How my First Creampie got me Hooked

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I'm happily married with a family and intend to keep this as fantasy only, but I've had a very strong, very specific cuckold-oriented desire that has roots in actual personal experience. The lust for this specific act gets so strong I feel like it's driving me crazy at times. Maybe talking about it here on this blog will be cathartic.

Like many others (I've been lurking on various cuckold sites for years) I believe the desire I feel is a result of being cheated on in my young adulthood. This story is 100% true. I'm in my late 30s now, but as a young freshman in college all those years ago I met a girl known for being a slut. Hell, I knew several guys who had already fucked her, but she was hot, and I wasn't picky as a horny 19-year old. True to her reputation, getting her in bed was really easy, but we actually got along great and a real realationship started and lasted several years (off and on).

She was quite candid about being a slut; she had a confident "I have a high libido and love sex and I'm not ashamed." attitude about it, but as we became exclusive she promised she could be faithful. Well, over the next few years we'd have arguments like young couples do and "go on a break" from each other occasionally. Without fail she'd sleep with other guys while we were on these 'breaks', but insisted it didn't count as cheating. I always took her back, I mean technically she was right, a break is a break.

Fast forward: Near the very end of my relationship with this girl she came by my apartment by surprise one night. (I had been suspicious of her cheating recently btw) Well, it was a nice surprise because she arrived horny. We started fooling around immediately when she pushed my head down to her pussy. This is where it all began for me. She was wetter than I'd ever felt from just foreplay before, and the second the tip of my tounge touched her pussy I could taste cum, and with my thinking she was cheating anyways, there was no doubt in my mind.

However, I couldn't help myself and sucked and licked her pussy like a madman, nearly blowing my load into the sheets just from going down on her. As expected, within a few days I finally got actual proof she was cheating, so I broke up with her. I don't tolerate actual cheating. She got upset I'd dump her for that, and in trying to hurt me she actually said with a devilish sneer: "I was with him before coming to your place the other night; surprised you couldn't taste him!" If only she knew...

I never spoke to her again. Nearly twenty years have passed and I now have a wonderful, faithful wife I love. But hardly a week goes by that I'm not overcome with the desire to go down on a pussy that has been recently cummed in. That one time all those years ago created the urge, and It'll never go away. I could never share my lovely wife, and don't think she is the type to hotwife anyways, but damn do I want to experience just that one aspect of cuckolding again.

So afterwards, It wasn't like I Googled 'cuckold creampie eating' the morning after and immediately went down this path or anything. First of all, I had been cheated on and broke up with her, moving on with my life. I felt 'dirty' having enjoyed the experience and tried to put it out of my mind, and took some time off the dating scene after that relationship.

As the weeks went by I started dwelling on what had happened, and images of the other guy cumming in her kept popping up in mind. I'd have vivid thoughts of his final trust, his balls tightening, the thick load shooting deep into my girlfriend's pussy, of her pulling up her panties (she had a habit of just leaving cum in, she didn't clean up like some girls) and immediately driving to my house. The rest I don't have to imagine; she knocked on my door late that night and said she wanted me, and we immediately went to my bed with her pushing my head down to her wet, used pussy.

I found myself very aroused by these thoughts and would often masturbate while trying to recall exactly what she smelled and tasted like. This went on for a while, and I found myself gravitating torwards creampie porn specifically, but at this point I didn't even know what cuckolding was. In relationships after that I'd trade stories with my girlfriends and ask them about prior sex partners, if they went bareback, etc, and always enjoyed details. I liked to think about all the cum that had been in them while going down on them, and tried to imagine I could still taste it. It was years later when I came across my first cuckold cleanup reference online and was immediately hooked. I read forums, stories, and anything I could find about the fetish.

However, I'm pragmatic and know that in reality the lifestyle often ends badly (plenty of real life stories of it not working out can be found online too). Besides, I'm generally a 'masculine' guy and none of the sissy, woman-worshipping, or forced embarrasment stuff does anything for me. I don't judge those who take the fetish in that direction, it just doesn't turn me on.

Even my wife as you see here has said multiple times she always found my confidence and the fact I run the household 'as a man' a turn-on; she really doesn't respect immasculated guys. Therefore, it's not cuckolding I'm obsessed with per se, but I really crave cleaning up a creampie again, which is hard to do in reality unless I become a cuckold.

Several times I've gone down on my wife after cumming in her, which is surprisingly hard to follow-through with after cumming, but it just isn't the same. Unfortunately I think I'm stuck with the one experience, because I don't know how I'd ever be in the right place at the right time to be able to eat another creampie.

Maybe one day I'll work up the nerve to tell my wife all about my desire, and that if there was any way of making it work without me being immasculsted or endangering our marriage, I'd love to clean her pussy up after getting creamed.

She does happen to really enjoy having her pussy licked, probably more than the average woman, so I've got that. We also watched a porn the other day I "happened" to put on which was about a couple where the wife cheats and brings a creampie home to her husband to lick. My wife didn't say a word but was wetter than I ever remember which got me hard. I'll be putting that on again tonight.


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