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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, September 26, 2005


    Hubby finds Cheating Wife's Pics!!

    2 years ago when we were moving i was cleaning up my wife's stuff and found a hidden drawer on the back side of her deep underwear drawer. I found tons of stuff over there including mini dv video tapes, pictures, cds and letters. Needless to say I i checked out all that stuff and was totally in shock to what i found out. Some of the stuff dated 10 years back. The video tapes were mostly sex tapes with her ex boy friends. One tape was with an unknown girl. Another tape was with three guys banging her while she looked totally drunk. The pics were her self taken nude pics and pics taken by other people naked. Some pics were of her body painting naked and walking on the streets. Other pics were of some other people naked or having sex. I didnt recognize anybody. The letters were written by her ex boy friends and one of her ex boss who I only know by name. I most shocking thing i found was that one sex video that was not dated had a reference to me. I never confronted my wife about all that stuff. She is pretty open with me in the sex matters also but not even half as much as she is in the tapes. I would love if she would do all the stuff that is in the tapes with me but dont wanna freak her out by telling her that i know...

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005


    My Wife Cuckolds Me ...

    I just found out my wife has been cuckolding me and I love it!! According to this bartender at a place she used to work at, she would get very wild on occasion after the bar closed, as in all bars the personel drinks as well during the evening. A few things he told me was that she sucked of a guy in the mens room after closing, he said he kew this for a fact, also that a former employee felt her up at the bar. The most shocking thing was that he had heard (he admitted that it may could only be a rumor) once the boss and 3 of his friends gangbanged her after closing. She did all this while we were engaged! Now I have to find a way to tell her I know about it, and make her continue.... She is on the left beside her girlfriend.

    Sunday, September 18, 2005


    Sandy made a Cuckold of her Man

    OK...Here's a TRUE story about my Sandy. Some of you have seen it before and I wrote it on "MS WORD" so I wouldn't have to write it again and again!....
    I’ve told this before and sometimes I think people figure it’s made up but it’s not! When Sandy and I first met it was 6 years ago when she was on “Holiday” as the Aussies refer to a vacation. She was at the end of an unhappy marriage and was coming to the US to visit some friends which were mutual friends of mine also. I’d never met Sandy face to face yet but we’d talked on line like many people do, so I felt like I was already friends with her. I was excited to see if reality was equal to my expectations.

    Sandy had been married young and after 20 years found herself being taken for granted and the excitement had gone. I tell her that my take on what happened was that she was sub consciously on an “adventure” that she felt was missing from her real life.
    Her family had seen her off at the Sydney airport and she sat in the middle seat near the side of the plane. It’s about a 15 hour flight from Sydney to LAX so you’re stuck next to 2 strangers for a long time. Either you start talking to them or you’re in for a very long and boring flight. The man next to the window was very quiet and kept to himself but the man in the aisle seat next to her struck up a conversation with Sandy. They talked about the usual things like are you Australian…are you married….where are you off to in the US…who are you going to see?....etc. He was married, American on a business trip to Australia and was on his way home. Sandy said there was absolutely no flirtation on either one of their part and the trip was normal for about the first 12 hours.

    As the flight progressed the usual meals were served and the “sleep period” where they stop showing movies and dim the lights had begun. Sandy had her blanket over her as did the 2 men on either side of her. She had on “skorts” (shorts that look like a skirt) and panties (no nylons). She was dozing and so was the man in the aisle seat..or so she thought. She felt his hand which had started on his own thigh slowly “slip” down to the side and lightly rest on the outside side of her bare thigh. She told me the first thing that goes thru you mind is..” this an accident?”. Then she wondered how far it would go. She says that it didn’t really bother her as he was a nice man and rather attractive. I guess if I’m honest with myself the thought of an attractive member of the opposite sex rested their hand on my bare thigh I’d enjoy it too..LOL.
    She continued to pretend to be asleep and his hand very slowly began to slide under the blanket across to the inside of her thigh. She made the decision to see how brave this guy was and how far he’d go. She figured that by now he MUST know that she was aware of what he was doing and figured that by her inaction she must approve of it. He slowly slide his fingers up the inside of her thigh towards her crotch and when his fingers wedged between her thighs she slowly spread her legs to assist him. She felt her breathing starting to get heavy and she said she could almost hear her own heartbeat in her ears. He tried to move the cloth of her panties aside but because of the extra added problem of her “skorts” material he was more “ripping” out her pubic hair than making much progress. Sandy to this day finds than when I accidently pull her pubic hair that she flashes back to this experience and gets wet all over again.

