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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, January 28, 2008


    My Wife with Jim

    My wife went out last night with her latest lover Jim. She called me late last night to tell me she was spending the night with him in a hotel not far from our house. She said she would call me when she wanted me to pick her up but it wouldn't be until early morning.

    I had a hard time sleeping knowing she was out getting fucked and wondering exactly what they were doing. She called me about 9:00 this morning and told me Jim had left and that I should come to the hotel and pick her up. She said she was in room 212 and that she also had a lot to tell of what they did last night.

    I got to the hotel fast and when I went into the room she was still naked and waiting for me. She told me she wanted me to clean her up before we left and that Jim had cum in her this morning. Then she told me to lie on the bed she wanted to force me to eat her. when I got undressed and laid down on the bed she tied my hands and legs to the bed she said it was a game Jim showed her last night.

    After I was tied down she put a video in showing her fucking Jim and another guy I didn't know. While I was watching it she got dressed and told me to get nice and horny - she would be back in a little bit. She left me lying on the bed naked and watching the movie.

    After about a half hour she came back in the room with Jim and he looked at me and laughed. Sue told him it was easy getting him setup like this. Then they both got undressed and Sue knelt above my face she started jacking me off and I came almost right away. Then Jim said now you can watch nice and close as a real man fucks your wife. They went onto the sofa and he got behind her and slid his cock in her pussy while I watched from the bed.

    After fucking her and seeing her orgasm over and over again they untied me and told me to sit on the couch and watch. Then sue told me to eat her while Jim fucked her. I was eating her and his balls kept hitting my nose. Sue was moaning and telling Jim oh baby yes fuck me hard give it to me baby show my hubby what a real man can do , show him how to fuck a woman. This went on for what seemed like an hour but it was about 15 or 20 mins. In that time Jim commended that I take a picture to "remember" what it is like to have a real stud bang Sue. He told me not to include his face and to jack off to it ever chance I get since Sue will be busy sexually with him. I almost came again and did what they asked.

    Then Jim said he was going to cum, Sue started screaming yes yes cum in me sweetie. I could see his balls tighten and he pulled her hard against his cock and started filling her with his cum.

    After a few seconds he started fucking her slowly again and I could see his cum oozing out of her cunt around his cock. When he pulled his cock out a big drop of cum landed on my nose and ran into the corner of my eye. Jim got off and Sue knelt up over my face and started grinding her pussy over my mouth. She said there you go baby lick that up eat all of his cum from me. Jim said yea as long as you can't satisfy her with your cock you might as well be good for something.

    Then while they were getting dressed they tied me up again and kept telling me they were going to leave me there so they would find me like this when they came to clean the room. They even left and I was still tied to the bed. My wife came back in after a few minutes and untied me. She told me she really loved doing that to me and thanked me for letting her have her fun. I acted a little upset but she put me in my place and reminded me of the picture which is attached to this email. - Dave


    Friday, January 25, 2008


    Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Hubby

    I am a psychologist in the Dallas area. As a doctor I would have to tell you that this is deviant sexual behavior. As a woman that lives this life style I would have to tell you it is the greatest. I have been married to the same man since high school. We married when I was 19. Up until I turned 32 (which is recent) he was the only man I had been with. After about 3 years things got a little stale and we started to watch porno movies. Well you know how they were no guys ever eat pussy and these women went crazy just sucking cock and getting pounded, yea right. I had been married long enough to know that fucking felt good but if you wnated to make a woman cum like crazy you better be eating her, cause a dick in the pussy just wasn't going to do it. Well he started talking about how wet I got watching the ones with big dicks and the ones 2 men doing 1 woman. So he started talking about getting another man to join us.

    I did not know what to do so I started to talk to some of the girls I knew. Most of them told me real quick that he just wanted get some on the side. Then one of my "married" friends told me that if I had never cum on a cock I did not know what I was missing. She said if I wanted to try it she would set it up. Her "boyfriend" Charles, and my husband would think it was all his idea. So I ask my husband if he was sure and how would we find some one. He said we could start by going to a bar that Friday and see what happens. So I called my friend and she said just let her know which bar we were at and the trap was set.

    That Friday we went out I was dressed in a low cut outfit showing some good cleavage. As soo as we arrived I excused myself to go to the ladies room and let her know where we were at. About 30 minutes later this guy walked in, kinda waved our way and went to the bar. Being as I had never done this I did not know what to do, was he expecting me to come to the bar or was he going to approach us? The band had started playing right before he got there and I had danced a couple of dances with my husband. After the second dance my husband went to the bar to get us another drink and while he was waiting the guy started to talk with him.

    They had looked my way so I knew I was part of the conversation. When my husband got back I asked what they were talking about. He said the guy had told him that he had a pretty wife and was wondering if he could have a few dances with me, and he said he had to ask me first. I said I guess so. He waved at the guy and he came over and said his name was Charles and asked to dance. The first dance was just that, a dance and back to the table and Charles went back to the bar. In a little while Charles brought us over drinks and asked to dance again the first one was a fast dance followed by a slow one. Charles held me close and whispered in my ear and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. When I said yes, he said be sure what I wanted cause I might never want things the way they were before again. I just laughed and said you sure are sure of yourself.

