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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    Model Wife Gone Bad


    My beautiful wife Jo and I have been married for around nine years, but over the last couple, things in my wife's words, got boring. She is far more sexual than I am and it seems that as the years go by, her libido increases and mine does not and it even got to the point that she was talking about getting a lover on the side whether I agreed or not. In the end and to keep my wife happy, we moved to Florida, something Jo had been asking for, for quite awhile. I wasn't totally against the move but if it made Jo happy then I was happy to go along with it.

    Soon after we arrived, Jo met a couple called Monica and Burt while out shopping. She had been sitting having coffee at a Mall when Monica came over and introduced herself and asked her to come over and meet her husband. She said that Burt was a photographer and used to photograph for illustrations in erotic stories for a German company. She said that Jo was very photogenic and she could make money modelling for them and it would be fun. Monica also said that they lived in a condo at a clothing optional resort and that Jo should come over and try the lifestyle. When Jo got home, she was very honest about all that had happened that morning and was excited about it, but I was not and tried talking her out of it but I knew I was wasting my time.

    The following weekend, we left to meet the couple at their condo around 11am and I was anxious about the whole situation and being naked with a bunch of other people was not appealing to me at all, but Jo said clothing was optional and I could wear shorts. When I met Burt and Monica, they seemed genuine people and Monica had a beautiful body, and for our meeting ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 27, 2019

    Set My Wife up on our Trip to Vegas


    My wife and I had a great time on our last trip and we'd like to tell you about it. A few weeks before our arrival in Vegas, I put out an ad online to see what kind of responses we would get. I had told my wife I wanted her to play but I'd put no pressure on her to. I do like to get some guys lined up just in case she tells me she's ready to have some fun.

    I went through all the ads and weeded out the guys I knew she wouldn't want. The guys I thought might have a chance I gave them my email and we chatted over the next few weeks. I'd chosen a few to keep in contact with but one was standing out over the others and he's the one I wanted her to meet if she decided she wanted to do anything.

    Once we got to Vegas, I told her that I had someone lined up and was talking to someone special. I told her we could just meet for a drink the next day and have no pressure. She was NOT interested at all that night or the next day. However, she was letting me take sexy pics of her and send them to him. So the next day we went out and got our frozen drinks and walked around. We wound up at Victoria's Secret where she bought some new bras and panties. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 23, 2019

    My Girlfriend can't help but Cheat


    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking around here for a while and finally got the courage to post to the blog about my problem and hoping to get some kid of self-insight into what I'm going through just by writing this out.

    I met my girlfriend a little over 8 months ago and we've been together since then. She's amazing, loving, funny, sexy, simple awesome and wholesome. I've never expected I'd meet someone that can make me happy as much as she does. She's also beautiful as you can tell by these photos.

    With that said, I have to say that before her I've been only with two other girls. So I'm not exactly the ladies man or anything. I just consider myself your average nice guy that mostly has fallen into the friend zone for few times except those two past relationships and then came my wonderful gf! I'm 31 and my current gf is 27 by the way...

    At the beginning of our relationship we were not committed, and by that I mean mostly she was not. I was pretty much hooked since our first date! She told me that she had a very bad breakup with her ex and that she wants to take things slow as her heart wasn't totally over it yet. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 20, 2019

    Wife Hid 2 Sugar Daddies from Me


    Hi there. I'm a 50 year old male with a young hot fiancee. I am really interested in becoming a cuckold. I fantasize about it all the time. She has been quite skeptical but she's warming up to the idea now. There's some really important background which is that early in our relationship she actually had two Sugar Daddies. She didn't tell me about it at the time but I found her website subscription and then she admitted to it so she basically did cuckold me already with sugar daddies.

    After that she told me she had given up that lifestyle because she's seriously in love with me and whenever I brought up any kind of interest in sharing her she told me she wants to focus on strengthening and deepening our relationship. She did say she wasn't ruling it out for the future but not for the time being. Recently she admitted to me that she was watching porn where I was making out with another guy. She said she wasn't particularly into the idea of being fucked by another guy herself but that she gets turned on by thinking about me sucking another guy or the guy fucking me.

    I have never been with another guy but I'm open-minded especially since it turns her on. Anyway we recently went on holiday and we went to a seedy bar with strippers ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 16, 2019

    My Friend Finds out and Takes My Wife


    The wife and I have had some fun over the years with mostly guys weve met online or in a bar. Ive often hinted to her that Id love to have her take one of my friends as that would be more humiliating (but so sexy and hot). The situation presented itself in kind of a weird way... my wife and I met up with a guy she had already been with multiple times. Hes a good guy and very well hung. No strings attached and its simple and fun.