    By now Sandy was sopping wet with the excitement and naughtiness of having some man whose name she didn’t even know touching her in her most intimate spot. She made the decision to help him so she slid down in her seat and unzipped the side zipper on her skorts. He moved his hand up to her tummy and slid it down inside the front of her panties. He still pulled hard on her hair but she felt intoxicated by what was happening. He found the folds of her pussy and slid his finger in to get some of her wetness as a lubricant. He proceed to rub her clit and she said that he was very good at it. She reached over and placed her hand on the crotch of his pants and squeezed his cock thru the material. When she was telling me of this I asked her if she stroked his bare penis but she said..”No, I was feeling a little selfish at the moment and just wanted to cum myself so I just rubbed and squeezed his penis thru his pants.!”…LOL.

    She said he knew right where her clit was and he only time he left it with his finger was to dip back into her for more moisture. She said she was soooo close to cumming several times but she was also nervous that the flight attendant of the man next to the window would catch them. So after about 20 minutes of his rubbing she said it became almost too much for her to bare so she finally reached down and grabbed him by the wrist and made him stop. She just couldn’t cum right then. He was polite and stopped with no insistence.. Nothing was said for the rest of the flight because shortly there after the crew began serving “brekkie” with the lights back on bright. When they were standing up to disembark, Sandy said she just decided that she had to at least know his name so she asked him. His reply was…”Why ruin a good thing?” Sandy was pissed off! She told me..”Hell…I didn’t want a relationship with him..I didn’t even want to meet him after we got off the plane..I just wanted to know his damn name!”..LOLOL.

    It’s funny how I can tell this story now and not only not be upset by it but now Sandy and I talk about it in bed as a turn on sometimes! I was hurt and mad when she first told me about it and we almost broke up (we weren’t married when she told me). She told me about 6 months after our relationship started and I thought she should have told me earlier. She had to remind me that at the time, she and I hadn’t even met face to face let alone been an intimate relationship! Final thing is that I did a lot of growing up and maturing at this late age of my mid 50’s! We’ve been married 5 years now and she is a PERFECT loving, VERY sexual wife! Life is GREAT!


    Monday, September 12, 2005


    Interracial Cuckold Couple finds Black Cock

    On 10/17/2005 harley8080 said

    I finally got to see my wife with her first big blackcock she was so hot sucking and licking on it.He enjoyed it so much he came all over her tounge and she swalloed all of it and I got it all on tape to view over and over again.I cant wait to see him fuck her and we plan to meet again soon and we owe it all to AFF. **Read More



    Wanted: Single Male to Fuck my Wife

    Finding the Right Man to Cuckold Us is Hard!!!

    Jul 20, 2005 11:14

    You would think that "please fuck my wife" would bring men in droves. But it turns out to be quite difficult.

    But of course, we are being picky We want someone we can be friends with, so you should share some of our interests, especially her passionate interest in movies. You should be thoughtful and intelligent, so no Republicans My wife has gradually admitted to really liking big cock, so being well-endowed, while not a requirement, would be a big plus, so to speak I also would like him to have a cock that is at least bigger than mine, so that he can please her in ways that I cannot. I really enjoy thinking about your cock reaching places inside her that I cannot, and streaching her more than I could, so that she actually prefers your cock to my penis.

    We would like a dominant man. But not so much someone into the formal BDSM culture with the "Sir" and the contracts stuff. Rather, a guy who really enjoys cuckolding. You should take particular pleasure in fucking another man's wife. I particularly enjoy being denied the pleasure of her pussy, and I enjoy it more if I know that you and her are enjoying denying it to me. You should be in the Portland Oregon area. I enjoy being denied pussy, and she enjoys intercourse a lot. So we won't both be happy until there is a man in our life who can fuck her often enough that I can be cut off for a time while she continues getting the fucking she loves.

    Big bonus points if you enjoy the idea of preventing me from fucking my own wife. Finally, you should be vasectomy-safe. Accidents are not fun, and she cannot take the pill. I have never had a cream pie, and I think I would like it. More importantly, I would really like the mental power exchange of you get to have her bareback, while I only get to use condoms.