    Charles said right now your husband thinks it would be cool to watch you get fucked but, before the night is over your pussy will belong to me and men like me, and you will do anything I ask to get my cock inside you. I just laughed and said, yea right. We went back to the table and drink and talked a little more then Charles asked to dance again. While we were dancing Charles asked me if I had thought about what he had said and was I sure I wanted to go through with it. I was so hot all I could think about was my husband watching me so I said sure. Charles said when we return to the table go to the ladies room. I did as he said when I returned Charles got up and went to the mens room, as soon as Charles was gone my husband said he might be the one we needed.


    He said Charles appoligized and said he had to leave because I turned him on and he did not want to do anything embarrassing. Jake said he asked Charles to have one more drink first. Jake said when Charles got back he would go to the mens room and if I wanted to do this ask Charles if he would like to go some place more private with us. So when Charles got back Jake left. I told him I guess it is time to go have some fun now. Charles said remember what I said earlier this will be your last chance to back out and wanted to know if I was sure. Well I did not answer. As soon as Jake got back I said it looks like we are ready to leave and asked Charles if he was going with us. Charles said sure he never thought he would meet a couple like us.

    We went to a small hotel down the road and once in the room Charles asked Jake if he was sure he really wanted this, cause he was going to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. Jake just shook his head yes. Then Charles said this can be like pandoras box once the lid is open it my never go back the way it was before and asked again are you sure. Again Jake just shook his head yes. Charles then asked me if it was OK to kiss me and I said sure. We started making out for a while then Charles stopped and told me to strip for him and my husband. I slowly stripped for them giving them a show. Jake was smilling from ear to ear. After I was finished Charles told me to go strip my husband. I went to Jake and kissed him as I stripped him. Once he was naked I went to Charles to strip him and he said not just yet.

    Charles said he wanted to tie Jake in the chair so he could not touch himself till he was finished with me. Jake protested but I whined a please and he sat in the chair. Charles used my stockings to tie Jake to the chair then Charles told Jake he was about to use his cock to make me his fuck slut and soon I would do what ever he said just to have his cock. Charles then told Jake this was his last chance to be very sure what he wanted. Charles then told me to ask Jake if he wanted to his wife get fucked. Jake said yes he did. Charles then stuck my panties in Jake's mouth and tied them in place. Charles then turned his back to Jake and told me to strip him.

    When I got to Charles's boxers I almost had a heart attack. He was still soft and much bigger than Jake's 5 inch dick and thicker also. He grabbed my head and said on your knees and suck. As I sunk to my knees I thought this wasn't the same man I danced with, this guy was vulgur and crude. As I started to suck his cock it started to grow even bigger as he got hard. Charles told me to look in his eyes as I sucked. Charles asked if I knew why a woman sucks cock? I shook my head no. Charles said a woman sucks to please the man, her pleasure comes from the knowledge that she is giving him the greatest pleasure she has to offer him and he started pushing me deeper on his cock. As I gagged, Charles said before the night is up you will suck cock with true desire.

    Charles pulled his cock from my mouth and suddenly I was scared he wasn't big ... he was huge. Charles then turned toward Jake and said see this cock it's 8 inches long and its going to fuck all the way to your wifes soul. Charles told me to get on the bed. I handed him the condom and he started to put it down, so I told him no condom no fuck. Charles put the condom on and said for now and climbed between my legs. I thought to myself his cock is 8 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle, how could I ever handle this. Then I felt the head pushing aginst my opening. It slowly started to stretch me open and began to hurt. Then he pulled back and started to push again, this time a little more went in and he pulled back again, then he pushed again and I felt a little pain as the head slipped all the way in. He pulled out again and then pushed in harder this time and as the head stretched me open I started to cum.

    OH GOD I never felt like this before I was moaning and screaming and he started to fuck more and more into me. As soon as one orgasm ended another one started. Charles was fucking me slowly with about half of his cock then he looked at Jake and said I warned you about what you wished for, and with that he shoved all his cock in me to the balls and started to fuck hard and fast. Then it was like there was another woman there, one from the movies and she was screaming, fuck me, fuck me, oh god just keep fucking me. Then it happened ... I came, no cumming does not explain it. It was like my whole body exploded. I felt like I was blacking out and he pulled out of me and pulled the condom off. Charles then said show your husband how you suck now and I dove for his cock sucking like the girls in the movies, like it was the last cock I would ever see. I was obsessed, I wanted his cock, I needed his cock and I wanted to be the best cocksucker he had. Charles looked at Jake and said I told you she would be my slut and would do what ever I said. Charles said it's time to finish this fucking and pushed me on my back.

    I reached for a condom and Charles said not this time I am going to finish this fucking I told you. I said but I am not on the pill. He crawled between my legs and and rubbed the head against the opening and said if you want it you get it like this. I said yes I want it. Charles continued to rub the opening and then told me to look at my husband and to beg for his cock. I looked at my husband and could see the pleading in his eyes as he shook his head no. And that other woman was back again I could hear her beg "please fuck me with that big cock, I need your cock in me, please fuck me". Then I heard Charles without a condom? I was staring in my husbands eyes and begged yes fuck me with out a condom, fuck me with your big bare cock, and with that he shoved half that pole in me on the first thrust and was soon balls deep and pounding me good and I was cumming like crazy.

