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My Name is Lisa, a 22-year-old living miles apart from my significant other Mark. Constant phone sex was great, but I always teased about having another guy fuck me which turned me on even more. After a while Mark started loving the idea of watching me with another man that he decided to accept the idea but only if I follow all his rules.

Rule no 1

Every message exchanged between my Bull and I had to be screenshot and sent to him, which should show the time and place where we were going to meet.

Rule No 2

I was to send Pictures of myself dressing up in my sexy lingerie, as I get ready for my date with my Bull as well as pictures and a video if anything happened.

Rule no 3

I was to Keep My phone on me while he listened to me and my bull.

I accepted all his rules and decided to find my Bull. So I remembered the guy that would greet me when he saw me at gym. His name was Nathan, he was tall and well built. Every time I saw him I couldn't help notice his shapely back built wide with muscle. Straight after gym I would lay in my bed rubbing my pussy and imagining his body towering over me, my small petite hands gripping his large back, with my nails sinking into him as he pounds me. So I stalked him on Facebook, got his number and started chatting to him, we instantly found chemistry and from a normal conversation things began to heat up and before I knew it we started having phone sex often. Mark received every picture and conversation, which turned him on so much that we, decided to step things up.

Plans were made and it was the day. I sent Mark a picture of me dressing up and spoke to him as I drove to meet my bull, Nervous was an understatement and the more we spoke about what was going to happen the more turned on it got me. By the time I jumped into my bull's car my panties were soaked.

And so it began, Mark stayed silently on the phone as he listened.

The moment I jumped into the car the smell of Nathan's cologne hit me, he looked sexy as his hair was slightly wet from his shower, he was dressed in navy jeans and had a nude jacket. He smiled and leaned over and gave me a hug. We spoke as he spontaneously drove to the wharf and parked into a quiet and dim area, enough so that silver rivulets of sea glistened against the ship lights.

He switched off his car and we stayed silent for a few. As we gazed into each other's eyes the tension began to build. I made sure the phone was kept in an angle so that Mark could hear it all, as he leaned over to kiss me, he nipped my bottom lip and started kissing me passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouth until we started feverishly kissing like there's no tomorrow. He placed his hands against my hips as he squeezed and pulled me on top of him.

I could feel him getting hard against me, his cock straining against his jeans waiting to be free. He kissed my neck slowly and placed his hands on top of my boobs and started slowly pulling at my nipples through my top. I got my legs around him as I started grinding against him my knees hitting at awkward positions but the feeling of pain and pleasure was amazing. He then opened my jeans and put his finger against my clit and started rubbing as he soon after slipped his fingers into my pussy.

Seeing his big hands disappear into me was such a turn on. He moaned and whispered how soaking wet I was. I moaned as he rubbed my pussy and I opened my legs wider allowing him to fuck me deeper with his fingers. His lips were on my nipples and my hands in his hair, I grinded harder against his fingers and as I was about to cum he pulled away, he opened his jeans and took out his cock. Oh that cock was hard and thick, pre cum oozing at the tip. I knew there was no turning back now; I knew that I was going to let him fuck me.

I wanted him more then ever, Mark didn't even cross my mind and I really didn't care. He rubbed his bare cock onto my pussy and I made sure my juices rubbed up all against his cock. No condoms were needed tonight.

I wanted to feel his bare cock. He pushed his cock into me slowly, pushing harder squeezing through my tight pussy. I moaned loud and with a final force he was in. My pussy walls gripped tight against him as we fucked slowly, hard and deep. He started picking up his pace and before I knew it we both were cumming hard. He filled me up with his cum as my pussy took every bit of it deeper. Having go home with his cum dripping down my thighs made me feel so dirty yet so satisfied. I loved it and couldn't help thinking when would be the next time I get to see Nathan.

He drove me home soon after and that night Mark called me again and we both came together as I replayed my earlier events.

Even though Mark and I aren't speaking at the moment I am still planning to meet Nathan tonight so that he can use me like a slut. The way I should be used.





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