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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, August 31, 2006


    Cuckold Spouse

    Here are some pics of my wife, the guy we picked up and I from last month. My wife and I recently turned our marriage into a part time cuckolding one. She really likes having the sexual attention of two men and says it is the ultimate turn on, especially if it's someone she has picked. About every other month she gets in the mood and wants to go to a club to seduce some guy for a threesome. I love watching her getting her fantasy fulfilled and love watching the reaction of the guys she seduces too. Most of the time she goes in alone and then I join her after about 45 minutes after she's picked her guy and gotten his interest. By the time I walk up she's already grabbed his cock a few times and probably kissed him a few times, then I walk up and she doesn't even attempt to take her hand off his leg or stop cuddling up to him. I usually say something like "I see you've already found somebody you would like to fuck tonight" and after that its easy to convince him that everything is cool. Sometimes we end up at the other guys place, sometimes a motel and sometimes just fucking her in the parking lot in our van. But she always gets REALLY hot and wet during the sex and then afterward when we get home she'll want to fuck me a couple more times with even MORE energy from being so turned on. What can I say, I love watching her get so hot and I LOVE the great sex I get from it all too! - Sheldon


    Cuckold Pics
    Here are a few pages set up with some great angles of cuckold pictures and hot wives with thier lovers, and with thier husbands watching or taping it. Look for this in this blog every so often as I come across more. - Webmaster

    PICS1 - PICS 2 - PICS3 - PICS4 - PICS 5

    This is Part IV of MiamiMark's cuckold stories with his ex-wife and current wife. Mark is a young husband in his 30's who used to write and tell me about his wife's adventures and how he helped set them up. He then wrote them out and posted them in forums. I have his first : <<READ MARK'S STORY HERE >>

    CUCKOLD POST ""Hi, we have been going out once and sometimes twice a month and have been very successful meeting men for my wife to put on a show for and fuck.... It has really been a turn on. We require the use of condoms. If the guys don't hit on her, generally have to walk over to a guy or guys who are eying her and ask them to join us... We don't pay for any drinks, the room or condoms... and they get a great show and great fuck.. I usually take turns with the guys - r&r" "

    Free Interracial Porn FREE INTERRACIAL PORN - This is not a gimmick. There is a website that gives away free interracial porn and all you need is an email address to sign up. No financial info needs to be given at any time. To get more information on how to start watching it within minutes, CLICK HERE.

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006


    Cuckold Hot Wife

    "So why do I share my wife with him? Because they make each other feel good. I like the fact that someone else finds my wife attractive and sexy (which she is). It adds a difficult to describe spice to the sex I have with my wife. I am not threatened by any of this. In fact I encourage it and have sent some pics to post on your site and blog... "


    Sunday, August 27, 2006


    From The Bull

    I have had the same fuck buddy for several years now and recently she asked me to do something that I thought was a little odd.
    I did not know this before but apparently she told her husband about me. Her life with her husband was kind of lame before me but when I came on the scene she says he actually seemed happier. Eventually she told him about me and his response was that he wanted to watch us together. So...that was her request to me. I thought about it and agreed to try it out. Anyway...I went over to the house and was a little bit nervous. I think part of me expected to be looking down the barrel of a gun but no. We were introduced and he seemed very nice. A little on the meek side but nice nervertheless. So we had a few drinks and while we were talking Valerie came and sat near me on the couch. While we chatted she was touching my arm and laughing.
    At some point I just said "okay let's just get this going." I looked at her husband and said " I think Valerie should start off by sucking my cock." With that I sat back and said " get down on your knees in front of me here and start sucking my cock". She hesitated for a minute and then moved in front of me. she unzipped my pants and got my rock hard cock out and that was it. She started to suck it like there was no tomorrow. I looked over at her husband. He was sitting there with eyes as big as teacups. I said to him, " you have a lovely little wife here and she is so good at sucking cock." Valerie was sucking me like a mad woman. She seemed to really get off on doing this in front of her husband. It was really something to see. A few days later I got an email from her with this picture attatched which was taken by her husband. - PAUL


    Cuckold Pics
    Here are a few pages set up with some great angles of cuckold pictures and hot wives with thier lovers, and with thier husbands watching or taping it. Look for this in this blog every so often as I come across more. - Webmaster