    Charles just kept fucking and fucking and I could feel the big one building again. Then I heard Charles say if you want my cum beg for it. And beg I did. I looked my husband in the eyes and begged please cum in me, cream my pussy, please cream my pussy. Charles drove his cock in as deep as it would go and began to cum and the big one took me and I came like never before. After a few minutes Charles kissed me and got up went over to Jake and let him loose. He brought Jake to the bed he then handed Jake a regular size condom and told him to put it on that it was his turn. Jake looked at Charles and said she is my wife I don't need one. Charles told Jake she might be your wife but that pussy is now mine put it on. I don't know what happened but I suddenly snapped at Jake if you want any of this pussy you better put it on and he did.

    As Jake began to fuck I could barely feel him I was so loose. He only lasted a few seconds till he filled the condom. Charles had got dressed and was getting ready to leave, he turned to Jake and handed him a piece of paper and pen and told Jake to write our phone number and address on it. Jake looked at him and said he had to be crazy. I yanked the paper and pen from Jake and wrote our phone number and address on it. Charles kissed me and said I will be over Tuesday for some more and by the way don't even think about sucking your husbands dick again. Thats for real men and left.

    Now I have complete control of Jake and his sex life. He is only allowed to cum four times a year, now I did not say fuck me I said cum. I have three full time lovers right now that are all well endowed. He gets to watch me cum all over their cocks. He must eat me to satisfaction every day. This is when I "make love" to my husband as I "fuck" his face. A man like Jake lives for pleasing their wife. Like I said, as a doctor I can't recommend this lifestyle but as a woman I highly highly recommend that all wives do this. - Cindy


    Monday, January 21, 2008


    My Wife's Birthday

    Hi Readers of the Blog,

    My wife and I have read a few of the stories here and it has really made a difference in our sex lives and in our bedroom talk.

    After my wife (Julie) confessed to me that she was enjoying our first fantasies into the cuckolding world, we decided to go for a real personal experience immediately. She had a birthday coming up, so I gave her some money and told her to go shopping. I told her to buy a nice dress to wear out to dinner for her birthday celebration. I told her I wanted her to buy something very sexy and daring. Something to really show off her tits. Julie was usually pretty conservative, so I didn't expect too much.

    I was pleasantly surprised when she came home with a beautiful black wrap-around dress with a plunging neckline. Upon closer look, the top part of the dress, from neckline to waist, was very sheer. In fact, you could see right through to her beautiful tits. I told her she did a great job, and that Friday night, she and I, and our friend Scott were going to her favorite restaurant.

    Friday finally arrived, and we were both trembling with excitement. Scott came by about 6:00, I was ready, but we were still waiting on Julie. She finally walked into the living room, and Scott almost fell over. There she stood in this new dress, no bra, high heel sandals, with freshly painted toe nails. Underneath the dress all she wore were black lace panties. Of course, you could see right through the top of her dress to see those firm 36-B tits and those hard nipples standing straight out. She looked at us both drooling on ourselves, and said 'let's go.' With that, we were off for an evening of fine dining, lot's of looks and lot's of drinks. All the guys in the place were looking at Julie's tits. It was driving us both crazy with excitement. I had a hard-on all evening. Scott was more than ready to leave when the check finally arrived as he had been friends with us for awhile now but never thought he'd get to 'sample' her. Julie and I were also ready to leave for that matter.

    When we got into the car, Julie sat in the middle, and started massaging both our cocks through our pants, while I drove. I leaned over and whispered that she should have some dessert. With that, she reached for Scott's zipper and had his cock out in no time. He was already hard, Julie just moaned and started sucking. Scott reached into the front of her dress and started rubbing her tits. I, of course, had a boner that wouldn't quit. I was eager to get into the action, so, we practically flew home. When we pulled into the driveway, Julie put Scott's cock back in place and we all headed into the house. Julie went to freshen up, while Scott and I got comfortable in the den.

    Julie walked in, stood in front of us, and undid the sash in front of the dress that held it closed. She then let the dress drop from her shoulders. There she stood in just those black lace panties, and high heels. Her big, brown nipples standing straight out. Scott and I both stood and undressed as she stood and watched. She had us both sit back on the couch, as she dropped to her knees, and alternated sucking his cock and mine. Finally, we both pushed her back onto the carpet and took turns eating her pussy. She was moaning and screaming with orgasm after orgasm. She then looked at me and said, 'fuck me now!' She looked at Scott and said, 'And I want your cock in my mouth while he fucks me.' She lay back and I quickly entered her dripping pussy.

    Scott was on his knees at her head, fucking her mouth while I fucked her pussy. She was enjoying every minute. I leaned down and sucked her tits while I fucked her slowly. Looking up from her tits, I could watch Scott's cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and motioned for me to kiss her. I leaned further up, plunging my cock further into her hot, dripping pussy, she pulled Scott's cock out of her mouth and plunged her tongue into my mouth. She then pulled Scott's cock into both our mouths while we kissed. We both ran our tongues all over his hard dick while she pumped away. Suddenly, Scott yelled, 'I'm cumming!

    With that, he blew a huge load right into both our mouths. We both went crazy with excitement. She was screaming and slurping up all the cum she could. I could hold back no longer, and pulled out. Julie quickly grabbed my cock and started pumping wildly. I blew my load all over her and Scott as they both started kissing and licking it off each other.