    Naturally, HIV tests will be exchanged before any barebacking happens. esting e-mail exchanges with some men who seemed to fit the bill, but follow-through hasn't happened. We would still like to hear from some of those guys, and of couse would li We have had some interke to hear from new men who fit the above description and find it exciting.

    To see if you are interested - Check out my PROFILE


    I am a cuckold husband; I enjoy other men fucking my wife. I have been a sub all my adult life, and probably back into adolescence. Cuckolding appears to be the latest expresson of this: I enjoy being denied what I most desire, and I really enjoy fucking my wife, so it is very hot for me to watch someone else enjoy her, and her enjoy him, while I don't get to. This degree of cuckold submission is made possible only by the depth and strength of our relationship. We are totally in love with each other, and with the confidence that she will never really leave me, it gives me the strength to let go and let her be with other men, and enjoy it.

    There are presently two other men in her life. "Bob" is an old, old friend from college days, 15 years ago. She started sleeping with him a couple of years ago. He knows that we have an open relationship, but not about my cuckold desires. Thus I have never been present when he had sex with her, but I have been in the same house while they did it. Sometimes she would put me to bed, and tell me she was going off down the hall to have sex with him. Several hours later, she returns to bed, fresh fucked, and snuggles up to me, giving me no sexual relief. The other man in her life is "Stewart". We met him here on one of the affiliated sites. Stewart is not really into the cuckold scene, but rather he tolerates it. He is ok with me being present while he fucks my wife, just so long as he gets to fuck her.

    Sunday, September 11, 2005


    Couple finds Man to Fuck Hubby's Wife!

    On 09/30/2005 horneycouple1971 said

    On Saturday, August 30th 2005 my fantasy came true. My husband and I waited at the hotel.

    His call came: he was 5 minutes away. My stomach was in knots as we awaited his arrival.

    When he finally came, we sat and talked for some time, and once the butterflies slowed down, my husband broke the ice and stood up to remove his clothes.

    It was on from that point I started to get so hot & wet! The gentleman was wonderful, his touch, his breath, his nice long cock. Everything was perfect, lots & lots of oral for us all. His huge cock filled me up inside. We will be meeting with him on a regular basis. He was THAT good. I cannot wait for our next encounter!

    **Read More


    Wednesday, September 07, 2005


    Wife & I went to our first nude beach about 3 or 4 years ago (Blacks in San Diego - see pic) and it's true, a huge thrill, but no erection. Most exciting part was seeing my wife remove her clothes in public and watching a guy chat with her while I took a swim. Thinking about him just looking at her with the possibility that she wanted him to touch her lead to great sex together later back at the hotel.

    Since then we visited nude beaches in Spain, Uruguay, Guadaloupe, California, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Hawaii, and probably a few others. Now its hard to get her to keep a suit on! We even go nude on quiet bits of non-nude beaches in the UK and in Europe. No-one has ever complained :-) She enjoys the attention she gets from time to time... amuses her no end to see a guy nearby get hard on the beach, which has happened a few times - she takes it as a compliment.... and then rides me while thinking of him. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, September 03, 2005


    Interracial Amateur Pic

    Hi Cuckolds and Cuckold Lovers!!

    This pic was given to me to post here by


    Lots of cuckold pics and stories there.



    Two friends saw my Wife Naked...

    Two of my friends picked me up early on Saturday morning. We were going to a third friends house to help him with a
    building project. On the way there he called on the cell & said he had a family issue to deal with & asked if we could
    wait until mid morning to come over. Since my house was the closest, we decided to go there & hang out until it was
    time to head back. When we walked in the house I called out my wifes name but she didn't answer. I thought she was
    still in bed so I asked the guys to keep it down so we didn't wake her up. It wasn't even 8am yet & since she normally
    is up by 6am during the week, I thought she would want to sleep in. We went into the family room & had divided the paper
    up between the three of us. Our family room & kitchen were one big open area. The kitchen was in the center & the family room
    was off to the far end. What I didn't know was that the phone rang right after I left & it was my wife's employer asking her
    if she could come to work. since I was going to be gone anyway she said sure. She was in the shower when we came in.