    PICS1 - PICS 2 - PICS3 - PICS4 - PICS 5

    This is Part III of MiamiMark's cuckold stories with his ex-wife and current wife. Mark is a young husband in his 30's who used to write and tell me about his wife's adventures and how he helped set them up. He then wrote them out and posted them in forums. I have his first : <<READ MARK'S STORY HERE >>

    CUCKOLD POST ""Well, from my experience , it started from dialogue and fantasy,roleplay talk. Also, some porno,but be real with each other. Express positively, in an incouraging way not a pushy or billituant way.That when on for some time and I think time is the key. Everyone is different, in how and when it turns them on. You might find that if you watch porno's together, pay attention to what senerios turn her on. Like, my slut wife liked two women and a guy senerios. I liked, two guys on a women.It took a little time for her to accept that liked seeing the woman receive the greater pleasure, which is a matter of opinion.

    Thursday, August 24, 2006


    Wife Wants It

    OK, here is my situation. If I put the time and effort, I can get my wife interested in sex 2-3 times a week. If I don't put any effort, basically she will finally feel horny about once a month and then we will have sex. It gets tiring to always be the one making the first move. Many times I just throw in the towel and wait and see hoping that my wife will miraculously start getting hornier and starts pushing for sex. It never happens. Anyway I am still the one initiating the love making process 95% of the time. The funny thing is that she really enjoys the scenarios I create. She loves getting tied up and spanked. She loves getting her pictures taken (see pic) promising me not to post them but really hoping that I do. She loves hearing comments of what other men would love to do to her. Finally if I can get more financially stable, we can finally take a vacation sans kids and then I know magic can happen especially my desire to see her having sex with another man. We spoke of this scenario especially on a vacation and it turns her on so much. We will do this someday and have our first cuckold scenario. We are both 44 married 21 years with 3 kids. - JP


    Cuckold Pics
    Here are a few pages set up with some great angles of cuckold pictures and hot wives with thier lovers, and with thier husbands watching or taping it. Look for this in this blog every so often as I come across more. - Webmaster

    PICS1 - PICS 2 - PICS3 - PICS4 - PICS 5

    This is Part II of MiamiMark's cuckold stories with his ex-wife and current wife. Mark is a young husband in his 30's who used to write and tell me about his wife's adventures and how he helped set them up. He then wrote them out and posted them in forums. I have his first : <<READ MARK'S STORY HERE >>

    CUCKOLD POST "Whilst I am a submissive guy willing to let other guys fuck my wife, my 19 year-old son appears to be becoming a Bull! Two years ago he successfully bedded a neighbour 10 years older than him whilst her partner was away and now has started dating another young mum. She has 3 children and despite her husband being nearby, my son talked her into giving him her phone number. They then danced and chatted for ages and her husband took no notice - maybe he's a cuckold. She is the daughter of my brother's step-daughter, so not a blood relation, and when I told him this he said, "Good, so I can fuck her then?" "

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006


    My Wife's First Black Encounter

    Hot Wife
    I love to watch my wife fuck other men. White or black. Her first experience with a black guy was on the beach in Jamaica 2 yrs ago. We found a very secluded area (so we thought) to sunbathe nude. We met this local who was walking on the beach and he came over to where we were laying and sat down directly at my wife's feet giving him a great view of her shaved pussy. We exchanged names and he offered to show her around later if we liked to see parts of the island tourist don't go to. We told him we would think about it and let him know. He lay at my wife's feet for awhile longer and ended up (somehow) removing his shorts to expose the largest cock we have ever seen. After a few mintues of silence he asked us if we would like to join him for a swim in the ocean. I wasn't in the mood but my wife said 'sure why not'. As I watched them walk toward the water I couldn't help but think about this guy possibly fucking her while I watched. As I watched them floating in the water talking I noticed he was getting closer to her to the point I knew they had bumped into each other because of some good sized waves. Soon they both came out of the water and it seemed his cock grew twice the size. They came back to were we laying and he again took up the position at my wife's feet. The sun was hot and I soon drifted off into a semi-sleep. I soon woke to find my wife on her stomach and this guy stradling her legs and appling sun tan lotion to her legs and ass. He was moving his hands to the inside of her thighs and she parted her legs slightly to allow him to apply the lotion. He moved very slowly up her thighs and as she lifted her ass I knew then he had hit her happy spot. This went on for a few minutes and I became aware he was finger fucking her and she was really enjoying it. She soon rolled over on her back and lifted her legs to let this guy finger her while I watched and jerked off. She looked over at me and just smiled with a slight sigh. When he was done fingering her. He stood up and thanked us and started to walk off. My wife got up and followed him. They were about 10 yards from where we laying and I couldnt make out what they were saying. He reached up and pinched her nipple and she leaned into him and gave him a big kiss. He reached around and grabed her ass and pulled her into him. They released each other and he walked off. When she returned she told me she wanted to thank him for making her feel good. I just laughed and we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon sunning. Later that night as we were getting showered to go out there was a knock at the door. We were both naked and she ran to the door to answer it and there stood our black friend from the beach. She had invited him to our room and hadn't told me. Well we didn't go out that night and my wife fucked her first black guy as I watched.


