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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, September 29, 2019

    From Bull to Wife Watcher


    Though I enjoy sharing my wife with other men, I'm not sure that I qualify as a cuck because I'm not into the humiliation part of the fantasy.

    For several years, I was a bull for another couple. We got together most Friday nights. They had a large sumptuous home. I would get there around 7:30pm. He would have chilled a glass for me and without my asking serve me a premium beer. He and I would either watch sports or listen to music while she put their daughter to bed.

    After a while, brushing by while doing something she would seductively touch my hand or cheek as she passed. Nothing much but it would stoke the fire.

    Eventually she would sit close to me and lean in talking in a low voice as if her husband was not in the room. She would tell me that she missed me and that she had been thinking about me all week. She would touch me but still nothing directly sexual. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 25, 2019

    My Boyfriend doesn't Know ... Until Now!


    I am a Mistress. Call me Kay. I cuck my sweet boyfriend MrCuck when he's away. I also cuck him when he's here but that's a different story. Then I write about it (today it's on this blog) and he gets to learn all the juicy details of how I literally screwed him over at the same time as all you other man strokers. This blog is his fav so I know he'll see this soon.

    I woke up this morning with swaths of dried cum coating my body. Abs, ass, tits, he hit every mark. I didn't know so much cum could come from one stud, but he told me he'd been saving it up for 3 weeks especially for me. He knows me so well.

    Good god, his cock is so delicious. I swear I gobbled it up for hours last night. Swirling my tongue around the tip, tempting and teasing. Pursing my lips so he has to buck his hips to force them open until his head reaches the back of my throat. He loves hearing the glogs emanating from my mouth as he fucks them out of me. He's got such a gorgeous, tasty member. It's so fucking big that I forget each time I see it if it's going to fit. (Whoops, MrCuck, you didn't know that I've seen this bull a few times in your absence... I haven't told you about those other times that he fucked me.) ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 22, 2019

    Writing Down my Sex with another Man


    My husband likes it when I write him a story about what happened before I actually tell him all about an encounter I had. We haven't had very many, maybe 3 at most but all of them are written down and it's fun to look back on them and get horny all over again with each other. This is our most recent one that happened last week. My husband requested it be posted here as the first place he'll read it and says it's "hot." The anticipation is driving him nuts and I can't wait for him to see it:

    He started pushing me to the bed as we were kissing and slowly laid me down. He crawled on top of me and I felt his hard dick pressing into my leg. It was the hottest thing I have ever felt. The insides of my dripping wet pussy started to throb. My cervix was begging to be fucked and pounded hard. I was panting and breathing so heavy. All I wanted to blurt out so loud is fuck me now Derek. Take my pants off and fuck me please. But I knew I could not. It was not me to talk like that. But I fucking wanted to.

    We stopped kissing and we made eye contact. He had the sexiest look I have ever seen on his face. He started to undo the button on my jeans. Then the zipper slowly came down. I could barely breathe. As we still gazed into each other's eyes he slowly started to pull my pants off. He told me how beautiful I was. I actually got choked up because I had not been naked in front of another man in awhile. After he removed my jeans he got up and took his own pants off. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 18, 2019

    I was Caged by my Wife and Bull


    Well, I'll start this blog post off by saying that for the past 10 days I have been in chastity, enforced by my fiancee and her bull, and that Saturday was scheduled to be the night of my release, culminating in a big surprise. I had been teased, taunted, and everything in between, leading up to Saturday, but not one hint from either of them was given to me. It had me nervous, and excited all at the same time.

    Saturday comes around, and I get a text around noon, that states, I need to be showered, naked, and cuffed to the chair in the bedroom, with it pushed into the corner facing the bed at 7pm sharp. I also get a screenshot of a text he sent her that states, that she shower, shave, and give herself an enema, and that she be waiting in her red set of lingerie, by the door, on her knees at the same time. She comes into the living room with a bounce in her step, clearly excited for tonight, and jumps right into my lap, kissing me passionately, pushing her tongue into my mouth, and grinding her hips against my cage.

    We make out for at least 10 minutes like this before she tells me to go down on her, but to not let her cum. She stands up and peels off her pants and thong ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 15, 2019

    Emily - Cuckold from Day One - Part 5


    When we arrived at the nightclub, it was already quite crowded, and the dance floor was full of bouncing and gyrating bodies. Even with the wide variety of sexy outfits, halter tops, tube tops, mini-skirts, short-shorts, etc., people noticed when Emily arrived in her skimpy, white dress. Her tits swayed and bounced provocatively even when just walking. I couldn't wait to see her when she danced. I saw several people turn and look at us as we walked in. We found a table and ordered drinks. Emily was scanning the crowd and when she found the young college boys, they were looking at her too. I saw Emily take a deep breath to steel her nerves, then get up and walk over to the boys to introduce herself. She didn't need to worry, in just a few minutes her and the boys were joking and laughing like old friends.

