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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, June 29, 2007


    Finally Cuckolded

    I have been begging my wife of four years (pic attached; sorry it is from a phone), for over a year to start fucking other guys, but she felt a little uncomfortable about it. Then she met this twenty year (she is 27 and I am 32) old fire fighter that was originally from Russia, through her cousins boy friend, and every time they got together he would flirt with her! She told me if I did not stop asking her to fuck other guys, when I came home from work one day (I work out of town, so I am home for a week then gone for a week) she was going to tie me up in the closet and make me watch him fuck her. So I challenged her to go for it, and told her she wouldn't have the guts.

    Just this weekend i came home in the afternoon to find her waiting for me in a sheer house coat, matching thong, and a pare of hand cuffs. With out saying anything she took me up stairs striped me, cuffed me to the closet organizer, gagged me, then hid me with clothes and turned off the light, so I could see in the bedroom but could not be seen. She then said that I should not have challenged her, and now I had to watch, I instantly got hard.

    Ten minutes later the door bell rang, I herd talking and then I saw her lead him in the bed room. she took his clothes off and started sucking his huge cock (at least 11" and she couldn't close her fingers around it). This drove me crazy, I loved it! He then proceeded to fuck her in many different positions for the next two hours, finishing her off four times. I got soooo horney watching this young guy ravage my wife I couldn't wait for my turn.

    When it was over she asked him to let himself out because she was tired, and told him she would see him next time I was working. When the door shut she came over uncuffed me and asked me how i liked that. I said i loved it, got her down on the floor and went for sloppy seconds, and then thirds a few minutes later.

    I love being cuckolded and just wanted to share my story. - Jim


    Monday, June 25, 2007


    Another Submission by MiamiMark

    CINDY **On the Cuckold Stories page MiamiMark has submitted at least 8 great stories about his ex-wife Cindy. I have conversed with him over the years and found him to be a true cuckold who LOVES watching his wife with other men. - Webmaster

    When Cindy and I had moved into our new home, it didn't take long to meet all the neighbors. It was a fairly new community and everyone was interested in getting to know everyone else so they would have BBQ at different homes and get-togethers.

    By this point in our relationship Cindy had already been with a few different men and our adventures were becoming slightly more casual. Rick would come over once in a while and it wasn't long before they would get into it. I would, of course, run and get the camcorder and record it for viewing later. Besides Rick, Cindy hadn't been with any other guy for several months and we were spending most of our time getting the house the way we wanted it.

    I always told Cindy I would love it if one day she were to confess to me that she had an affair with someone that we had not pre-planned her sleeping with. It was just something about that feeling of nervousness and excitement that really got me going. But after all this time nothing had ever happened like that and I was getting used to it. After all, I had nothing to complain about. But I do have a confession and... READ THE REST HERE.


    Friday, June 22, 2007


    Wife Brings Home an 18 Year Old

    My wife cuckolded me on the weekend. I have a picture attatched so you can see how sexy she is (she gets hit on all the time).

    It started with her telling me on Friday that this 18 year old guy kept hitting on her (I'm 35 and she's 28). I asked her if she thought he was cute. She tried to deny it but finally came around to admitting to me that she thought he was very cute.

    I immediately felt a rush of jealousy (I've always been very jealous of her) but for some reason I also felt horny about it. I sort of blurted out (without thinking) that she should go for it. Then I waited almost holding my breath for her answer. She was surprised that I would say something like that but she was very eager to go along with it once she determined I was serious.

    We laid out the ground rules that I had to be in the room hiding in her closet so that nothing bad would happen - we don't know him and I also feel safer if I'm there.

    I ended up watching her get fucked for about an hour or so by this 18 year old stud. Was such a strange sensation seeing them first get naked and then actually fuck. I was hard then soft the hard then jealous and almost came without touching myself twice! When it was over he left and she opened the door to the closet and thanked me with a big kiss saying she had ALOT of fun. I was able to see that!! She also said that she told him to come back next week and that she would make this a regular thing with him. She said it so matter-of-factly and then walked away to take a shower. I came right then. I wanted to know if I am now a cuckold and if this is ok to post on your blog. - Sandro

    **Webmaster: Yep, you are a cuckold now. Enjoy the ride!


    Monday, June 18, 2007


    Cuckold Realized

    Let me begin this by saying that for the past ten years my beautiful wife and I have been active in the swinging lifestyle. However, it was always an activity we enjoyed as a couple. Last year, while I was away in a business trip I had the opportunity to set up my wife with another man who I had met online. It had always been a fantasy of mine for her to have sex with another man and tell me all about it over the phone while I was on one of my frequent business trips.

    Well my plans worked out very well as while I was away on my next trip my wife met with this man and to my great pleasure they hit it off very well. They not only had great sex on the day of their initial meeting but on several subsequent meetings there after. To my great delight they even video taped there fun and sent the tapes for me to enjoy. As soon as I saw the tapes I realized why it was that my wife agreed to a second meeting. Not only was Dean the man she was having the fun with built much larger then I, but he was a very attentive lover.

