Selling My Panties



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I was a good girl and grew up with the message that a good girl did not allow sex before marriage, despite having had many boyfriends. Therefore I was shocked when my husband showed me a swinger/dating profile site, and showed me that a man was offering to buy used panties from any married woman in the UK, where we live.

We were however short of money, and my hubby said what harm could it do to sell my panties, so he persuaded me to let him answer and arrange a meeting, in a local pub saloon bar.

We met the man, and he seemed very nice, and paid me compliments on my looks, and we had a few drinks, and I become quite excited by the idea of this man owning my panties, to do with, however he wanted, however naughty.

Eventually, as we had more drinks, I grew bolder, and when he invited us back to his place, I readily agreed to go along with the plan. When we got to his place, which was lovely and warm, even though it was a bitter winter, he asked me to go and wait in his bedroom, while he had a word with my hubby.

When he came into the bedroom, shutting the door with hubby still in the living room, he said it was all arranged, and he would now pay me to lift my skirt, so HE could remove my panties.

Well, I was a bit merry by now, a bit confused, and very excited, as no man had ever seen me without panties before, except my hubby! So, he gave me the agreed money, putting it on the bedside cabinet where I could see it, and said "Right, Missy, lift your skirt, so I can see what have I have paid for".

So, with my heart all a flutter, I slowly lifted my skirt, up above my stocking tops, up higher to my waist, so he could see my lovely lacy panties.

"Beautiful", he said "What fantastic legs and smooth thighs and what lovely underwear".

My heart was pounding, and I tried to stand still, even when he began to run his hand up my legs, past my stocking tops, and then started to gently feel my pussy lips through my panties.

He then hooked his thumbs into the elastic top of my panties and quickly pulled them down, and his eyes glowed as he looked at my naked pussy. "You are all wet and waiting," he said. "Lay on the bed and part your legs, so I can take your panties off over your shoes, and close your eyes."

So, I did as I was told, but then realized he was now kneeling between my legs on the bed, and telling me to slowly open my eyes. He was touching my wet pussy lips with one hand, and rubbing his big naked cock with the other, and I nearly orgasmed there and then.

"Listen now, Dear", he said, "Your hubby said I can fuck you if I give you double the money we had agreed, so you are now going to become my whore; do you understand!"

"Yes, Sir", I barely managed to reply, longing to feel his enormous hard cock inside me.

With that, he put the extra money on the bedside cabinet, urgently ripped my blouse open, pushed up my bra, and then lowered himself onto me, pushing his hard naked cock right up me.

He started to pinch my nipples, as he vigorously thrusted in and out of me, then began to whisper in my ear "You are a Whore, aren't you, a fucking Whore. Tell me to fuck you, Whore, answer me NOW Dammit".

I loved it; I had never been so aroused in my life, so answered "Yes Sir, I am your Whore, your fucking Whore, fuck me, Sir, fuck me, please".

He fucked me harder and harder, pinching my nipples harder, and as I orgasmed yet again, I felt him cumming deep inside me! When he stopped, he cuddled me for a while, and then said "Fantastic, I want to see you every week from now on; you are the best prostitute I have ever had".

As I slowly dressed, I thought "Yes, I suppose I am a prostitute now, having had a man fuck me for money; and yet I had loved it. I will definitely come back next week for more, and every week that he wants me. Fancy being 'paid' for having the best time ever of my life, the best fucking EVER!"

On the way home in the car I told hubby exactly what had happened, but he knew as he had been listening at the keyhole, and even had a great view of us on the bed. He was as excited as I was. What a wimp he really is, I decided!

As we walked into our house I could feel all of the guy's spunk running down my legs, as I had no panties on, and could not wait to get hubby in the bedroom and make him see all the other guy's spunk running out of my used pussy.

Hubby became very aroused and had his hard dick out wanking hard, and went to enter my used pussy, but I stopped him and said "I am a paid Whore now, so YOU too will have to pay if you ever want my favours, dear."

Hubby quickly emptied his wallet, giving me all his money and started to fuck me and was shocked but delighted to hear me say "I am a Whore, a fucking Whore, fuck me wimp, fuck me, but PAY me, every time".

So started a new phase of my life, earning money as a hotwife, and soon making hubby wear a condom when he fucked me, and eventually limiting him access to my body, and telling him how I wanted different cocks rather than his cock from now on.






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