I asked her to make me Jealous

Fiancee D


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I'm 33 yr old male with lots of experience. My fiancee is 28 snd we've been dating for 3 years now.

Her style is subdued and average when she's out in public. Unfortunately when I first met her she was subdued in bed too.

She's madly in love with me. I am her first but over the course of our relationship I have regularly pushed her to be kinkier snd kinkier and usually she responds quite well.

I've shared one of my deepest fantaisss with her, and that is for her to make me jealous in public. This I think is the lightest way to introduce her to cuckolding/ Hotwife life as she's always been adamant how she would never ever sleep with another guy and how she only has eyes for me. She told me that she'll do anything for me and since it makes me happy, she'll get me jealous one day.

Fast forward to her birthday week.

She's wearing a hot red top and some skin tights that really show off her ass. We're celebrating her birthday with some friends and she asks to play beer pong. I expect her to partner with me but this is when the fun begins.

She points seductively st someone across the room grabs his hand and drags him over and claims that he's her partner and instructs me to go find someone else. I just grab the nearest person who's one of her male friends there for her party.

The whole game my girl was caressing his face, her round ass kept pushing on his ass and this guy didn't know what to do. We played and every time she touched him she made sure I noticed and the touching got touchier. To the point she caressed his dick.

The game was over and instead of going with me she went with the guy. They talked for 15 minutes and she kept glancing at me.

I then grab her hand take her to the corner and we hook up right there in the club as I tell her that I can't believe what she just did. In a innocent slutty voice she says, "What do you mean, what did I do. Oh you mean how I got that little boy wanting to fuck me. You want him to fantasize about me don't you?".

Fast forward to the next day and we fly out to Nyc for her birthday.

In the plane she tells me I'm allowed to have her make me jealous one last time and then never again.

So we go to the club of our hotel.

After some pushing I convince her to let me sit a few seats down while I watch her work her magic.

First one older gentleman. Starts talking asking to get her a drink and she takes it happily, smiling at me seductively as our bet was that she couldn't get a free drink.

She didn't seem very into him so after a short while she came back to me. She told me she wanted to leave and that no one was here. Right then a group of 30 year old guys, about 5 of them come to the bar. I tell her to try this time and if not that's it.

So she goes and it's like a moth to a flame. Within minutes someone is all ove her. Begging her to let him buy a drink. She then says she's here to make her boyfriend jealous. At that time he gets another one of his friends as he grabs her hand and makes her do a twirl. He says "Look how hot this girl's body is!" as I sit a few chairs down and watch. I had to go to the bathroom so I texted her to stay and I'll be back.

The best part was I was texting her the whole time but she didn't bother about her phone once.

When I came back there were two guys with her. Her in the middle and the two guys surrounding her. At this point they made her do a cat walk. At the end of the walk I was there and that's when she did the 360 acted like she didn't know me and walked right back. I look over and notice that one of the guys has his hand on her ass, resting there and she seems to enjoy it. He stayed that way a long time. After a few laughs, grabs and light grinds I get a message to head home.

I'm in shock. Literally frozen as to what just happened. My emotions were running so wild and I felt completely in her submission.

At this point however she felt like she had gone too far. She did all that for me and loved it but was worried about how I might feel.

I told her not to worry, that I loved her and she didn't do anything that bad.

That's when she told me that his hand wasn't resting on her ass, it was INSIDE her pants, on her ass and he even touched her pussy lips from underneath. I almost came right then.

Cuz these were the two hottest nights ever !!

Fiancee D




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