    We all lay there afterwards, dazed and exhausted. But definitely looking forward to the next time! And, we're hoping that she will want to fuck Scott next time and let him really give it to her. Giving him head was a good first start and we can't wait for more. The picture we sent is of her on top of me but when we see Scott again I'll try and get pictures of them both and write back.

    Carl & Julie


    Friday, January 18, 2008


    The First Time I Knew

    wife terry

    Hi to All the Cucks Out There,

    I have some pictures of my wife to showcase and our story for the blog. Last year my wife and I went to a halloween party with a few friends. My wife was dressed in a very skimpy space girl costume and she was really hot. It was a silver halter type top with silver hotpants and high silver boots, she also had a silver head band. We had been to several bars before the party and she got a little drunk she was getting plenty of attention everywhere we went.

    At the party this guy she works with was really hitting on her but she kept laughing him off but still kind of flirting with him. My wife told me that Mike keeps trying to feel her up. I told her I would tell him to knock it off and she said oh no he is harmless. About an hour later I noticed my wife was gone, I started looking for her but couldn't find her. I walked into a back room and found Mike kissing my wife - he had her top up and his hands down her pants and she had her hand down his pants.

    I don't know why but I felt mad and excited I watched for a while then decided to go stop it. I walked over and grabbed my wife I told her we are leaving and we went to the car my wife cried and said she was sorry but they were just fooling around. When we got in the car she was still saying she was sorry and that she loved me. Then she told me that Mike has been hitting on her for months and that he has asked her out several times.

    She said all of the girls at work want him and it makes her feel good that he hits on her. Then she leaned over and hugged me when she hugged me her arm pushed against my cock which was hard as a rock she started rubbing it and pulled it out of my pants. Then she looked at me and said you liked watching Mike feel me up didn't you. Then she went down and sucked my cock it only took a few seconds and I came in her mouth.

    Terry said that really got you worked up didn't it I said I guess it did a little, she asked why I pulled her out of there then I said I don't know I guess it is just what a husband should do. We talked for a while and decided to go back to the party. Mike came up to me and said he was sorry that he didn't mean to get me upset. Terry said we talked and everything is fine and said lets have another beer. We all partied for awhile longer.

    Terry told Mike we both had to much to drink and asked him if he could drop us off at home since it was on his way. He agreed and he said he would just finish his beer. Mike was okay because he is a real big guy and can handle a lot more then I can. When we got in his car I got into the back seat and Terry and Mike were in the front. I kind of fell asleep on the drive home.

    When we got to our house they woke me up Terry asked Mike if he wanted to come in for another beer he said he should go but she said please it's the least we can do for the ride. He agreed and we all went into the house. Terry asked me to make her a Margirita and get Mike a beer. She said she was going up to change. Mike and I were in the living room when Terry came back down in her robe and had redone her hair. She said oh that feels so much better. Then Terry said remember when we were dancing it really got Tom turned on he liked watching us.

    She walked over to Mike and opened her robe showing him a red half cup bra with a red garter and stockings. Then she dropped the robe and put her arms around him and kissed him. Mike kept looking over at me and I was as shooked as him. Terry came over to me and grabbed my cock she looked at Mike and said see he is okay he is as hard as a rock. She went back to Mike and placed his hands on her tits and said come on baby lets give him a real show.

    She kissed him and he responded pulling her into him. He bent his head down and took her tit into his mouth and sucked it hard then he put his hand between her legs and slid a finger into her pussy. Terry looked over at me and said oh god it feels so good to have his big fingers and hands feeling me it makes me feel so good. Do you like watching a big man ravish your little wife baby?

    Then Terry started to undo his pants she pulled them down and got on her knees in front of him. Mike was about 9 inches long and very thick. Terry was sucking him and looking over at me she took it out of her mouth and said don't you wish you had a cock like this baby. Bring yours over here to let me have 2 of them. I removed my pants as Mike finished taking his off we both stood in front of Terry and she took turns sucking our cocks. Mine was only about 7 inches and nowhere near as thick as Mike. Terry spent more time on mine and soon I was ready to cum Terry could tell and just as I started to cum she turned back to Mike and I came on the floor. Terry looked at Mike and said he is done now its time for you baby.

    She really went to work sucking him then Mike said he was ready to cum Terry reached around him and pulled his ass forcing his cock down her throat Mike tightened his ass and came in her mouth Terry gagged a little but was able to swallow his whole load. Mike said wow you are really good at that. We had another beer and talked alittle Terry and Mike sat on the couch and she told me to sit in the chair across the room. They sat there feling each other and then Mike went down and started eating her cunt.

    Terry looked at me and said oh baby he knows how to make me feel like a woman - he is so much better at this than you just watch and see how a real man does me. Mike was already hard again and Terry said Mike fuck me I want that big cock in me. Terry said lets go upstairs so we all walked up Terry laid on the bed and Mike got between her legs as he started to slide into her Terry told me to come over there. Then she looked at me and said hold me open for him baby open me up so he can fuck me. I reached down and pulled her pussy open and watched as his cock disappeared into my wife's cunt. Terry looked at me and said oh baby it feels so good to have a man fucking me again. Then she said why don't you just sit down and watch this Mike has fucked me before and he really knows how to please a lady.