    All is quiet in the family room as the three of us read the paper. The next thing I know my wife walks into the kitchen combing her wet hair
    and totally naked! (She is 5'4", 105lbs & has the cutest little perky 34a tits) The kitchen is wider than the family room & by the time she
    was in a position to be able to see us, her back was already to us. As she opened the cupboard to get a juice glass I looked over at the other
    two guys. Neither had seen her walk in but both looked up when they heard her in the cupboard. She proceeded to walk over to the refrigerator,
    opened it and stood in front of it as she filled the glass with OJ. She has a bad habit of always leaving the refrigerator door open whenever
    she is getting anything out of it. Needless to say the cold air coming out of the refrigerator, in addition to already having been walking
    around naked in a cool house, had a very positive effect on her nipples.

    I knew I should say somthing but it was all happening so fast and I have to admit I was enjoying seeing her walking around naked. Before I came up with
    anything she turned toward us taking a drink of OJ as she started walking back in our direction. She lowered the glass and as she finshed
    swallowing brought her head down her eyes focused directly in front of her. At that moment she saw us or at least saw people at the far end of the
    room, screamed and dropped the glass of OJ to the floor, all while directly facing us in all her naked glory. (Both of these guys were good friends
    and had seen her in a bathing suit before but never anything more. All three of us had a hard time not staring)

    This is where it really got interesting. When the glass hit the floor it shattered into a million pieces. I shouted at her not to move as I jumped up &
    ran into the kitchen. Of course my two friends were also very concerned and they were right behind me. I wasn't sure if they were concerned about glass
    or about getting a better view of my wife. Probably both. She was standing there shaking as she tried to cover
    up with her hands, not really knowing which part to try to cover. She crossed both arms over her tits & then changed her mind & took her left arm
    to try to cover up her bush too, not doing a good job at either. I took off my shirt & gave it to her. It covered up her tits but stopped just above her
    bush. From where she was looking down she must have thought it covered everything because she stopped trying to cover up. Glass and OJ were all around her
    on the floor. I told her to calm down and whatever you do don't move. You'll cut your feet big time if you do. She couldn't walk out of the kitchen &
    we couldn't walk in the kitchen. (When we came in we left our old work shoes in the garage so we wouldn't track up the house)

    I asked Jeff to go upstairs & get a several towels out of the closet upstairs and asked Ron to get my shoes out of the garage. I was
    going to put my shoes on and carry her over to the carpet. Ron got back first but he brought his shoes instead of mine and
    he had them on already. As he walked up he said I'll get her. I looked at her and she looked back & said I don't care who does it, just get me out of here.

    Ron was by far the biggest of the three of us. He walks over and put one arm under her arm. As she raised up her arm the shirt pulled all the way
    up to her belly button. He bends down & puts his other arm behind her knees. As he is in this position his face is roughly six inches from my wifes bush.
    He pauses a second (I think he liked the view) & said here we go. He picks her up & she's all curled up in his arms. About that time the Jeff comes
    downstairs with the towels. Ron walks across the room with my wife in his arms. Her bare ass is staring us right in the face. He stops right in
    front of us and asked where he should put her down. I can't believe it. Right in front of me is a friend who is holding my bare ass wife while I and
    another friend are standing two foot away from her ass with a clear shot of her exposed lips. I try to think for a moment and then i tell him to set
    her down at the base of the steps to be sure she doesn't step on any glass. He walks over to the steps and puts her down. She thanks him & runs upstairs.
    We all stare at her ass one more time as she ran upstairs.

    Once she was out of site both of the guys looked over at me and said how hot she was. i agreed & admitted to them how lucky I was. The excitement was over
    so we got busy cleaning up the mess. We were just about finished when she came downstairs. She was ready to leave for work and surprisingly she was all
    smiles. She thanked us for cleaning up the mess & left for work

    Thursday, September 01, 2005


    Wife Tells her Story

    My Story

    Hi, my name is Cheryl and you have read a lot about me from my husband Jerry who is among the world's best husbands and one who loves to watch me with different men. However, he always tells the story from his perspective and what he is seeing. I enjoy the stories, but thought it was time to tell you what I am feeling as well as what he is seeing.

