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So this is kinda long; completely insane, story that just happened to me and I don't know who else to tell it to. I literally can't believe this shit. It just happened and I have to tell someone so why not this blog?

So I have a history of girls cheating on me. I always felt very ugly and lower status. I was never any girl's first pick. Even though I always liked girls, I would fantasize on occasion about blowing guys. I never told anyone this.

My first wife and I were married for four years. She was also my first real girlfriend. She had cheated on me when we were dating. She stayed at a hotel with one of her friends and her friend's boyfriend. My ex had previously had sexual encounters with this guy. They ended up getting a room with only one bed. The guy was in the middle. After her friend fell asleep, the boyfriend rolled over and made out with my ex and at least were touching each other (although I doubt that was all). But even after knowing this I was very young and had no confidence so I thought I could overlook it. I married her a year later.

Fastforward three years. She always had trouble keeping jobs and making friends. But she gets a job at a popular department store and was absolutely thrilled. One night she was on Snapchat all night while we were sitting there on the couch. I was suspicious. So a couple days later I sneak behind her while she's sending messages and I see hearts and something about cuddling. I confronted her and she says its just a friend from work (with a clearly male's name). I'm mad. Completely furious.

But I am also turned on. So I did what any good man does when he doesn't understand and got completely smashed and smoked weed. When she came home I told her it was fine, and that it turned me on and that I wanted her to blow him. She hated giving blowjobs. She thought it was weird and told me that she would only ever consider just an open marriage for both of us. But she told me that they did make out in his truck after work one day. For a couple weeks it was okay and I started to reconsider. So I told her I couldn't do it. So she agreed to stop talking to him. About a month after I saw him back on her phone a couple times. I would always get mad and she would agree to not talk to him again.

I continued to fantasize about my wife sucking this guy's dick from work. She maybe only blew me a couple times a year and she absolutely hated every minute of it. She hated cum and wouldn't even let me get it on her hands. So the idea of another guy getting her to blow him and swallow would drive me insane. But I would still be filled with rage as soon as I snapped back into reality.

I started working out a ton. I was a little chunky at the time and I felt pretty horrible about myself. I started realizing I was totally my wife's bitch. I cleaned, cooked, watched the kids by myself all the time, worked, did everything she wanted, didn't get laid, and had to put up with her clearly disliking me.

In the meantime, she bought a lot of new sexy underwear. She would still rarely have sex with me. And when we did, it was very boring.

Octoberish 2018. I had friends over while she was working one night and we had been drinking. She comes in the door and immediately drags me into the bedroom. She says she wants a divorce. I can't believe what I'm hearing. I keep asking why and she just keeps saying because we don't belong together. Then her phone goes off and it clicks in my head. I grab her phone and its a text from a dude about how he can't believe what just happened. We have a fight and she ends up sleeping on the ground. For the next two weeks I beg and plead with her to stay with me. She agrees to stop talking to him and stay. I proceeded to scope this guy out on Facebook and he's huge. Completely stacked. Super tall and built.

A month later, I'm sitting at home while she's at work and I see her Facebook messenger keep going off on the computer. So it felt fishy and I watched the whole sext conversation for 3 hours. Him messaging her about wanting to eat her out and pin her against a wall (something I totally couldn't do). Then they talked about his dick. And she asked if he could show it to her. He said she might be scared because of how big it is. Then he sent a picture of the biggest dick I have ever seen. She just sends "LET ME SUCK ON THAT" with 3 drooly faces. It was devastating. The worst feeling I had ever faced. She came home and I was in so much shock I couldn't even yell. Her brother lived with us and I had a huge fear of anyone knowing that my wife ever cheated on me. We had a calm talk, and I sat numb just hoping the problem would go away.