    I looked at her and she said yes that's right he fucked me before several times. I didn't know what to do I just watched as this big powerful man was riding my wife, when Mike was ready to cum again he told her he was going to cum and Terry said baby give it to me, cum inside me.terry

    When he finished he rolled over on to his side and I could see his cum dripping from my wife's pussy. She looked at me and said now that I know you like it Mike can come ever anytime he wants me. Then she said why don't you be a good boy now and leave us alone, you can sleep in the guest room tonight while Mike fucks me some more on your bed. Then she turned and kissed him telling him he is so good.

    That's my first time knowing about being cuckolded by my wife. We haven't really turned back since and she's had several more lovers. Some of which I know about and some I don't. I don't ask her really as she's so much in charge now and she knows it. We do love each other and have a great loving relationship and we do have good sex but she also gets what she needs on the side and that drives me wild. I am a lucky cuck. - Darren

    P.S. The pics were taken before we met Mike but you'll see the 3rd pic she is on the very same bed where he took her that evening.


    Sunday, January 13, 2008


    I Found Her Panties!

    I'm not much of a lover (yeah, yeah; small penis, a little overweight) and my wife lost interest in sex with me years ago. We still do it occassionally, 4-6 times a year, but she never seems to get off and that makes it harder for me to enjoy it as well. Once I even caught her flipping through a magazine off to the side as I humped her.

    But about 4 months ago I discovered that she has simply turned to another source for her sex. I was doing the laundry (I try to do as many household chores as I can) and I came across a very sexy pair of panties. I didn't recognize them, and didn't remember any recent occassion on which she might have worn them. I pulled them out and immediately noticed that the crotch was crusted. At first i assumed she might have masturbated in them, which got me excited, and brought them to my nose to capture that scent I so rarely get any more. Surprise! This was sperm!

    I stared at them for several seconds in disbelief, telling myself it couldn't be true. Then I tried making myself mad. "That bitch," I thought, "she's having an affair!" But I surprised myself by bringing the panties back to my own face. I inhaled deeply and almost swooned.

    You know what happened next: I cautiously stuck my tongue out and sampled the crusted semen. It was narcotic. The idea of eating sperm out of my wife's panties made me harder than I had been in months, and I quickly pulled my thin dick from my pants and masturbated. I ejaculated in no time, squirting clear streams all over the front of the clothes dryer!

    I never told her of my discovery, but have since spent many evenings going through the hamper. And I have learned something very interesting. She has a "book club" with some girlfriends that must involve a lover. Twice, when she got home from book club, a sexy pair of panties appeared in the hamper. And both times they were the most fragrent thing I have ever smelled. I have developed a fetish.

    I love smelling and licking her cum-stained panties. I fantasize about sometime licking her cum-filled pussy, but have not yet figured out how to go about this. I'm afraid that if i confront her she will simply leave me, which I can't handle for a number of reasons.

    Part 2

    Last night she was out with her Pilates friends (or so she told me) and got home pretty late. After she left for work this morning I went to the hamper expecting to get a pair of sweaty panties for sniffing and I found these!

    A pair of white lace thong panties with a crotch full of sperm! I was in heaven.

    I pulled them out from under the other clothes she shoved in there and couldn't believe my eyes-- yellowish gray stains in the crotch that could only mean one thing. I sniffed deeply and loved it! Still damp, and smelling of her sweaty and overworked pussy.

    I took them back into the bedroom and put them on a chair as if she were sitting there in front of me and promptly began to munch on them. At first they were crusty and stiff, but my saliva quickly softened the fabric and the true taste bloomed in my mouth.

    I tongued and licked the lacey nylon as I pulled my stiff little cock out and promptly jerked it straight. I imagined her lover's cock buried in her snug pussy and the beautiful sight of his sperm leaking out around the tight seal of her cunt.

    In no time I was ready to shoot, and I imagined getting to stick it into her sloppy hole so I stood up and aimed for the tiny crotch. I unloaded three pale jets of cum into a little puddle right in the middle.

    Now I have them tucked away for safe keeping (though I better put them back before she looks for them). I'll get a few more masturbation sessions out of these!

    Part 3

    I'm fucked.

    She caught me. I had those delicious panties spread out on the edge of the bed on Sunday while she was out shopping. I had my tongue busy in the crotch (almost clean by now) and had my weiner pinched tight between my finger and thumb and was happily jerking myself off when she walked in.

    I never even heard her walk in-- the first I heard was her saying "What the fuck are you doing?!"

    I almost choked on the panties. I just stood there (kneeled, actually) and stared at her as I felt my face grow hot. "What the fuck are you doing?" she repeated.

    I couldn't even speak.

    "Are you licking my panties?"

    Silence. She looked from me to the panties and back to me and just stared at me for almost a minute.

    "Do you know what is in those panties?"

    "Yes," I managed to say.

    "And you like that?"

    Long silence.

    "Yes," I whispered.

    "You disgust me."

    She turned and walked out.

    I spent the rest of the afternoon fretting over what I had done. Late in the evening she returned and told me that I was not welcome in her bed last night - I had to sleep on the couch in the basement. She spent a great deal of time on the phone last night but I don't know who she was talking with. She left early this AM for work, and I really don't know what to expect.

    She confronted me at night. She wanted to know why I liked eating the semen out of her panties - she was concerned I was gay. I assured her I am not - it is her I love.

    I told her that the mixture of semen and her own cream in her panties is just a very physical expression of her pleasure: that she has been fucked and that she has had a good time. It gives me pleasure to think that she was so excited she could cum, and that she was able to satisfy a man with real lust for her.