    Last night we had an opportunity to meet a new male partner for me through the Cuckold board and after lots of messages, phone calls etc.. His name is Bill and he is a buff 45 year old body builder who lives on his yacht down in Clearwater. Since Jerry had talked to him also and met him in person we thought it would be safe to invite him to our house and last night he came for dinner. ( I think I was the dessert, but I am getting ahead of myself ).We had prime rib and a nice bottle of wine which loosened me up, but seemed to have no effect on Bill at all.

    Then after dinner Jerry did the dishes while Bill and I sat on the couch and got to know each other better.We sat close together and pretended to watch a movie XXX that was playing on the TV, but all the time we wanted to get it on. Bill began by unbuttoning my blouse causing my breasts to fall out. No, I didn't wear a bra as it was just going to come off anyway. Then, as I pulled down his zipper and reached into his pants I found that he was ready to go. His dick popped out in my hand and it must have been 8 or more inches long and at least 3 inches in diameter. I gasped, not so much at the length, but at the girth of the monster.

    We continued undressing each other until my skirt was off, my panties down and wearing only a pair of socks. Well, a girl has to have something on doesn't she? Now, Bill had pulled his shirt up over his head and I was busy working his pants down to his ankles.Jerry was still in the kitchen and I could hear him banging the pots and pans around as he was hurrying to get into the room to watch. When Bill and I were both naked, he leaned me back onto the couch on my back, pulled my legs up over his broad shoulders and began to rub the head of his dick against my vagina. "Wait, a minute, slow down ", I said "let's take our time". It wasn't that I was still dry as I was leaking vaginal juice all over the couch cover waiting for that big dong of his.

    I just wanted a little more foreplay and wanted Jerry in the room to see all of this.We slowed down and Bill began to spread my labia wide open and then started to lick up and down and side to side until I thought I would cum right then, and each time I was on the edge, he would move back and suck on my boobs letting the fire go down a little, but not much. This man was no beginner that's for sure as he had me ready to jump his bones without any more waiting when I caught Jerry out of the corner of my eye come into the room and sit on the love seat so he could get a better view.Now Bill lifted me up and laid me on the carpet and we moved into a 69 position where I could get a least the head of his dick in my mouth and he could stick his long tongue into me and tongue fuck me with it.

    I don't know how long his tongue was, but I came on his tongue in less than a minute and while I was moaning and shaking from the strength of the orgasm, I began to deep throat that monster dick until I had his pubic hair hitting me on the chin and I could feel the head of him in my throat. I didn't give a thought to how sore my mouth was going to be in the morning as I wanted to swallow all of his cum deep in my throat and see how much he had to shoot.Bill pumped in and out gently so I could get used to the size and when I started to suck, lick and bob my head up and down he shot a load of hot cum deep into my mouth, and while I swallowed most of it, Jerry was quick with a towel to wipe my mouth and clean up my chest and tits.You would think the Bill would need to rest awhile after that, but he was insatiable.

    He got me up on my hands and knees and began to lick my pussy until I swear he had my vulva all the way in his mouth and he was licking and sucking until I could feel another orgasm coming on. Before I could get another orgasm even as close to cumming as I was, I felt that big dick slowly inserting itself into my pussy from behind and I had to lean on the coffee table to keep from going down on my face as the size of him was amazing! He slowly sank all 8 or 9 inches into me while taking his left hand and holding my labia wide open so that he could see it going in and to let Jerry come over and get a look as well.

    When Bill was in to his balls he began to pump away until I actually cried out, "harder, faster, damn it give it all to me." Not that he needed any encouragement as he pumped away until I could feel my second orgasm coming and I used my kegel muscles to milk him dry as he shot a second load into me at the same time and we both sank to the carpet to get our breath back.Jerry was sitting on the couch now stroking his penis and wondering if I had any strength left to take him as well. With a little rest, ( not much really ) I gave some good head to Jerry and he too shot his smaller load in my mouth and I was able to swallow all of it.This got Bill hot again and we fucked like rabbits for what seemed like hours until my pussy was getting sore and he was losing some endurance.

    I think he just wanted to see how many times he could get me off. I stopped counting after 5, but it must have been more.Bill got dressed, thanked me for a great dinner and a super dessert. Then he invited me to visit him on his yacht tonight but didn't mention Jerry. Now we always swing together, but Jerry has a meeting tonight and he says that we now know that Bill isn't going to hurt me, so I think I may go and see.

    Until next time.


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