    It was only after I had left on my next trip that I realized that my wife had decided that she could not live without Deans Dick. I loved the fact that she had had fun when I had set it up but when I found out she was sneaking around behind my back to see him I went nuts, My anger blinded me to the fact that no matter how mad I got I always had a raging hard on whenever I thought of them together. We went through a very rough spell for awhile but today we are even stronger then ever. I can’t tell you how many times I have pleasured myself while watching the videos of the two of them together.

    My wife also knows now that anytime she wants to get me going all she has to do is remind me of how much fun she had with Dean and how she loved his dick and wished mine was as big as his. I can only Dream of the day she finds another dean to please both her and me in the long run me.


    Friday, June 15, 2007


    Our Cuckold Fantasy Talk

    My wife and I of 18 years started discussing our fantasies about a year ago. Hers is FFM and mine is MMF (me being straight). I do enjoy her fantasy but definately like mine better....I think she likes mine better also because whenever we talk about her being with another guy she SOAKS the bed. Since we got married young she has never been with another man and I know that she is more than curious. I frequently describe situations that would lead to her enjoying one or two other guys and it always leads to intense orgasms for us both.

    My recent scenario was that we go to the beach one evening this summer and meet up with a group of campers and just begin some friendly conversation. After a while, she is off aways from the main group talking with a couple of guys and they decide to go for walk along the beach. I see this and secretly follow them. After they reach a secluded area, they begin to caress her and she loves it! Well, one thing leads to another and in no time she is doing both of them one after the other.(Very vivid details in my mind)

    Once they have had their fun, the guys head back to the campsite and I approach my wife and she is excited that I was secretly watching and is still extremely horny....well then we get down to buisness ourselves!

    She really REALLY gets turned on when we discuss this in bed but always says she doesn't think she could do it for real? I could, to me it would be just about pleasurable sex...that's it. I would never pressure her into anything but I do get the feeling that she may go for it someday? She's probably just a little scared and not sure if I 'really' want it or not.

    What made the beach scenerio so exciting was that it would be quite possible for that situation to arise. There is a lake close to our home with a beach and plenty of campers during the summer. We have discussed other scenarios but none come as close to reality as this one!

    I'm 39 male, 5'5' average build, 150 lbs

    My wife is 37, slim redhead, 120 lbs

    Attatched is my favorite picture of her (hers too). She is wet knowing that this will be on your blog and that many men will be looking at her exposed body so please email us as soon as it's up! If/when the beach scenario happens we'll post a follow-up. - Kate & Steve


    Monday, June 11, 2007


    Wife Needs the Friend

    My husband and I were looking forward to experiencing my first MMF encounter, but I wasn't sure we were going about it the right way.

    We went back and forth on whether we wanted a single guy that we met on the internet or a friend. We thought we would be more comfortable with the friend so we approached a friend who has a great attitude towards this stuff. He was really surprised when we talked about it with him and after talking, talking and thinking and some more talking, we all agreed we would take it slow, since our friendship is important to all of us.

    Anyways two weeks ago, we went for dinner with him and then some dancing and he and I started to kiss, it was great and he said he was really comfortable. Feeling another man's tongue in my mouth while my husband sat alone at the table watching was such a thrill. We later all came back to our house and with keeping with taking it slow, we keeped it very light, basically just some kissing.

    He said he wanted to get together again maybe the next week but again taking it slow. I didn't want to feel like I was pushing myself on him, but I really wanted this to happen, I wanted to experience this encounter and now that the carrot has been dangled, the excitment was even more intense.

    So, last week we did meet up and this time I asked him straight over to our house after a few drinks. When we got inside hubby locked the door and took care of the lights etc. and he and I started kissing passionately! We both kept kissing while we straddled over to the living room, tore each other's clothes off and started humping. I couldn't believe I was finally doing this. I looked over quickly and my husband was there watching with a big grin on his face and his hand in his pants.

    Knowing he was having fun I returned to what I was doing and nearly forgot about him. The only time I was slightly aware of him was when I saw flashes from a camera. Other than that our friend took me in many different positions and made me cum 4 times. When we were done I was exhausted and went to bed. The next morning I had sex with hubby reliving the night before and we had a wonderful time. He showed me the pictures he took which made us horny all over again LOL. Since we both enjoy your blog (it was one of the reasons we decided to do this) we thought it only fair to send in our experience. Hope you enjoy! - Barb & Dan


    Friday, June 08, 2007


    Karen with Her Lover

    wife lover karen

    This is my first submission to your blog and I enjoy it very much.

    My wife Karen and I have established a very satisfactory situation. She is a very pretty woman, and around 10 years younger than me. After exploring the swinging scene a bit (NOT very much fun), we agreed that it would be more fun for both of us if she took a lover - she understood the pleasure I gained from imagining her with other men. Eventually she found a very attractive guy, Keith (see pic), through her work contacts, and they have been an "item" for several months now.