Two weeks later I realized I just had to accept my role and asked her if she would have sex with him if I could be there. She thinks she wouldn't want me to be there because it would "be kinda weird". So I ask that she at least take photos of her sucking his dick. She said she would if he was okay with it. And I just asked her to tell me when they meet up. She goes out the next night with brand new underwear and all done up saying she's going to meet her girl friend. I thought she was lying so I got mad and she told me she would send me pictures to prove it. So she goes out and I'm sitting impatiently. And she never sends any pictures except a picture of both her and her friend's face. It's fishy but I let it slide. She tells me her and the guy are going to meet up on a day while I'm at work with her dad.

The day comes and I can barely work. I'm nonstop texting her all day. She doesn't send anything accept for "sorry we fell asleep". She doesn't call me when she's done. I race home and she has the biggest smile on her face. I jump into bed with her and ask her for all the details and pictures. She wouldn't tell me much. I had to pry, but she did say that she thought she was getting a lot better at sucking dick. I asked her to suck me and she reluctantly said yes. I was so worked up and purposefully didn't tell her when I had to cum. I got a little cum in her mouth and she got furious with me. She said she was never going to sleep with him again.

Now I really didn't know what to do. And I had some issues, so I just started trying to cheat on her. I would go clubbing and hit on girls but would feel bad. But the better I felt about how I looked, the more I wanted to cheat.

The beginning of this year, I accidentally started talking to a random girl online (see pics) who lived right near me. We talked for a week and I met her. We just talked in a car for a little bit. She was sexy as fuck. Way hotter than I thought she was going to be. Like easily the most beautiful girl that I thought would ever be interested in me. She said she was married but her husband had a gay encounter and she "wasn't down for that". She said she rarely had sex and it was just too weak for her. She played with my dick and said she really wanted to suck it, but she was a little hesitant. She did look like she was practically drooling on it.

The next day I told my wife I did want a divorce because even if it wasn't this girl, anything was better than what I was doing with her. It ended up pretty much being mutual. On the same day, this girl I'm talking to also said that she wanted a divorce and and admitted what happened that night. Her husband though worked a job that makes him gone periodically for months at a time (this is important later). So now we are all divorced.

Well the new girl and I continue to see each other for all this year until just a few days ago. She came over to my house, I went to hers, we hung out everywhere. In fact, I stayed for a couple weeks in her house this summer. But this girl was the absolute freakiest girl I could imagine. I literally could not get her off my dick, not that I wanted to. She would come into bed and just start sucking my dick and gagging on it whenever possible. She would like it when I would guide her head or facefuck her. The first time she sucked my dick I exploded all over her face and she just went right back to sucking. She loved it when I would surprise her with a mouthful of cum or right down her throat. Swallowing was her favorite. We fucked all over the place. She loved to be choked and have her hair pulled. I dominated every part of her.

She would send me the sexiest pictures while I was at work all the time. I would also fuck her in the ass regularly. There was never any problems with her going ass to mouth and swallowing all my jizz. She was excited when I asked her to suck my dick while on the phone with her "ex-husband". She literally would do anything I told her to. And that was just what I needed to complete my transformation. I look a hell of a lot better and finally got some balls.

So this brings me to what happened the other day. I went over to her house in the morning to climb into bed with her. And her "ex" answered the door. I held back my first reaction which was to knock this motherfucker out but he looked dazed and drowsy as fuck and confused. He said who are you and I said I'm there to see _______. He said "You mean my wife?" I said "Ex-wife. Why don't you just fucking go and get her?"

He looked angry but just closed the door and a minute later she comes out of the door looking absolutely terrified. I ask her what's up and she says to just give her the day and she'll take care of it. It all seems trippy as fuck to me. Somehow she managed to fuck me behind her husband's back this whole time while he thought they were "working it out".

My dick was as hard as a rock all day long. I was really into this girl and so much more emotionally invested that the cuckolding was intense to say the least.

It turns out that they had lots to sort through and that he was leaving the next day and that that was their goodbye sex. The next day I came over and all the pictures of him and all his personal belongings were gone.

I don't know if her and I will cuckold but that was a good ride. Jeezus Christ.




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