    She wanted to know why it didn't bother me that another man had been inside of her. I told her that I know I haven't been able to do very much for her in bed, but that I want her to feel satisfied with her sex life. I recognize that a beautiful 37-year-old woman has needs, and I would rather she took care of them outside of our marriage than simply be unhappy.

    She thought about this for a long time.

    "You're not a bad lover," she finally said. "It's just that you're... little. I like it when you eat me, but sometimes a girl needs to get filled up, you know?"

    I nodded.

    "Let me see your cock." she said.

    I pulled it out.

    "Make it hard for me."

    I pulled on it a few times and sure enough, I started to stiffen up. I need to use my fingers to masturbate because my hand is wider than my cock is long, so I grab it like you would a pencil. I stroked it up and down and soon it was hard as a bic pen in my fingers.

    She smiled at it and shook her head slightly. Then she stood up and took off her panties and tossed them to me. "Do what you were doing the other day. Lick these and beat off for me."

    I spread her plain cotton panties on the front edge of a chair and knealt down. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and brought my mouth to the crotch of her panties.

    I was very uncomfortable. I've never masturbated in front of someone before, and I knew she was staring at my thin penis. But somehow the aroma of her cunt got me over my discomfort. I started sniffing and licking and tugging on my cock and before you know it I was humping my hips back and forth as I pretended to fuck my fingers.

    When I felt myself getting close to cumming I looked up at her with a worried look. Would she let me shoot on her panties? She must have known what I was thinking.

    "Go ahead, cum on them. You know you want to." She was starting to play with her cunt as she watched me.

    I went back to work on her panties with gusto - licking and sniffing like crazy as I yanked my stiff cock. I heard her own breath grow raspy as I worked the wet cotton. When I was unable to hold back any longer I quickly stood up and aimed the tip of my penis into the damp crotch. She spread her own legs wide as she watched me and I saw her head tip back in pleasure.

    I unloaded in pale streams all over her panties. My cum is watery, but I drenched them with 3 or 4 strong squirts before I dried up. I heard her mutter "Yessssss" as I did, and I knew she had made herself orgasm watching me.

    I stood there trembling, my softening prick in my hand. She looked up at me with a smile on her lips-- the warmest and friendliest one I have seen in a very long time.

    "I should make you eat that up, but I have a better idea right now," she told me. She got up and took the panties from the chair, then, holding her eyes on mine, she stepped into them. She slid the sticky, wet mess up her legs and right into her crotch.

    I stared at them as they slipped into place - the dark stain of my own cum outlining the lips of her cunt.

    "Alright, honey, I forgive you for being a pervert," she said. "I think we can make this a lot of fun."

    It was probably the best I have ever made her feel sexually.

    This blog is very helpful for me. I've been very insecure about the size of my penis and my wife's dissatisfaction for a long time, and I have felt ashamed of my desire to see her with another man. Here I have discovered that I am not alone.

    And neither is my wife! I have sext you 2 pictures of her from behind. I don't think she'd want me to post her face online as this is a risk as it is. But at least you can all see WHY she needs to be fucked and what her ass looks like so you can imagine fucking her. - Pete


    Friday, January 11, 2008


    She Just Might!

    My Confessions & Ramblings

    I have a very sexy 27 y/o GF. I introduced her to her first threesome with me and a friend 2 years ago. Although he was pretty bad in bed he was hung BIG n THICK, this was her first taste of a big one. She has not been the same since. She has only been with two other men, a few times each since then but not for a threesome it was cuckolding me.

    I guess you could say it is my fault because she often reminds me by saying "if you had a real mans dick I wouldn't need to fuck other men". My entire sexual outlook has changed. I used to be on the Dom side and would be very aggressive but now am more into "making love" to her and giving her a long slow cum. After seeing the way these guys make her react I know I can't compare to the way they fuck her with a big dick so I don't even care to try. She sometimes makes me fuck her hard and deep but she just does not react the same as she does with them, she will look at me and tell me to stop and go get her a vibrator. We have a big thick life like strap on she bought for me to fuck her with so she makes me put that on and fuck her like a real man or simply tells me she is done.

    I can't seem to cum without thinking of her with a big dick or by her verbally humiliating me for having a dick not even 6 inches and on the thin side. I never thought I would stand for that but here I am getting hard at the thought of her calling me "tiny, little dick, pathetic little dick, she even calls me an asshole because I have a small dick". All of this turns me on and it is turning her on more and more. Of course she didn't understand at first but did it because she loves me.

    Now she is loving the thought of belittling me because of my dick size and also says I am crazy for letting another man fuck her. Sometimes I think I am crazy for it too but the times it turns me on by far out weighs those negative thoughts. My only wish like all cucks is that she would do it more often, find someone she wants to fuck often. I told her I am even open to her going out on her own or even finding a guy and making him think she is cheating on me while I am at home going crazy wondering what she is doing.

    She tells me to be careful for what I wish for because she says "if the right guy comes along you may regret it". She says she doesn't look for it (I wish she would) but if it comes along she just might do it. Okay I think that is enough for now, it felt good to get this off my chest and out there to others who share this interest. In the future I will write about experiences but for now I am sending you one of the only pictures I have of her fucking someone else.