    Keith is a powerful male, very sexual, rich, handsome, clean cut. Karen freely admits that he does it for her in a way that has never happened before. A guy's penis has always been very important to her in successfully relating in bed. She needs it to be special to really get off on a guy. My penis is ok, but unfortunately nothing special by any stretch of the imagination. Keith is not huge, either, but he is extremely thick and solid, with a very big head. Karen simply worships it.

    Karen is very strongly emotionally involved with Keith. She can't really have a satisfying sexual relationship without that emotional involvement. I understand and appreciate this. She is not a slut - she never liked swinging. It is very important to her that the guy mean something to her. You can see it in the picture, how she wants him and lusts after him in many ways. It was taken by me in one of the rare times I got to watch.

    She doesn't want to leave me - we have a good, stable, marriage - but she would like to be more formally "owned" by Keith. I guess she would really like to have him as a second husband, if that were possible. Keith has given her a lovely little ring that we have agreed she can wear in place of her wedding ring for the duration of her affair with Keith. This small symbolic act makes her feel much better about her steamy sex sessions with him. She is an unashamedly feminine woman: she needs to be taken and possessed by her man. She likes to go to Keith's house in the evening and stay to be used by him all night, and then come home to me in the morning. I love to see her after those nights, tired, sore, but very happy and completely sexually satisfied. - Jerome


    Monday, June 04, 2007


    Wife's Old College Friend

    I had never thought about a man fucking my wife till I read a story in penthouse forum. I was at work and got so worked up from it that I went to the bathroom immediately and jacked off. That was how the cuckold bug got me. After that almost everytime I made love to my wife, I told her of my fantasy to have a black man fuck her. I then asked if she ever had a black man, and she told me of a guy from college that she had done it with. It was so exciting knowing that she had indeed been with one that in my stories and bedroom talk I inserted him. I was actually able to track him down since he lived in our area and asked that she call him to see 'how he is now'? They spoke for about 45 minutes laughing and reminiscing. We then started going out to bars with him and invited him over for dinner every once in awhile. I always picked out her outfits so she always looked hot and sluty. One night I told her to kiss him goodbye, she gave him a peck, and I said ah come on honey give him a real kiss. They kissed for seveal seconds and I was hard as a rock. That night I again told her the fantasy I had of seeing them actually screw. Finally one night, she was pretty drunk and asked me if I was 'really' sure. I said yes! So we drove home together, I had my wife sit on his lap on the way home and they made out and he played with her pussy (no underwear).

    We got inside and hurried upstairs to the bedroom. Watching them make out was so hot, I decided to help and start striping my wife and telling her to undo his pants. I told her I wanted to see her suck his cock, so as she pulled down his pants she started sucking him. God I almost blew my wad right there watching that black cock sliding in out of her lips. He then picked her up and laid her on the bed and started to fuck her brains out. He then made her get into the doggy position. I almost forgot to take pics I was so excited. I did take one of them in that position and then one more when they were done. I have attatched the former. Then I put the camera down and I climbed underneath to get a better view. Wow better than what my imagination could conjure up! She came and then he started cumming and I could see his cum when he pulled out. Before slamming it in again, cum dripped down on me and I put it in my mouth. When he pulled out I flipped her over and slid my cock right in ... ahh feeling his cum in her with all that space was too much and I exploded almost immediately. Best night ever! - Cal


    Friday, June 01, 2007


    Young Cuckold Couple


    We are a young couple looking to fulfill a fantasy. My wife is a very attractive woman who has long legs, big breasts and a sexy butt. She turns a lot of heads when we go out. We have been together since high school and we were each other's first and only lovers. We have been married for 4 years and over the past year or so we have played with the idea of inviting a black man to have sex with my wife while I watch. This all began innocently with my wife dancing with black men when we went out (I do not dance and told her to enjoy herself).

    I noticed that every time we went out she would dance with black men only. When I asked her about this she said that she found them to be more attractive than the others guys on the dance floor. This just sent my mind racing and I found myself more turned on than ever before! Eventually this turned into some role playing and lots of dirty talk in bed room. Now we are at the point were the talk and bedroom games are not enough and we want the real thing!

    The problem is that we're both a bit shy and neither of us knows exactly how to invite a stranger into our bed. My former college roommate who my wife knows and we both consider to a friend is a good looking black man and he is very endowed, I have seen him nude many times being his roommate. He lives out of town but every few months he travels here for work and usually stays at our house. My wife and I both agree he would be a perfect choice. We are thinking of asking him soon. Whenever we bring the subject up of 'how' to do so, we end up in bed frantically having sex imagining it being so close to actually happening. I have a picture to submit of my wife Lea and it is an actual shot of her cumming while I'm pumping her but me telling her to imagine a big black cock inside her. I blew my load just watching her explode! When it does happen I'll ask if the he doesn't mind pictures and if it's ok I'll send them over to you. - Tim & Lea


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