that we had early in our relationship. That we have grown used to each other and that she knows all of my tricks. That I use the same combination of events to coax her into taking off her pants. She knows what my dick looks like, how it's gonna feel and exactly the time I'll finish. She knows the story all too well.

She said that I provide everything in her dreams except for the ongoing burning passionate sex. She said the thing that keeps her on the straight path is the thought of breaking our vows and destroying what we have. I told her that I understand that I cannot give her the unknown feeling but I could fulfill her desires by letting her have affairs. I said if I allowed her to do this I would really be providing her with all of her needs.

She said if she was looking that the guys she's looking for would be too young to be any kind of provider anyway so I would not have to worry.

I asked her what she would do and she said that she would go to the bar and pick up a guy in is early 20's. She would go to his place and fuck him like crazy.

I asked her if she wanted to go alone and she said no-way. She said that she wants to show me exactly who she would pick up and that she would feel more comfortable if I watched her leave with him.

She asked me if I was really serious, she thought I was testing her. When I told her I was serious, you would have thought I bought her a new car.

We are going to the bar this Friday to see how we do. I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. Ariel takes a long time to make any kind of change and with everything she has (security, family etc...) she will not risk it lightly. But I do know that going to the bar will be a start and will lead to great sex and will likely lead to her having an affair within a year or two.

Ariel & the Tramp




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