    Thanks for reading!



    Sunday, January 06, 2008


    I am Now A Cuckold


    I have now become a cuckold. When did the truth really sink in? Surprisingly, it wasn't while my girlfriend was flirting with him, and it wasn't when she took his dick in her mouth, it wasn't even when he slowly slid into to her. No, it really hit me that my life had changed when she looked me in the eyes just before she went over the edge into a huge orgasm, and said out loud to him "Fill me with your cum baby, I want to feel it". See, we had agreed that this was the one thing that was not supposed to happen. Of course when it did I shot cum all over myself from the sheer intensity of it.

    This was something a long time coming (pardon the pun). I was married young and during my first marriage my wife cheated on me with an 18 year old stud. Now, I am and have always been a very fit, attractive guy. I'm not fem and had never had thoughts of wanting to see the woman I was with be with another guy. I wasn't the jealous type, but then again, honestly, the thought that someone would cheat on me had just never crossed my mind.

    When I finally uncovered that my wife had been cheating on me I was devastated. It's like I had been gut punched about a dozen times. I confronted her and after a while, she confessed. It had been going on for about three months. I agreed to not leave immediately and decided to try and work things out. Of course I insisted she stop seeing him immediately. It was about a month later when I realized that she didn't stop. I confronted her again and she confessed again and said that it would be over.

    About this time an interesting thing happened. I was having trouble dealing with the idea of her being with someone else and I couldn't get the image of her with another guy out of my head - it didn't help that I had met the tall handsome stud before. Also, with the strain on our relationship, we weren't having much sex. I turned to masturbation on a regular basis, but everytime I did it the image of them together was in my mind...and it was turning me on big time. Soon I was fantasizing about this stud fucking her to multiple orgasms. I imagined his big dick slidding in and out of her making her beg for it. cuckold

    The problem was she didn't stop seeing the other guy. I believe that she wanted to, but just couldn't bring herself to do it, self-control was not her strong suit. One night, when I was pretty sure she was out with him I drove to where I knew this guy to be living. I parked a little ways away and snuck over toward his apartment. I saw her car there. I snuck up to the bedroom window. The curtains were closed, but I could catch movement and voices inside. If I looked hard enough through the corner I could see the bed move and could hear the creeking. Hearing this made me a wreck. My heart was in my throat, my stomach was in my shoes, twisted in knots and I had a raging hard-on. After a few moments I raced home, entered the house, laid on our bed and jacked off with images of her being with him.

    In a couple more months the guy left our town and things returned somewhat to normal. A couple years had gone by and she never had another affair. However, our marriage broke apart due to other issues.

    I dated quite a bit over the next few years and eventually met another great girl (see pictures). We were a fantastic match. With her scandanavian genes, she's tall, and has a great body. For those that are interested she is a 32c, with a nice tight butt. The pictures don't show quite the whole body but they were taken by one of her lovers while they were in bed together. We had fantastic sex and always seemed to be in bed. Eventually the conversation turned to our past and I told her my story, leaving out the part about me getting turned on by things. I confided in her that I had always wanted to try a threesome. At first she balked. She didn't want to cheat on me ect. It took me a few weeks to get her to understand that I was serious and wouldn't think she was terrible.

    Now I am not one of those guys that wants my woman to go off and fuck some other guy and then come home and give me whatever is left, but I am highly intrigued by the threesome idea and the idea of watching her with another man. Eventually we started fantasizing about this when we made love. We would make up little stories, like we would pick up a guy at a bar and bring him home. We even tried it once on a vacation, but the guy got nervous and bailed. As the fantasies continued she started telling me more and more about what she fantasized about. A couple of them really surprised me.

    One thing to know about me is that I am sort of bi-curious. I'm not truly bi as I definately prefer women, but I have experimented with guys both before my first marriage and after it. Turns out that this turned her on. She has often fantasized about watching me suck another guy. She wants to watch him cum in my mouth. She has also hinted at wanting to watch someone fuck me, though she won't admit it straight out.

    The other fantasy she has admitted to is wanting to sleep with a guy right under my nose. Like while I'm in another room. I don't participate and usually don't even know though once in a while I catch them. This fantasy bothers me a little as I don't really want her cheating on me.

    About a year ago we actively started pursuing the threesome idea. We met up with a few guys but nothing seemed to click until this one guy answered an ad we had on the net. Long story short (too late) the chemistry went very well and even though she said she wouldn't do it on the first date we wound up in bed together. This was just two months ago. It was a little awkward at first, he and I kept sort of bumping each other as we always seemed to be going for the same tit or something. After a little while though we got it down and were having some fun.cuckold

    I remember that I was in her and she was sucking him. Then she suggested that we switch. I watched wide eyed and with my stomach in a knot as he slid right into her. I expected her to be a little more nervous with him, but she wasn't - she seemed very comfortable. They fucked like there was no tomorrow and in every position imaginable. He even spooned her from behind so that I could lick her clit. I had lost track of her orgasms and she seemed to enjoy me watching. I would see her look over and look me in the eye or see my raging hard-on and it would send her off again.

    We got together several times over the course of a couple months and each time it was mostly the same. ALthough I have began to suck him on occassion to get him good and hard. I have to say he has a really nice cock. The last time we were together though he slid into her bareback. This was against our rules, but honestly, I missed the fact that it happened. It wasn't until she was crying out for him to cum in her that I noticed. I then watched as he burried himself to his balls in her and unleashed huge jets of cum. It was like they had kicked me in the stomach. This was the one thing I wanted for myself, that I was the only one to cum in her.

