She Trained me not to Beg



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My girlfriend and I had a bit of kinky fun today. She had made some sexy posts on her FB account, text plus these pics she took at the mall, and it was super hot and I loved reading about her sluttiness. She told me to get naked so she could see "how hard I was" and then she sat on my lap and made out with me for a bit and read me messages she was getting from other guys. After a little bit I said fuck it, let's make this fun and go further. She got off me and started calling me names and telling me she wasn't fucking me (it was at about 1 am or so). She was in her underwear and kept telling me that I'm a bitch and that bitches can 'look but not touch.' She kept getting on her hands and knees on the couch by me and softly kissing me and then stopping and giggling and telling me that's all I get.

Needless to say, it made me super horny. I stayed up another hour or so hoping she would change her mind but she didn't. Finally I said I was going to bed. She told me I had to cage up so she knew I wasn't playing with my little dick, but first she straddled me again and we made out and she let me grab her ass. I caged up and went to bed.

I woke up super horny and she teased me all morning and afternoon. Right after we woke up she put on some of her favorite lingerie (a maroon corset with black panties) and she painted her nails red. We weren't really doing much (she started a new schedule this week so it was really nice to just bum around with her), but she walked around in her lingerie all morning and cuddled with me in it, making sure to bend over for me so I could see her ass.

I was hard in my cage for about 2 hours, and she finally brought me to the bedroom. She uncaged my cock and teased me so fucking bad haha. She laid me on my back and pulled down her corset so her tits were out and she rubbed her body up and down on mine and kissed me and kept asking me 'you're still horny aren't you baby?'. She got between my legs while I laid on my back and rubbed her tits against my chest and softly bit my chest and kissed me, I was so hard and could feel my hard cock rubbing against her legs and lingerie.

She dryhumped me and every minute or so would grab my cock and stroke it super gently, but only for a few seconds. She told me to grab her ass and we sent a few pictures to people she talks to. I was precumming all over the place by this point haha, and had really been teased and hard since the night before and everything felt so amazing and exciting.

She kept saying stuff like 'what do you want, baby? Why are you so twitchy? I put on lingerie for you, what else do you want?' It was so fucking hot haha, but I have learned better than to ask to fuck her when she is teasing me. My best chance of cumming is to not beg to fuck her or not beg to cum, so I pretty much just moaned when she teased me and enjoyed having my cock uncaged.

She kept going on her phone and rubbing against me and even licked my cock softly a couple times and just kept saying stuff like that. Like 'how am I supposed to know what you want if you don't tell me? What else do you want?' It was definitely hot haha I was just moaning and rubbing and trying to not beg, my dick was as hard as it can possibly get and soaked with precum. Finally she inched up on me and sat on my face. I licked her as excitedly as I could and wrapped my arms around her legs.

She was moaning and riding my face and was still on her phone. Before too long there was sound coming out of it and she was watching porn on it while I ate her pussy. She turned the screen around to me and said 'see, baby?' I couldn't see it well haha but it was definitely hot. She left a comment on it so I have watched it twice now, but she kept watching it and turning it so I could kind of see and exiting out and sending messages and finally she cried out and dragged her pussy across my face as she came.

She inched back down on my body and I figured she was going to get up and leave me hard, but she came down in a position so she was right below my cock. She grabbed it with her right hand and it was rubbing against her pussy and she started dryhumping and stroking it hard.

I made it like 30 seconds haha before I told her I was going to cum. That is always the most suspenseful when she is teasing me... Telling her I am going to cum and seeing if she stops or not. She didn't. She asked me if I wanted to cum and I didn't reply, letting her know it was up to her, I just moaned. She giggled and inched back a little bit and stroked me fast until I came all over my stomach.

It was a huge orgasm haha, it had only been since the day before but she teased me for hours straight plus the night before. I found myself thanking her when I came and she loved that. After I was done she leaned in and made out with me and said 'cuckies don't beg, do they baby?' I love it haha, she has me trained to not ask and not beg.

It was a good morning.

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