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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, June 30, 2013

    My Girlfriend Cheated on Me


    I am 25 and my gf is 27. I recently graduated. On the day after my graduation my friend had a huge party. Me and my gf went to the party. Alot of people showed up including my friend whom my gf had told me before she wanted to fuck, but then took it back.

    Well we proceeded to get drunk. I went in the garage to play cards and came out periodically to see what she was doing. Most of the time when I came out she was talking to my friend and she was really drunk. Then I came out once and she was gone. I couldn't find her for about ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    My Wife is Fucking Him Now!


    My wife and I have been married 10 years, when we got on the subject of me watching her with another guy. I have always had this fetish, but was sure she would be dead set against it....I was wrong! We have a long time family friend, let's just say he drives a car with lights on top, enough said. We see him daily, my wife is naturally outgoing, she can't go anywhere that people don't talk her leg off. So this turned into the old..."Be careful what you wish for, you may get it" deal! I wished & I got virtually instant gratification!

    When our talking about her being a Hot Wife and cuckolding me got serious and she knew I really wanted it...a close friend was the perspective candidate. My wife broadened the conversations with him and the suggestive ideas progressed to him asking her to meet ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 23, 2013

    Having a Stranger Cuckold Your Wife


    The adventure you read here is true, only the names have been changed to protect those involved;

    Star and I Had noticed Wayne in the past at the local sports club while we were meeting Fred and decided to approach him for a threesome, Wayne worked in the local Bob Jane tire shop and when I asked him he said he would be happy to have his first threesome with us.

    We decided to pick him up and take him to a local hotel to have our pleasure zone time and when we got there I went and booked us into the room while Wayne concerned himself with running to the local shop to buy condoms, once we were all cozy inside



    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    Hot Wife Gina and Her Younger Lover


    I canít believe it. Here I am in the back of a taxi heading home to my husband. Iíd just spent nearly two hours at Marcís place. I needed and he sure gave me a good fucking: two orgasms worth of fucking. Thatís not so unbelievable. My husband knows I fuck other men and heís fine with it, and Marc is one of my favorites. Hubby used to want to be there to watch all the time but lately, due to my request, heís given me the OK to fuck other men whenever I choose, with or without him being there. So spending a couple of hours after work getting my brains fucked out isnít unbelievable.

    What is unbelievable is that I let Marc fuck me without a condom and I let him cum in me. Actually, I practically begged him to cum in me. That was so slutty and taboo, so fucking Hot! Iíve been married for 23 years and Iíve been with my husband for 25. During all this time



    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    Multiple Threesomes for My Wife


    The adventure you read here is true, only the names have been changed to protect those involved; I hope you like reading just 1 of the acts that my wife Star, Myself Avid and Rod had, this is the first encounter...

    And although with this threesome I didn't get any pictures, I have an awesome horny memory that will last me the rest of my life.

    We sat with our gentleman friend at the local sea side hotel, as a "blind date" His name was Rod, and we explained our circumstances and why we were doing what we had set out to do, even though it became painfully obvious and apparent Rod didn't



    Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    Our Best Sex Ever from Cuckolding


    We're a normal early forties couple who have spoken about including a third person in our sex life, but never done it until three months ago. My wife Sharon and I went to the cinema for an early evening show, before going out later for dinner. Being quite early there weren't many people around, and we took our seats in the middle block near to the back and settled down to watch the film. After about 40 minutes, and during a fairly mild sex scene, Sharon nudged me and nodded to the seats next to the wall about 20 feet away, and there I could see a young lad gently rubbing his crotch while watching the screen.

    We both smiled to each other about it, and then got back to the film, but I could feel her turning every couple of minutes to look again at him. I told her to stop



    Sunday, June 09, 2013

    A Young Couple Falls Into Cuckolding


    I'm not sure this is your typical blog update material but I thought you may be interested. We placed an ad online with this text:

    We are an engaged couple new to the black sexing experience. We are meeting some fine men locally so please do not bombard us with inquiries if you are not local. We joined to learn more about the lifestyle and gain insight from more experienced couples.

    She is 24 I'm 25 and we are engaged to marry in the fall.

    We have tried swinging but quickly found out that he prefers watching, which was good to learn, as we also found out he was a rather fast cummer and was



    Wednesday, June 05, 2013

    A Pattern of Being Cuckolded


    I seem to have a pattern of being cuckolded in my life starting at the age of 19. I caught my first girlfriend in a car with a friend of hers from school. I was at home, expecting her because it was getting late, when I decided to check on her. I knew they would be at a certain bar when her other friends there said she had just left. Walking back to my car I saw his car with two people in it from a distance. Sneaking up to it and because it was dark, I was able to get pretty close to the car. They were making out when her head slid out of view and he was on the receiving end of a great blowjob. I just stood back and watched. When she raised up again they started necking. His hand was in her top and I imagine her hand was full of cock when they started taking off their clothes. A little more kissing and then she climbed on him, and let me tell you when they started fucking, it was hot. I was hard watching her ride him like she rode me! It was fucking erotic. I left them when I knew they might be finishing and went back home and waited for her.

    The next one at age 25 I caught also but she had, by then I later find out, been getting away with it for over a year! Mostly she would wait until I was out of ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 02, 2013

    Getting My Girlfriend to Cheat


    Ever since I read a comic where a wife cheated on her husband, I've been obsessed by the thought of my girlfriend fucking other people. I can't quite remember how I broke it to her, but she didn't find it disgusting or shrug it off like I imagined she would. In fact, she was actually somewhat open to the idea. She didn't want it to happen fast or with anybody, but rather somebody she felt safe with so they wouldn't have to use protection. We toyed with the fantasy for many months before making something happen, and bought vibrators and dildos that were far bigger than me. At one point when I was using a 9 inch dildo on her, she exclaimed "it's so much better than you" and I nearly came instantly. She was the perfect sexual fit for me.

    It was early summer and the weather was hot. We fantasized more and more and wanted to try it out for real sooner than later. So we made arrangements with a mutual friend of ours that she's always been fond of: He'd come over to her place one day she quit school early and would be home alone ... READ THE REST HERE


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