    Monday, August 21, 2006


    Awakening The Cuckold Wife

    Years ago my wife got involved with a coworker (she no longer works there). We had been married about 2 1/2 years. She lost alot of weight and was really feeling sexual. They would talk sex etc.. She told me about this a couple of years later. The deception hurt, but it was still arousing. At first she sent him a nude self picture of her by email as a tese (see attatched). Then it started out with make out sessions in the office. They worked in the back. Then he would feel her tits and she would rub him. One day she got a tattoo on her breast (her second tatoo) and showed him. Next thing was he would lift her shirt up and he would suck her tits. I know she would mention to me about wanting to do a 3 way and she said he was interested too (although I didn't know they were almost doing a 2 way). Our sex at home was great. One day while sitting at her desk, he came over, bent down and stuck his tongue down her throat while rubbing her tits inside her dress. Then he stood up pulled out his meat and she sucked him off. She said he was telling her how hot she was and how lucky I was before he shot his load. Another time they were looking at "numbers" on his couch in his office and they started kissing. She then pulled out his cock and gave him another blow job. She says she felt guilty afterwards (good, haha). Then she left that job. She swears she never did anything else with him, although he always tried. She says she showed him her pussy once (to prove she was a true blonde), but would not let him finger her. I guess she felt a couple of blow jobs and some play isn't full blown cheating (at the time). But now she is much more bold, and is 'telling' me that we are going to have 3 way instead of asking me. I do wish she would ask me instead but am really turned on about her taking initiative like this and just saying she's gonna fuck some strange guy in front of me. I'll post more when she starts. - Max


    Cuckold Pics
    Here are a few pages set up with some great angles of cuckold pictures and hot wives with thier lovers, and with thier husbands watching or taping it. Look for this in this blog every so often as I come across more. - Webmaster

    PICS1 - PICS 2 - PICS3 - PICS4 - PICS 5

    If you haven't read MiamiMark's true cuckold story then you have missed one of the best cuckold stories written. Mark is a young husband in his 30's who used to write and tell me about his wife's adventures and how he helped set them up. He then wrote them out and posted them in forums. I have his first : <<READ MARK'S STORY HERE >>

    CUCKOLD POST "All marriage manuals should contain a detailed description and explanation of what cuckolding is....many men who have never even thought about it or heard of it would probably enjoy it tremendously if the opportunity should arise....I was once a jealous type until I discovered quite by accident that the sight of my wife with another male was the most sexually gratifying experience I had ever imagined. If not for accidentally discovering it I would have never known the joys of this lifestyle. Now I absolutely crave it, even more so than she does...when some time goes by with no extramarital activity by her, I find myself encouraging her to take on a lover. It is the ultimate turn-on! "

    Friday, August 18, 2006


    Bull Turns Into The Cuckold?

    Quite a few years I had the pleasure of being the guy that the wife fucked in front of her husband. We spent a few phone calls talking about the situation and what each expected and then decided to meet for drinks with no committments at that point. If after meeting any of us decided to back out then we would stop there.

    We met at a bar, had a drink and chatted some and I was probably the most nervous one there. I guess that I was spending a lot of time wondering what the husband was really thinking. Anyway after the fist drink they asked if I was still interested. I said yes and they said okay meet at the motel - turns out that they had pretty much decided that they were in before we met and had already gotten a room. I loved this and was determined to fuck her silly in front of him.

    When I got to the room the husband was sitting back in the corner and his wife was sitting on the edge of the bed. She smiled at me and patted the bed next to her. I sat down and she immediately turned and kissed me. After kissing for a few minutes she had me stand up and with in a couple of minutes she had me stnading in front of her naked. She then put her hands on my hips and leaned forward taking my cock deep into her warm, silky mouth - damn she was good. I was still thinking about her husband and could barely see him in the corner of my eye but didn't want to look over at him. I just wanted to show him how she was loving this, and she was.