    I later learned that since that first time they have been having sex on a regular basis and that he never uses a condom. Like I said, I am now officialy a cuckold. - Vic


    Thursday, January 03, 2008


    Cuckolded by a Man & His Wife!

    Hi All,

    I had to figure out what I had just done to my husband and looking around on the internet has led me to believe it was cuckolding. Let me explain:

    I was out on a girls night out and I was the only married girl, anyway during the night I was chatted up by a young attractive girl and she was very attentive getting me drinks all night. I thoughht it odd but went with it. At around 2.30am she suggested that the two of us leave and go to a quieter club. As I had had a few too many drinks (supplied by her) I did not realize that it was late and that my husband was probably waiting for me. Well, the new bar lighting was dim and the couches comfortable and I had not realised that she had bought me more drinks although I was picking up her vibe pretty fast.

    She was a very smooth talker, as she talked she would stroke my leg, before I knew it we were kissing, my first time...well she actually talked me into going home with her, at the back of my mind I was thinking about my husband who would have been in bed waiting for me to come home, it was getting towards 4 in the morning and I was buzzing from all the drinks so I thought, why not. When we got to her place she told me to unddress and that her husband would be in the room shortly. Huh? But things went so fast and she could not keep her hands off me, we were naked in her bed fucking each other with our tongues and fingers not knowing that her husband was already in the room watching the whole thing and stroking his penis. After I had cum she made me lay down and she sat on my face facing my feet, I proceeded to tongue fuck her in the cunt and arse, well when she came she covered me in it, it squirted all over my tits and stomach and I had never seen a girl do that before.

    Then she moved over and told me her husband was going to fuck me right there. I was laying on the bed with my legs wide and she was holding them open. I wasn't too sure but she looked at me and asked me if I wanted him. The truth was I wanted him bad and needed a cock in me but was confused. She asked again and I nodded and told me to ask him to fuck me. I looked at him and did so. She told me to do it again but beg and I did and then suddenly he was on top of me pounding away. God it was fabulous. He must have been in me for half and hour giving me multiple orgasms until he finished inside me. Then he left the room and the girl came closer to me.

    We kissed and I then realised the time 7.00am. I had to get home, the ever obliging (I wonder why) girl then drove me home and left me at my front door, very messed up, stinking of sex and booze. I snuck in hoping not to wake hubby but he had heard the car and was waiting for me...

    “Hi honey” I said lamely as I walked into our bedroom, “do you know what fucking time it is?” he said, I offered a lame excuse about going back to one of the girls house and told him that I was soo tired.

    My first fatal mistake was not having a shower before getting into bed with him, mind you that may have looked suspicious. As I cuddled up to the third person in the last 4 hours I suddenly realized my second mistake, my husband could smell me, I reeked of her cum on my face, my tits and stomach, and my cum in and around my wet cunt mixed with his. I could feel his breath on me as his fingers traced across my tits, then I heard him say “where the fuck have you been”, I acted innocent but he then knew that I had cheated on him. I decided to tell him all of what happened, as I told him I could feel his cock against me, rock hard, this was exciting him. I then realized my cheating turned him on.

    “Stroke my cock for me” he told me, I started jerking his hot cock as I continued the nights adventure. When I told him how she had made me lie there and sat on my face, he climbed on top of me and his cock slid straight into my wet cunt.

    He started to fuck me as I told him how I put my dirty tongue into her cute arse hole, how she reacted to my tongue fucking her arse, what happened next surprised me, he started to kiss me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth it was as if he wanted to taste her on me. Tasting me from what I had done to her, he then started kissing my face and told me how he could taste her juices on me. To be honest this was making me wet, I had him fucking me as I relived the dirty fucking I had had just a couple of hours ago.

    When I told him how she squirted her cum all over me he just started licking my nipples, and stomach, telling me how he could taste her all over my body. He started calling me his dirty cheating slut wife, out all night fucking some one else.

    The combination of him calling me a “fucking slutty whore” and me telling him to “fuck his dirty little whore wife” with the smell of sex was so strong, he started to cum in my gaping wet cunt. I urged him to fuck my slutty cheating cunt harder, telling him to hurt me with his cock, he then cum deep inside me, mixing his with her and my juices. When then his cock slid out, and I really mean, fell out of my cunt, as I was so wet and gaping open, well, the load of cum seeped out of my swollen cunt and pooled down around my arse, he looked down at me and said, you dirty cheating whore, look at you laying there with your legs wide open covered in cum you look like a dirty slut. Then I told him of her husband .....

    He hesitated for awhile and then wanted the details ... his cock getting some life back in it.

    I was so fucking tired I didn't care what he said, he let me sleep but would not let me shower until he had fucked me two more times, each time sucking his cum off my cunt, each time as he called me a “cheating fucking whore who deserved to be fucked by any one he wanted”.

    I enjoyed being talked down to as a punishment for cheating on him, but it is me that holds the upper hand now. I know and he knows that he is aroused by my cheating to the point where he tries to manipulate the situation so I will fuck some one else. - Amy
    P.S. Enclosed are 2 pictures hubby took.

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