    After a couple of drinks, I left them alone and after I was gone, one of my friends saw them together and confronted her. She explained the situation and it obviously was a little weird after that because I knew that he knew. When we would all go out together, given his knowledge of what my wife and I sometimes did for fun was a big turn on. I knew he wanted to fuck my wife, but nothing came of it. Then this week, we were all out at a bar and sitting at a big table of friends. My wife came later and I made sure to save an open seat for her next to him.

    When she got there, she sat down and they were chatting and laughing. (My wife is def a flirt). As everyone was leaving we three stayed and got seats at the bar. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 13, 2019

    Guy Experiences Lead me to Cuckolding


    So first off I am a cuckold husband of an extremely sexy woman. Attached is a recent pic I took of her on our kitchen counter after she picked up our first black playmate. I was outside on the deck and took this pic of him removing her panties before he slid his monster cock inside of her while I gratefully watched with my own hard cock in hand... but before this I wondered how I became a cuckold who loves to watch his wife take on another man?

    The summer after my first year of college (I was 18 at the time) I took on a job a couple nights a week working for a guy who owned a head shop which sold adult videos/magazines as well as paraphernalia for other fun stuff. As you can imagine, much of the clientele was gay and over the first couple weeks I got to know a lot of the regulars. Late one night the owner stopped in before closing and asked if Id ever be open to modeling some of the clothing they carried and maybe agree to a few pics he could share with the regulars. I was pretty taken aback by this, but like most kids, a couple hundred bucks was always useful so I agreed. We set up a time later that week for me to come to one of his apartments he kept downtown and he gave me a full glass of whiskey to drink beforehand to calm the nerves. After some small talk, we went to the bedroom and he gave me what amounted to a man thong and I changed into it in front of him. Although I was nervous, ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 09, 2019

    Becoming A Cuckold - The Start Of Our Journey Part 2


    After that first night with the group, life just seemed to gel at every level for us. Both of us seemed happier and lighter, and our sex life, while always pretty good, became supercharged both with others and just alone. Cathy, while always able to have multiple orgasms, just went to another level. Her orgasms became stronger, deeper and at times, just continuous. She also, in my view, became much more self-confident and sure of herself. For the first time, she found it easy to just let go and both give and receive pleasure at a level I had never seen before.

    We continued to play with the group for almost a year. While nothing could match that first night, we did have some special times like when Frank & Jan left because of a business transfer and we invited a new couple to join us. It was a replay of our first time and what a thrill to be on the other side giving a new couple the thrill of a lifetime. Its always more intense when youre with a new partner for the first time, but to be one of three men giving a woman her first sharing/swinging experience is just incredible. Cathy said she pretty much felt the same when it came time to give her husband the same treatment. But thats another story.

    After Frank and Jan left and we had added a new couple, the excitement seemed to wane and it felt like something was missing. One night after making love, Cathy and I began talking about it. It seems we both wanted a more intimate experience. As we began talking about what that might look like, Cathy, gently came out with the fact that since Frank had left, she really, really missed having a big cock. To my surprise, I was instantly hard again with the thought of that. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 06, 2019

    My Wife Mothered him to Orgasm after his Pounding


    I've been in about, oh, I'd say 10 MFMs with my wife. I've been off to the side watching her with others maybe another 8-10 times. She's only been with 9 guys in 4 years but of those guys, 7 have been repeat visits with 3 of them having been repeat visits MANY times. So all in all, 90% of the time I'm not there. But this time I was.

    There was one time where her and a boyfriend of hers - they had an on-going thing for a few months, he was much younger than her. I was there kissing her at first, massaging her breasts, but this was one of the few times she let me watch so when they ramped it up, I moved over to the side and nervously sipped my drink and watched.

    They were having sex in the missionary position and she had already cum several times. He had really given it to her the whole time. They had flipped around doggy-style and I watched her face contort while she was facing me, she got on top and bounced on him for a while, (she's got nipples that are very sensitive and so when he sucked on them she went nuts). They were panting and sweaty. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 02, 2019

    My Horny Wife's Change


    We've been married for three years, she's in her late twenties, beautiful charming and sexy. she's got shining eyes, red hot lips, big soft boobs and bouncing hips. We love each other so much.

    Before we got married, we stay apart in two different cities, so we have little time together, every time we were close to spending some time with ech other, it seemed that we just stayed in bed, you know, fucking. We only had a break for some food. She was always longing for endless orgasms, time after time, but I didn't have much sexual experience before her, most of the time, I came too soon, and it's hard to say my cock is only about 4 inches. It was frustrating hearing her say, "Hang on honey, I'm coming, one more minute, go faster... oh, no, damn..." Yes, I failed to bring her to the top. She had to use toys or fingers to finish. But after a while, she was so kind to say, "that's ok, honey, you did much better, next time will be great."

    Fortunately, she was wearing her ring and became my wife, I love her, cherish her, and want her to be happy. But it seemed that I still couldn't satisfy her in bed. ... READ THE REST HERE


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