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I am a Mistress. Call me Kay. I cuck my sweet boyfriend MrCuck when he's away. I also cuck him when he's here but that's a different story. Then I write about it (today it's on this blog) and he gets to learn all the juicy details of how I literally screwed him over at the same time as all you other man strokers. This blog is his fav so I know he'll see this soon.

I woke up this morning with swaths of dried cum coating my body. Abs, ass, tits, he hit every mark. I didn't know so much cum could come from one stud, but he told me he'd been saving it up for 3 weeks especially for me. He knows me so well.

Good god, his cock is so delicious. I swear I gobbled it up for hours last night. Swirling my tongue around the tip, tempting and teasing. Pursing my lips so he has to buck his hips to force them open until his head reaches the back of my throat. He loves hearing the glogs emanating from my mouth as he fucks them out of me. He's got such a gorgeous, tasty member. It's so fucking big that I forget each time I see it if it's going to fit. (Whoops, MrCuck, you didn't know that I've seen this bull a few times in your absence... I haven't told you about those other times that he fucked me.)

Anyway, he knows how to touch a woman. His nails digging into my thighs bringing me as close to him as possible while he slams into me. He goes crazy when I grind my dripping pussy against him while I ride on top. But to be honest, I couldn't keep my mouth off his hard cock. Slurping away, I gave him the true Mistress Kay experience. I made him look me in eyes as I edged him closer and closer, reading his every move. Every twitch, every smirk, every exasperated gasp let me on to how much time he had left before blowing. I loved how his breathing grew so rapid and his moans escaped but I shut down his orgasm every time. No one told him he was allowed to cum yet.

He flipped me on my back faster than I could protest and sooner than I knew he was double digits deep in my aching, yearning cunt. I was gushing at this point and every thrust sent shivers down my spine. I played with myself as he pushed himself deep into me. He's an accomplished musician and certainly knows a thing or two about fingering a woman. My god before I knew it my own orgasm was swelling. It burst forth with such intensity that I cried out, regretting that I may have woken up my roommate. Shit. Now he's going to be suspicious.

I was in ecstasy. After my pleasure was subsiding in rolling waves I went back to the cock in front of me, single-minded determination ensuring that his orgasm would come swiftly. I love that I can taste when he's getting close. The droplets of precum that are usually present were leaving strands between my lips and his dick as I swirled around that flavor in my mouth. I felt like a cum sommelier.

I edged him a few more times just to toy with him, but I could tell he was getting antsy as I saw the lust burning in his eyes. It was a game of control and I only had so much longer that I was allowed to play. I could feel the orgasm swelling within his stiffening penis and I knew my turn was over.

He then grabbed me and threw me back down on the bed while he asserted his dominance over me and my cuck boyfriend. He came on the side of my ass and rolled me over to finish decorating my chest. He loves watching his hot cum spreading out over my perky tits and piercings. I like to pretend that I'm annoyed by it, but I secretly love that he dominates me this way.

My boyfriend isn't even allowed to do it, not with that pathetic cock of his. I could tell my bull was spent as he leaned down to admire his Jackson Pollack on my petite frame. I didn't want to clean it off. I wanted to wear his dried cum like a medallion of my conquest that evening. I'm still wet as I write this.

The best part is that I live with my sweet sissy boyfriend's best friend! And he thought that the bull I brought over was just a friend. Ha! He certainly raised an eyebrow when he saw that my well-hung bull was leaving the next morning.

Do you think he told my boyfriend? ;)

Mistress Kay



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