My Girlfriend Dominated the Whole Thing



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My girlfriend has roleplayed with me a wild cuckold fantasy in bed many times as she tells me how she makes me watch her with another hot stud in bed, talkin dirty to me as we are fucking and sayin how hot he was, and how much better he looked and bigger his cock was etc... always made me cum like a madman multiple times. Anyways.

I got a call at work from her which she has only done once b4, so I found it strange. She said there was a problem with the power in the house. Well after I packed up to go home I got in and she told me to come to the bedroom and to my surprise I saw her naked sitting up on the bed with legs spread getting eaten by this muscular stud. I got so freakin hot there and then.

She then got all verbal and told me to strip off and lay next to her and watch a real hot guy with a bigger cock and hotter looks satisfy her better than me. Every lick he was doing to her she was moaning so loud and telling me how pathetic I licked her compared to this guy and she has never had a hot guy lick her.

She then told me to watch her as she kissed him deep and takin a break she kept saying how much a hotter kisser he was, I was already ready to blow huge and I hadn't even touched my cock yet! She then grabbed his head and pushed him back down to her pussy and made him fuck her with his tongue showing me how hot he was doing it and then she made him kneel in front of her with his huge thick cock all hard and feeling his body and again saying how ripped his body is compared to me and how huge his cock was and then she started to take it in her mouth and saying how hot it tasted as she rolled her tongue all along his huge cock. Gawd she must have been sucking him for like 30 minutes and makin me watch every lick and suck.

I was surprised. She was very much in control and in our bedroom talk she is domainated by the guy but here she was in control and he was shy but doing as she pleased. We never talked like that and I couldn't contain myself, watching her use and pleasure herself with a hot guy.

She then said that she wants to ride his huge cock and she put him on his back and slid on his cock. OMG she slid on it so slow and I have never heard her moan so much ever! She kept saying she never had suck a real hot cock in her before and she would rather fuck him all day.

She rode this stud for ages as she made me watch her. She held him down while she did it and once in awhile would tell me to bring my head closer to her pussy so I could see his shaft go inside from up close. I tried to get up after that but she pushed me down to make me watch. She then told him to get on top and fuck her deep and hard and WOW, his huge cock was going fast. she was saying how much she wished I fucked her half as good as him. I think they must have been fucking and hour like that and she started to get all hot and verbal with me and got him to fuck her doggie and then she got hotter and told me to turn on the webcam on her laptop and get the fuck out of the room so she could enjoy him better without me in there and to watch how a real fuck session is done via the webcam in the lounge room on our network and stroke over it cause thats all I gonna do while she has this stud.

This was the hottest thing I have ever been in... I am so hard writing this. There was much more that happened which I will save for another time.


Wet Behind the Ears,




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