My Wife, her Lover and his Boss

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It's hard to believe that 2 years ago my wife was a woman who wouldn't even consider something like this. It's like a switch was thrown and she is now comfortable with things I never thought she'd be comfortable with. It started when she seduced a friend of ours and decided that she was going to have a lover from now on besides me. It helps that her lover only comes to town every seven to eight weeks so I'm not sharing her full-time but when he is here she is definitely with him. Frank is a very lucky guy and while I know eventually it will burn out she has been given enough leash to do whatever she wants. (Frank, her lover, is aware I know but I am never there nor do I discuss it with Frank.)

I know I have been blessed because I have been with my wife almost 20 years and I'm still insanely attracted to her. Jill is a very sexy wife with a beautiful face. It's not hard to understand how other men are attracted to her as well. She took up with her new lover about a year ago and since then it has progressed from just them hooking up to her spending nights with him and even vacationing with him. On two occasions now she has joined him in his native home state of Illinois. He is in the Real Estate Management industry and as he has built a very impressive business for himself. He has been trying to land a major clients account that would increase his income by three times but his boss was delaying the decision and Frank was very frustrated.

And what she did last December still blows my mind. Frank invited my wife to come up and see the city during Christmas time of 2018. Jill jumped at the opportunity of going and she was told to pack for a Christmas party as she would be attending his company's Christmas party with him. She went out and bought an absolutely beautiful black cocktail dress that and heels that I knew would turn every eye in the place. The dress was strapless and clung to every wonderful curve of hers. She got on a plane on a Thursday night and when I picked her up from the airport Sunday night she said "I have been a very naughty girl". As usual as soon as Frank picked her up from the airport they went to his place and had sex for a couple of hours. She enjoys the sex with him because he is taller than me with a different body and puts her in different positions than I do. While I am bigger, he lasts longer and she says she just really enjoyed the sex and pleasuring him. She does anything he asks and just enjoys the intimacy. He is not quite as open-minded as I am so he hasn't really pushed her limits.

Fast forward to the Christmas party. This was a large Christmas party with about a hundred people there she said. She wore her black cocktail dress, black heels, and a coat that Frank had bought for her. I had seen the pictures and she looked absolutely spectacular. They went to the cocktail party and she was introduced around by Frank as a friend of his. She could feel the eyes of his co-workers going all over her and a little bit of the glares from the wives. Yes she looked that good. She had heard about this client that he was trying to land and finally Frank introduced her to the CEO, the president of the company. He was a older guy, in his mid-sixties, but still a decent-looking guy. Typical CEO look, taller, fit, great smile, with a magnetic personality. They made small talk a little bit and CEO was obviously enamored with my beautiful wife. After the small talk she could feel his stares from across the room as they circulated. A few times my wife turned and locked eyes with CEO and smiled knowing that he was checking her out. As will happen at Christmas parties, drink started to flow and when my wife danced with Frank she could still feel CEO's eyes all over her. She excused herself to go to the bathroom at and made eye contact with CEO once again and gave him a little smile he gave a little smile back.

As she walked out into the hall, CEO came into the same hallway. He asked her if she knew where she was going and she said "I'm looking for the ladies room" and he pointed out. My wife commented that the line was too long and she would come back. CEO then said with a smile that he she was welcome to use his bathroom in his office if she didn't want to wait. My wife said that that was very generous of him and together they walked down another hallway and took an elevator two floors up to the president's office.

They walked in and she commented to him what a great view he had as the entire city of Chicago and Lake Michigan seemed to go forever. It really was a beautiful office. He thanked her and showed her where the bathroom was. My wife said that she had no idea or plans until she was actually in the bathroom and looked herself in the eye in the mirror and smiled. She decided "what the hell". When she walked out of the bathroom back into CEO's office all she had on was her black thong and heels.

CEO started to stammer as he was obviously in shock that my wife had stripped off everything but the thong and heels. He started to say, "I think maybe I've given you the wrong idea," but my wife walked up to him and kissed him. His kisses were hesitant at first but then more passionate as he decide to go with it. He made a whisper comment that his wife was here at the party and my wife whispered into his ears that she has felt his eyes all over her body all night and it had made her hot.

They kissed a few more times and his hand started to caress her body all over. He broke the embrace walked over and locked his office door and turned off the light my wife took this as a que that he was now completely on board. He came back and started to kiss my wife again and she unbuttoned his pants and reached in and pulled out his erect cock. She was pretty impressed that this older guy could get so hard but he was. She dropped to her knees and started to lick his cock and kiss his balls. One thing about my wife is she has tremendous skills in her ability to give head and she really is very good at it. He was already leaking precum and said we need to be quick.

My wife put his hard cock in her mouth and began to suck it and could feel his balls tighten up n her palm. She then looked up at him and said "CEO I want you to enjoy yourself. And on Monday Frank is going to call me and tell me how happy he is that he finally landed that client". CEO look down at her and paused for a moment and my wife knew that the moment of truth was upon them. She had a moment when she thought maybe she was making a big fool of herself and panicked as maybe he would take her poor decision out on Frank.

She took his cock back in her mouth and CEO said "okay you got it but no one can ever know". My wife looked up and giggled and said "I agree I don't want anyone to ever know about this either, especially Frank". CEO pushed her head back down and my wife resumed sucking his cock. She has this thing she does where she gets her mouth very wet and washes her mouth all over the head. She said she did that to the guy and he could not take anymore.

CEO said, "I got to have all of you". He walked my wife over to the couch laying her back on it . She pulled him on her and they kissed as she guided his erect cock inside her. She knew it probably wasn't going to be long. She thrusts her hips up at him and could soon feel his balls hitting her ass. He fucked her hard for less than a minute then groaned he was going to cum. Jill whispered "Anywhere you want" and he came deep inside her. He pulled out of her and stood up and wife told him "you can't go out there like that" pulled him over and cleaned him off by sucking his cock again.

CEO pulled his pants back on, tucked his shirt back, straightened his tie, and told her to go first back to the party first. My wife took the elevator back down to the floor the party was on and Frank was asking her where have you been. She said there was a long line for the ladies room so she went to another floor and got turned around. Frank seem to buy that for the moment. He asked her if she wanted to go home and she said absolutely. On the way out they said goodbye to the CEO and his wife and Jill told me she kept it real brief. (She may have been imagining it but said she felt a glare from the CEO's wife).

They went back to Frank's place and my wife crawled into bed with him completely naked. She allowed Frank to have her all night as she was so worked up and so wet. She told me she sucked him to two orgasms and he fucked her until he came another time. The next morning when they woke up she was too sore to screw again so she told him that he could have anything else he wanted. Frank took that as an indication and my wife had anal sex for just the second time in her life. She told me she loved it as she was still buzzing about what she had done the night before.

My wife returned home to me that Sunday night and told me she needed to decompress. I didn't get the full story until a few nights later. But Monday night my wife received a phone call from Frank who was very excited. He told her she must be some type of good luck charm because Monday morning he had been called into his boss's office and told that he now had the client he had wanted so badly. My wife shared his excitement with him and congratulated him and told him it was long overdue.

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