    She continued to suck me while at the same time undress herself. She then lay back on the bed with her legs spread and directed my head between her legs. She was incredibly wet and I enjoyed using my mouth to try and get her even wetter. I'm not sure how long I spent kissing and licking her pussy but I think that she had two orgasms before pulling me up and directing my cock toward her cunt. I slid right in and we fucked for ahwile with her squealing and writhing like there was no tomorrow. The next thing I know her husband is naked on the bed and he starts to suck her tits. It felt like he was getting jealous and couldn't take anymore so he had to join in to feel like he was giving her pleasure and was still 'the man'. We both fucked her that evening and they both seemed pretty happy when I left.

    For a couple of months after that I could think of nothing else other than fucking other men's wives in front of them, behind thier backs or in front of thier backs. LOL. I was hooked and attarcted mainly to married women and did end up doing this a few times getting pleasure from the wife and from knowing I was pleasing her better than her man.

    But ...

    I'm married now and have been thinking of these scenarios and get tunred on thinking about her with another man??? I've been trying to get my wife to fuck someone else too. I guess I am no longer the hunter but the 'hunted' ?? I am also submitting a picture of us so your readers can see my wife naked. I'm sure she won't have any problems attracting men. - Sam


    Wednesday, August 16, 2006


    Wife Sees My Friend

    My life-long friend came into town on a business trip this week and caught-up me and my wife after a few years.

    Thursday night "Rob" and I went to a few bars locally while my wife stayed home as it was a work night and she would have to be up early for work.
    Several hours later we returned home totally wreaked. "Rob" was much more wasted then I so I helped him into the spare room and I just crawled into my bed.
    Shortly after I had to pee like a racehorse and headed down the hall...past "Robs" room. There is "Rob", passed out on top of the covers, totally naked. He must have stripped off his clothes and just passed out. The first thing that crossed my mind was that my wife would be getting up to leave for work in a few minutes, if I am seeing this my wife definitely will see it too when she leaves for work.

    He is a rather large fellow and his cock is very large as well. Growing-up together I was always a bit jealous of him because of that. She had heard plenty of stories over the years. Now I knew my wife would get to see it shortly for sure.
    I decided to stay awake and see her reaction.

    20 minutes later the alarm goes off and I hear her climb out of bed and head to the bathroom to shower. I hear her walk down the hall...then stop.
    I am dying of curiosity and look out the door from my bed. There is my wife in Rob's doorway looking in at him. I see her look back to our bedroom and then back at him...she did this a few times before heading to the bathroom. A few minutes later she comes out of the shower wrapped in her towel and robe and once again stops at his door way...this time the bathroom light is still on and is partially illuminating the hallway and his bedroom.

    She once again looks toward our bedroom and back toward him...a few times. She walks back to our room and seemingly checks that I am still asleep and heads back to his doorway for some more looks. Then she totally "shocked" the hell out of me! She continued looking at him and started to slowly slowly touch herself between her legs! I never would have guessed my wife would do something like that! It was such a rush and I didn't know how to feel exactly. I only knew it was intense. After a few minutes she comes back into our room to get dressed and head to work.

    Later that night, Rob long gone, I asked my wife about her day....blah, blah, blah, She asks me about our night out...I tell her we got pretty drunk and came home and passed out. She commented that she didnt want to wake me in the morning and hoped she was quiet. Inside I had to laugh...she sure was making sure not to wake me...but not out of courtesy for me. Thing is, now I KNOW that my wife wants to fuck my life-long friend and I'm not sure what to do about it. It turns me on so much that I have done nothing this week but jerk off to the thought of them two fucking. And at the same time my jealousy about his size and my wife liking it is almost too much. I'll post back to your blog if something happens. For now, I have a picture of my wife after sex in our bedroom so you can get an idea of what she looks like. - Karl


    Monday, August 14, 2006


    Party Wife

    Here is a picture of my wife for the cuckold blog. It is one we took after one of her 'outings'. My wife likes to party more than I do. We have a very loving and secure relationship that allows her the opportunity to go out with friends while I stay home. She is 10 years younger than I, she is 32, and we have 2 children so I generally stay home and save the cost of a babysitter.

    The wife tends to get VERY flirty when she goes out, and so when she goes out she rarely, if ever, takes any money. There is always a man at the bar more than willing to buy her drinks for some sexy chat and maybe a down blouse glance.