    Finally, one of the boys took her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. It was a fast dance and her tits were practically bouncing right out of the strips of material covering them. She had to continually adjust the fabric to keep them partially covered. The next dance was slow, and the boy pulled her close to him, pressing her tits into his chest while one hand roamed over her naked back and the other hand slid underneath the material and fondled her ass. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 11, 2019

    Shower for Three


    It happens once every now and then but today, we’re getting in the shower together. Having a shower is always better with a second person to wash, and with someone who will wash you back. We chitter and chatter as we both step into the shower and close the glass sliding door behind us. The hot water is splashing over both of us, down our bodies and I watch as the water runs down my wife's body. We start to get used to the warm water, she reaches for the shampoo and starts to wash her hair as I do the same. Once our hair is cleaned, I reach for her body wash and squirt some of it into my hand. I start to put the lotion on her shoulders, down her arms, over to her belly and then up to her breasts. Her skin looks sleek and sexy, almost silky with a lovely shine. Her curves look amazing as I spend extra time lathering her breasts. At this point, she has already used some of my soap on me and is now massaging my rock-hard cock – the warm water splashing off our bodies and a hot soapy hand on my cock feels great.

    We kiss as I give her clit a rub and she tells me to turn around so my back is facing her and the entrance to the shower. She hugs me from behind, grabs my hard cock and whispers in my ear “Don’t turn around or you’ll have to get out”. I then hear the bathroom door open followed by the shower door. My wife turns around so her back is now to mine and our buttcheeks are touching. I hear the footsteps of another person enter the shower followed by an unknown voice - “Hello sweetie” – and the unmistakable sounds of two lips kissing. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 08, 2019

    I had to Inspect her Pussy


    A little back story. I met this girl almost a year ago and we really clicked and started dating. For the first few months she was still seeing another guy. I knew about him the whole time but he did not know about me for a good two months. During those few months she was seeing both of us regularly and sometimes even the same day. There was definitely a few nights where she spent the evening with him and getting fucked by his big cock then would spend the next day with me. I always wanted to get her naked as soon as I saw her so I could "inspect" her pussy for signs of sex. It always made me so fucking horny knowing she had spent the night with another guy.

    At this point I hadn't admitted to her that I love it when she fucks other guys.

    A few months roll by and their relationship ended and she was only seeing me. A few more months passed which brings us to just a few weeks ago.

    My girl approached me and told me she would like to start seeing other people. I of course was ecstatic because it had been several months since she had fucked another guy. I took this opportunity to tell her that I love it when she fucks other guys and that I would love to open our relationship up. Later that evening we were laying in bed and we started talking about the first few months of our relationship and how much I loved knowing she was fucking another guy and she told me a few stories of days when she fucked us both while we fucked. It was incredibly ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 04, 2019

    She brought home a Navy Seal!


    One of my favorite things happened this past weekend... Our daughter was out of town for a school trip and we would have the house to ourselves and the availability to sleep in late. While we hadn't specifically discussed finding a playmate for her, I was hoping it would happen! On Friday night, we just hung around, had a nice dinner and some wine, but decided to get to bed at a decent hour as we both had a lot going on early the next morning.

    On Saturday, as I was returning home from golf, I talked to the wife on the phone and asked what time she'd be ready to leave for a birthday party we'd been invited to. She said she needed to shower and get cleaned up and we could be out the door by 7. The party was fun, but by 11, I was ready to get out of there. As we were driving back towards our neighborhood, I proposed we stop for a drink at a bar by the house. We parked, walked in and enjoyed a live band for about an hour. She'd had a couple more drinks and was looking as though she were ready for some more fun. We decided to leave and went across the street to another bar that caters to a little bit younger crowd with dance music, etc... we walked in and ordered some drinks.

    She began to dance a little bit and had a couple of guys approach her. She was enjoying it and I left for the bathroom. When I came back out she was in a conversation with two very good looking young guys. I hung back by some tables so I could enjoy the show. She was in her flirty mode, laughing, and touching one guys arm as they were talking. She'd lean in ver ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 01, 2019

    How I Started Sharing my Girlfriend


    I've followed this blog for years and have always enjoyed all the amazing stories that everyone has posted. In return, I want to give a little back and share my own humble story of sharing my girlfriend over the past few years.

    We realized fairly early on in our relationship that we shared the fantasy of sharing her with another man, ideally in a MFM threesome. We would spend hours on the phone/via text/in bed working ourselves up and having amazing sex for hours thinking about it. She's gorgeous and gets a ton of male attention wherever we go, which we both love(d).

    Implementing the fantasy in reality, however, turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought. We had some creepy/flaky encounters that really turned her off and we put it on the back burner for a while.

    All that changed one day... ... READ THE REST HERE


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