Our Night Away

David & Keri


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We are David and Keri , a normal married couple aged 36 with kids. We have been together 10 years always having a great open minded sex life. Our story is from December and a festive shopping trip with an over night hotel stay. It was our first night away from the kids. We had discussed it for ages and planned a nice meal, drinks and for Keri to get dressed up. In bed we always discuss our fantasies and get turned on by them. Our favourite was another guy taking Keri as David watched , we often discussed the detail and thought it would remain a fantasy.

So our time away arrives, we had a lovely day and checked into our hotel. The mood was sexual and we were flirting over a glass of wine. Keri took a bath and got all smooth. She has a stunning body...slim, blonde hair and pert 34b boobs with nice nipples. She always makes an effort to wear sexy undies and get her pussy smooth if we are going out. This time was no different (as the photo shows), Keri wore black matching undies, stockings and a black short dress. I tried to touch her before we left to go out, but she pushed me away and said later. Anyway..who says its for you? she laughed!

We went for dinner...the chat was sexual. I asked her who it was for then? Keri replied it depends who gets lucky and wants a married woman. My cock twitched. I asked Keri what type of guy...she replied younger, dark hair and fit. The meal continued in this way with more drink. After the meal we moved into a busy hotel bar and sat on the stools chatting. At one point Keri went off to the ladies leaving me to get more drinks. After a while Keri returned smiling , she told me that she had just been hit on by a guy in his late twenties. Apparently he was at a Christmas party and cheekily told Keri she had a nice bum! I told her to point him out as he returned to the bar and she did. He looked over and smiled. I said to Keri lets have some fun and tease him! Keri smiled back and swivled to face him, she opened her legs flashing her stockings. After a while , he caught a glimpse and obviously liked what he saw. I asked Keri how horny and risky was she feeling? She replied I am turned on and getting wet. I instructed Keri to go to the toilet and remove her knickers, lets give the young guy a treat! Keri didnt need asking twice..she returned and took up her existing position on the stool. The young guy was now chatting to a group of people but kept glancing over. We were deep in conversation when suddenly Keri's legs parted revelling her stocking thighs and her naked smooth pussy. At this point I turned and sure enough the young guy stood smiling at Keri, Keri smiled back. It was hot knowing a stranger was checking out Keri's smooth pussy. We were finishing our drinks and I asked Keri if she had enjoyed our fun? Yes it was a huge turn on, it was nice to know a young guy would look at me. I think he would do more than look and I could prove it. I said that I would write a note onto a napkin and Keri was to hand it to him on the way out! A napkin was written and folded. Keri passed it to him and smiled.

Once back in the room we kissed deep. I slid my hand between Keri legs and her pussy was soaked. I fingered her. Keri asked what the note said....I will only tell you if you tell me why you want to know and why you're so wet. Do you want his cock I asked? Yes she whispered. The napkin read....Thanks for the bum complement. I hope you liked my pussy, if youd like to see more. Room 413 x

Keri kissed me deep and I pushed her on the bed...within seconds her dress was pushed up and I was licking her wet pussy and clit. Then out of the blue.....a knock at the door! Oh my god said Keri. I got the door as Keri straightened herself. The guy stood at the door with napkin...im Stuart.

I let him in and Keri smiled. We got a drink and chatted. So why did you decide to come I asked....I liked what I saw and wanted to see more of your wife! With that I said to Keri what does she think? She was on the bed and shy...so I walked over and pulled her dress up revealling her stockings and smooth wet pussy. Stuart stood at the foot of the bed looking. I fingered Keri's pussy and asked Stuart to feel. He moved over and placed a hand on her thigh before sliding down. Keri gasped as Stuart slid in a few fingers into her wet hole. I slipped her dress off leaving her in her stockings and shoes. Her nipples were hard as I licked them. Then...I thought id push it. I begun to back away from the bed. I whispered to Keri...suck his cock like you do mine! I sat on the sofa. Stuart moved up the bed continuing to finger Keri deep, Keri rubbed his crotch before realeasing his impressive hard cock. She took it in her hands and glanced at me. This was her only different cock since before me. Keri opened her mouth and guided Stuarts cock in. She licked and sucked hard wanking his smooth cock. Stuart called her a horny bitch as he finger fucked her harder. Clearly Keri got Stuart close to cumming as he pulled away and kissed her tits. Stuart slid down between Keri's legs and pushed his tongue into her wet pussy hole. Keri moaned. Stuart licked her aroused clit. Keri called me over and placed my hard cock in her mouth. Her hips were bucking as Stuart lapped at her holding her waist and tits. Keri sucked hard and pushed forward grunting...she was cumming in Stuarts mouth. I moved to lay on the bed and Keri continued to suck my cock. Stuart slid up behind Keri with a hard cock..it was his turn to cum. Un-noticed by myself and Keri, Stuart moved his cock near to Keri's pussy opening. Her lips were wet open and swollen from the previous orgasm.

Now ..Keri is not on the pill as ive had the snip. So if we were ever to plan something like this ..a condom is a must. But the drink and situation got the better of us! Keri was sucking my cock...when she suddenly froze and let out a murmured grunt. I looked down and Stuarts hard cock was fully inside my wife. Her pussy was stretched with her legs open accepting him. She was quiet at first. ..but after looking at me she starting bucking back onto Stuarts cock. The harder he fucked the harder Keri sucked me. It looked so horny...a married mother being fucked by a guy 13 years her junior. I asked her if it was good....Keri nodded. With that Stuart started completing deep hard stokes..his balls slapped and her pussy was soaking. With a final push forward Stuart emptied his load deep into Keri's married pussy. I came shortly after filling her mouth.

After a while Stuart slid his cock out. Keri's pussy was swollen open and red. Stuarts cum trickled out. Stuart left and It was my turn to lick and fuck Keri..sloopy seconds.

The day after it was back to being married , work and kids.

David & Keri - david.podd78@googlemail.com






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