    Though its true that our current financial status would prevent us/her from partying as much (if the guys didn't buy her drinks) money is not the real issue. She just likes the fact that they have bought her "attention". Though she would never do anything she didn't want to... she is more likely to let them get away with things that, if they hadn't bought her a drink, they probably wouldn't have.

    Lately, she has been frequenting a bar where a regular has been buying her drinks. At one point on the first night she was there, she flashed the bar. Since then, each time she goes in, the same man buys her (and her girlfriends) whatever they want to drink, and at some point reaches over and exposes her tits, giving her nipples a little rub. She doesnt really mind... tits are tits.. but she says the look in his eyes say "bragging rights" to his buddies in the bar. This will usually happen a few more times during the night before he makes his plea to take her home with him. He is not successful in his pleas... but each week he gets his titty exposure and feel.

    We talked about making an "arrangement" with him as he "claims" to be wealthy (though we have met, he doesn't know that I know he is taking liberties with my wifes tits.. and saving me the bar bill!) but he tells her he wont pay.. he would only provides gifts.. and so far his gifts do not come close to her expectations. I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH THIS!!!!

    Is it common for women to offer up their tits for free drinks? It excites me to know she does this, and I would love to see it/her in action! Other men out there with similar circumstances? Lets hear them! - Jay


    Friday, August 11, 2006


    My First Time Sharing My Wife

    I've only shared my wife one time and it was a VERY spontaneous thing. I would've never dreamed she would do this but one thing led to another and she was getting fucked right in front of me. I have to admit, it was hot as hell watching another guy fuck my wife and under the right circumstances I would love to see it happen again. This is called "cuckolding" according to the people I chatted with online and it's difficult to accept. It's like I hate it and love it all at the same time. For example, when I watched her get fucked the other day by the other guy, my stomach was in knots and I had this intense feeling of jealousy and yet I didn't want him to stop nor her to stop enjoying it. My dick got hard instantly and I was left wanting more. So I thought I'd tell my first experience to your cuckold blog since the people I chatted with online suggested it. They also wanted to see my wife naked (bastards LOL) so I'm submitting one of the nude pics we have of her. Enjoy - Duane


    Wednesday, August 09, 2006


    Sonia And Dave - Cuckold Couple

    My wife's occassional lover of the last 10 years, is a brother of our neighbor and good friend. My wife is 5'1", 109 lbs., and is, at least initially, very tight. When he is in her, you can see her lower abdomen swell out considerably when either of them pushes. It actually takes some considerable lubrication and maneuvering for him to enter her. Occasionally I make love to her first to soften her up. I'm about 6" and that usually works. Even so, they still have to ease him into her gradually or risk chafing or worse. If she sits astride him, she cannot lower herself all the way down on him. It works better if he mounts her face-to-face or from behind. (Which is fun to watch because it looks like a sort of reverse sword-swallowing trick; the further in her he slides, the harder it gets to imagine where he is inside her. She's so small that sooner or later, one thinks, it has to start interfering with her breathing or hit her in the heart. But it never does. Once she actually tore slightly and while she wasn't badly hurt and was philosophical about it, he was mortified. It took him a several months and a lot of reassurance to get over it. She can't actually move very much when he is in her, only gentle pumping. And she has learned to be less vocal than she usually is because she has never been able to convince him he is not hurting her if she starts moaning and thrashing. I on the other hand LOVE watching a big cock go into her. But here is how it is in my wife's words:

    I have been with a lot of different guys as we have been cuckolding for a few years now. One of the largest I ever experienced was a brother of one of my neighbors (as my husband explained above). He lives about 2 hours away and visits the neighbor about every 2-3 months. His sister is our neighbor, and she had been teasing me about her brother screwing me, and that he was huge. Probably soft he was every bit of 11 inches long, and pretty wide in diameter. The problem was he was not able to get the blod flowing good enough to get hard consistently enough. He has tried to do me and succeeded a few times, but he always has to work his way in and be holding himself as he never gets really hard enough. I suspect the larger size is part of the problem. Regardless I love stroking and trying to suck that large monster and with my hubby watching it turns me on double time!! - Sonia


    Monday, August 07, 2006


    Johnny's Wife Wants Some Experience Too!

    My wife was a virgin of 21 when we met but I was 25 and had been with MANY women. She was a hot redhead and had wanted to fuck but was afraid of getting pg. She had jerked off a few guys and let them feel her up.

