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One of my favorite things happened this past weekend... Our daughter was out of town for a school trip and we would have the house to ourselves and the availability to sleep in late. While we hadn't specifically discussed finding a playmate for her, I was hoping it would happen! On Friday night, we just hung around, had a nice dinner and some wine, but decided to get to bed at a decent hour as we both had a lot going on early the next morning.

On Saturday, as I was returning home from golf, I talked to the wife on the phone and asked what time she'd be ready to leave for a birthday party we'd been invited to. She said she needed to shower and get cleaned up and we could be out the door by 7. The party was fun, but by 11, I was ready to get out of there. As we were driving back towards our neighborhood, I proposed we stop for a drink at a bar by the house. We parked, walked in and enjoyed a live band for about an hour. She'd had a couple more drinks and was looking as though she were ready for some more fun. We decided to leave and went across the street to another bar that caters to a little bit younger crowd with dance music, etc... we walked in and ordered some drinks.

She began to dance a little bit and had a couple of guys approach her. She was enjoying it and I left for the bathroom. When I came back out she was in a conversation with two very good looking young guys. I hung back by some tables so I could enjoy the show. She was in her flirty mode, laughing, and touching one guys arm as they were talking. She'd lean in very close when they talked and he put his arm around her. I shot her a text congratulating her on the guy and said she should bring him home. She said he was part of a navy seal team that was in the area for training for a couple of weeks and he def would not be cool if I was involved. She didn't even think he'd be ok w/ her being married. I said she should tell him that she's recently divorced and I'd get out of there before them to get to the house and remove our "married" pics from the living room and bedroom. She agreed and said she'd let me know how it was going.

So I left the bar about 2:30am, and quickly went home to erase the evidence of our marriage. About 3:30, she said he was coming back with her and I needed to go in the guest bedroom. Shortly after, I heard them come in, laughing and flirting. They stayed in the living room for a few mins and then I heard them go out onto our back deck. Luckily the guest bedroom has a window to the back, so I was able to watching them sitting on the loveseat by the fire pit. My wife was kissing him and he was caressing her breast through her blouse. Very sexy... then he stood up and she jumped up into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. He cupped her ass and they made out like that for a couple mins before they went back inside and I heard them move upstairs to our bedroom.

I took off all of my clothes and started to stroke my cock imaging them in our marital bed. After giving them a few minutes to get settled, I crept out of the bedroom and went thru the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs to listen. My wife had left the door cracked for me and I heard the bed squeaking and her moaning and telling him how big his cock was and how good he was fucking her. After about 20 mins she'd cum at least twice and I heard her say she need to get a water from downstairs.

I quickly returned to the bedroom and in a minute she crept in naked with a smile. She came over and put my little hard dick in her mouth and asked if I'd heard her fucking her hot 28 year old navy seal? I confirmed I'd been listening and with that she straddled my face to let me taste where his cock had been moments before. I asked if he was staying the night and she confirmed he'd be here all night so get comfortable until morning. After she left, I jacked off until I blew my load on my stomach and wiped it off with a towel and fell asleep.

The next morning, my wife came back in the room about 7:30 to check on me. She said she was going to wake him up to fuck him one more time and wanted me to listen. I waited a couple mins and took my spot at the bottom of the stairs and heard my wife being pounded. About 10 mins into it I heard her tell him to shoot his cum inside of her. Shortly after, the pace picked up and I heard him yell that he was coming. It lasted for 15 seconds and my cock was leaking pre cum hearing him fuck my wife and dump his jizz in her pussy... she moaned with pleasure and I thought it was over until I heard her sucking him off and in a few mins he was pounding her again. The second round took longer, but I was excited to hear him add another load into her cunt.

30 mins later I heard him leave and my wife took me upstairs to our bed. The sheets were in a heap on the floor and there was a huge wet spot of cum on my side of the bed. I was instructed to lay on my back as my wife climbed on my face. I've eaten many of her lovers cream pies before, but I wasn't prepared for what was about to come out of her. As she positioned her beautiful, swollen red pussy above my waiting mouth a glob of thick white seaman oozed out onto my tongue which I swallowed. As I inserted my tongue further and used my fingers searching for more, a steam of thick salty goo covered my lips running down my chin that I hungrily lapped up.

After I'd licked as much as I could, my wife rolled off of me and pulled me on top of her guiding my rock hard little prick into her snatch. It was so well greased, I sunk all the way in with no resistance. As I was fucking her as hard as I could, she smirked up at me and asked how I liked being kept in the guest room while she was fucking such a sexy young guy with a cock that put mine to shame? How I liked fucking her pussy that was filled with his cum? Did I like that she'd told him that her ex husbands little dick made her so horny for his big cock?

We've had plenty of lovers over the years, but being made to stay hidden while her guy fucks her in our bed is definitely one of my favorites!

I've attached a pic he took with her phone when he was fucking her the next morning.

Hope you enjoy!

I did ;)

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