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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    Loyal Girlfriend Reveals Her Fantasy


    Right now I'm a very frustrated bf. Well my gf and I had a very frank chat last week. I haven't been able to to tell anyone yet but it's awesome.

    Basically I wanna watch my gf do the horniest things with other guys but she is desperatly loyal. She has known for a while about my want to cuck but has always dismissed it.

    Then a few weeks ago she started saying she would think about it. And that she would sleep around on her hen night. I said that she should build up to it like snogging a few guys or something. So she went out on the weekend and when drunk she got her tits out for a guy but wouldn't let him touch. She was ashamed at this but she said it ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 25, 2014

    She Became a Happy Big Cock Slut


    My wife Kim and I set one weekend a month aside to indulge in our nasty fantasies. We both love to fuck each other while watching and talking about cuckold sex. Kim is a very sexy woman in her midthirties, innocent looking, and a school teacher.

    I am a decade older than her and would love to video her with a hung man. She has said that she won't ever do it for real, but would indulge me by teasing men and fantasizing with me during sex. Our night to do this fell on a Saturday that I had already planned with friends. They all were coming over to watch a big fight. I told her that my friend Kevin was bringing an old friend of ours from high school and that he was hung.

    I told her that him and I had been ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 21, 2014

    My Wife Found an Older Man Online


    My wife is super hot and getting hotter by the day.

    We are a married white couple in their 40's. I have enjoyed reading stories about nasty wives for most of my life. My wife was a bit more sheltered, not losing her cherry until just before we met and just after graduating from college.

    I talked my wife into letting me put an ad in the adult permisterals online just for kicks. She was already teasing other men online but was only doing it online ( If that makes sense).

    We had lots of responses. I did start to write to several of the men that I thought she would like. Eventually she started writing to an older man ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 18, 2014

    My Wife has Been Dating


    My wife Andrea and I have been married for eight years now, for the last two, with my encouragement she has been dating. Initially on one night stands but for the last eighteen months she has been seeing the same guy. In other words, my wife has a regular boyfriend.

    Our lifestyle may seem unusual to some but it suits us, both of us are career people and have no desire to have young ones. The problem with being career focused is you tend to find the job takes over your life. Both Andrea and I were finding too often we only had a couple of evenings a week when we were together and then more often than not we were too tired to enjoy a lovemaking session.

    It all came to a head when, upon returning from a conference trip, Andrea admitted she had an affair whilst away. I should have been ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 14, 2014

    From the Bull's Mouth


    I was with a couple who had a specific arrangement with me and was unhappy to hear they had to move, I saw them at least once a week. Pam is very pretty little wife as you can see, nice body and sort of has typical "california girl" looks, her hubby sissy (of course not his name) is about 40 and rather feminine, he is a lawyer and does well for himself. He is the one who initiated everything and wanted to be treated in a humiliating way and admits he can't get enough of being a sissy cuckold and spends his off work hours reading about other men's stories who also share his love of being made to feel small.

    When I would show up at their place, Pam would have him dressed as maid usually, very humiliating outfits and heels, with the makeup ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 11, 2014

    She did it in the Car


    This past summer I read a story about a guy who went on a party and found out that his wife was fucking around with his co workers. He was actually very turned on by her cheating and, reading it, so was I. Not long after that I started talking about such adventures with my girlfriend and sometimes during the sex she would tell me fictional stories about her sex with other people.

    It took me about six months of thoughtful thinking to reach a decision that I actually want her to do this to screw some other guy and maybe if she likes it to let me watch. Or we could just have threesome with me watching a little more than doing. She didn’t accept this as well as I had hoped she would. She actually didn’t like the entire ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 07, 2014

    A Long Drawn Out Affair


    First of all, I'm Michael, Kim's husband. We are a couple married for 10 years, and yesterday was Kim's introduction to hotwifing in a sense. I apologize beforehand for my misspelling's or improper grammar on this blog, and I advise you that it will be very long.

    Typical story, 10 years married, occasional sex, frustrations, bad mood. We even got to the point of asking each other if we wanted to get divorced last year, but we finally gave each other another opportunity. Things changed a little. Then we started going to tome kind of routine.

    I lost my job in February, at that time we started thinking about starting a new business. We started thinking about a store in Indy. She said that she knew somebody that knew about that business, that she knew he was dating a lady that owns a ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 04, 2014

    She Seduced Him


    We shared our hot tub with an old friend who was in town, and I was watching my wife strip off her swimsuit! For the first time, she would be nude with another man present and I was hard as a rock!

    I have no regrets about the path we took to get to this point and beyond. It has been an incredibly exciting experience and one I wouldn’t change a bit.

    Tammy had been with several men, including me, during her college days and enjoyed some wild times. (According to some of her friends (men and women) she was known as a “hand job queen” and loved playing with cocks. She was known to have ... READ THE REST HERE


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