    When each of us started to tell each other about our past adventures she felt cheated because she had never had anyone else. In bed we would fantasize about guys that she would like to date and it made for great sex for us. Before long we were actually talking about her dating another guy then coming home to tell me all about it. She was on the pill and there was nothing to hold her back so I said ok. We worked out a plan because I wanted to watch and be close by in case she needed protection.

    She called from a bar after work and told me to park my car down the street. I did and sat a chair inside the bedroom closet. I cracked the door enough for me to get a view of most of the room. I plugged in two night lights to make sure that I could see good. In less than an hour I heard my wife come in and retreated to the closet. In a few minutes she came in with a young nice looking kid of about 23. She and he were kissing and he was starting to get a hand up her skirt. She told him to take it easy and took off her blouse. Her bra didn't hide much and he was sucking on her huge tits in a couple of minutes. She took her skirt off and he took off his pants and shirt. All of the time they were talking, kissing and feeling each other up. She mentioned that she was glad that her husband was out of town.

    They got on the bed before they got their underwear off. They were so close together that I couldn't see his dick but knew that she had it in her hand and was jerking on it. As they moved around to do some 69 I finally got a look at his dick as it went into her mouth. I am 5 inches and this guy made me look real small. I would guess him to be more than 7 " and big around. She had it in her mouth and was looking right at me as she bobbed up and down on it. She made a motion at me by pointing her finger at it to indicate how big it was. She climaxed a couple of times before switching positions to get fucked. She lay on her back with her pussy facing me and he got between her legs. She put a couple of pillows under her ass so that she was high enough for me to see his dick go in.

    He went right in and I had a great view as he pumped hard and deep. She climaxed three more times before he went wild and shot his load deep inside her. They talked a few minutes and she got him out with the story that her mother might come by. When he was gone she lay on the bed for me to eat her out then we had the best sex that we had ever had. Since that encounter we have had this kid over at our house many times and we are all friends. We're not that much older than he anyway but we call him kid because he has a baby face, but a dick like a monster! I have attatched a pic for the cuckold blog of he and my wife. I hope your readers will like this. - Johnny


    Friday, August 04, 2006


    Cuckold Wife Is Also Entertainment

    My wife and I had been meeting a guy from 50 miles away for several months and had become really good friends with him. He has been fucking her on and off for the whole time. When he mentioned that his friend was getting married and he was in charge of finding some entertainment my wife joked that she would do it if the price was right. We talked about it and decided that it would be in a town where nobody knew her so why not. We worked on her wardrobe for about a week to get the right look. This picture is of her when she was trying on different outfits throughout the week and having fun in the process.

    With the garter belt, fish net hose, french bra, heavy make up and bikini panties she looked like a real whore. My buddy invited me as his friend from out of town and I chipped into the entertainment fund. We arrived at 8pm and there was twelve guys in the motel room, drinking and watching dirty movies. They let out a cheer when we walked in and my wife went into her slut act. She did some bumps and grinds as the guys cheered her on to raise her skirt. She did and they were all trying to feel her up.

    She had to slow them down and promise everyone a feel. She got down to her underwear and let them feel her tits two at a time. The bra got undone and fell to the floor.She had to slow them down some so she offered to jerk off anyone with the nerve to take it out. Only three guys did but she took some more to the bathroom for a private jerk off. Only one guy fucked her (too bad) but she did lots of hand jobs and some blow jobs. I loved every minute of the sight of my wife being fondled by 12 different men and then some of them even feeling between her legs! I would do it again and recommend it to anyone who reads this blog. - Michael


    Wednesday, August 02, 2006


    Wife Trys Being An Escort!

    It was always a fantasy of hers so we took it to the next step and made it happen. Both of us loved it! So we did it a few more times. We now have a couple of guys (5) that call when they want wife's company. We have always set it up as a 3sum so I would be present in the room either taking pics, particapating or just watching. Recently she asked me about maybe working as a part time escort in the evening or on her days off from work. I love the idea! The thought of men paying to be with my wife is a huge turn on. So we're thinking about contacting an agency instead of trying to find guys ourselves. That takes me out of the room which makes her nervous. I told her I can still drive her to and from and meet with her date before hand. I like being the one setting up her dates it is part of our fun and it gives her that comfort/safe zone. This picture is of her getting ready for her evening of 'escorting' and me warming up my camera skills. - Jerry


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