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So two years ago, my wife and a remote colleague started a flirting relationship via work email that turned into him suggesting texting, and then a day later some chat so his fiance did not notice all the texts to one phone number. Shortly after that, he started sending overtly sexual messages and they got into a pretty short but intense sexually explicit relationship where they messaged, talked on the phone, and sent each other naked pics.

He was working on convincing her to webcam while he walked her through masturbating when I found her messages to him. She had tried to delete her messages but I recovered some. My wife has never had another sexual partner. We met in HS and got married early in life. Up until a few months before that, she was not interested in sex very much, but became very interested when I got fixed and she went off the pill.

When I found out, I was furious at first, but after a few hours, decided to try and go along with it. We had talked about threesome fantasies in the past, and this seemed like we could try something together. After about 3 days, I decided that I could not emotionally handle it because she had been lying and hiding it from me. It was also such a major departure from how she had been that I just wanted her to stop. To be clear, this was only ever via phone and chat/text. He lives in Arizona and we live in WI.

I asked that she stop having contact with him, and after a final phonecall, I thought it was over. I found a month later they started talking again, and while there was nothing graphic, it was heavily hinted at. I went ballistic, almost left... And we have been working on it for two years. My wife was extremely remorseful and put up with a lot of shame. I felt betrayed and had a ton of anger.

She has been a rock for two years, and I am at the point where I trust her a lot. In the last three months I have really opened back up and am able to trust and express my love again. We are in the best place our relationship has ever been in and our sex life has been good until the last few months, and now it is unbelievable. So much passion, and she is really opening up about her fantasies.

My wife has started telling me that she has fantasies about two men, or a man and a woman. Mostly me and another man. She has started reading erotic literature about those fantasies and has pointed out the parts she likes for me to read. She saw a video of a spit roast the other day and almost started fingering herself right there. She says she likes the fantasies, but would only ever act on them if she was single. She doesn't want to jeopardize our marriage.

I have always been into the idea of wife sharing. I love the porn and the stories. Her interest turns me on immensely. I have been trying to talk about it with her and the guy she had the affair with examples when I share steamy fantasies. I even went so far as to tell her it would be OK if she talked with him again...she warned me that if they talked, it may lead back to something sexual again. The next day, the idea kind of terrified me.

I want to experience that with her, as two willing people going into this with eyes wide open. I would live to share her pictures with him. I fantasize about sending pictures of my cum in her. The problem is, I still feel threatened by him. I can tell she would like to try something with him again, but is afraid for our marriage. She admits my stories about he and her and I turn her on, and that the idea if him still jacking off to her pictures is exciting.

She doesn't want to hurt me by doing anything though. I want to share in the experience with her with a different guy or couple, but she isn't sure about making a connection again with someone else. I don't think she knows how to start building one. This one was a friendship that became more.

Is it weird to be both turned on and scared at the same time about the prospect of starting something with him? She wants to keep it a fantasy but I want it to go a lot further.

If it "happens" I'll send in more pics and an update. For now we are fantasizing like never before and the bedroom is hotter than it has ever been, thinking about her with 2 men. The photos you see here are a few of the ones she sent him when everything was done behind my back. Turns me on bad.




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