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When we arrived at the nightclub, it was already quite crowded, and the dance floor was full of bouncing and gyrating bodies. Even with the wide variety of sexy outfits, halter tops, tube tops, mini-skirts, short-shorts, etc., people noticed when Emily arrived in her skimpy, white dress. Her tits swayed and bounced provocatively even when just walking. I couldn't wait to see her when she danced. I saw several people turn and look at us as we walked in. We found a table and ordered drinks. Emily was scanning the crowd and when she found the young college boys, they were looking at her too. I saw Emily take a deep breath to steel her nerves, then get up and walk over to the boys to introduce herself. She didn't need to worry, in just a few minutes her and the boys were joking and laughing like old friends.

Finally, one of the boys took her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. It was a fast dance and her tits were practically bouncing right out of the strips of material covering them. She had to continually adjust the fabric to keep them partially covered. The next dance was slow, and the boy pulled her close to him, pressing her tits into his chest while one hand roamed over her naked back and the other hand slid underneath the material and fondled her ass.

Ed and Kiko arrived shortly after we did and joined me at our table. Ed asked where Emily was, and I pointed her out to him on the dance floor. The boy was massaging one of her ass cheeks as he pulled her hard against him while they swayed to the music. Ed seemed to get angry and asked what she was doing. I explained to him that she liked college-aged boys and was planning on seducing one, or all, of them tonight. I saw his jaw set and he whispered, "Not tonight!" He rose, turned to Kiko, and told her to keep me company. Ed walked on the dance floor to Emily and the boy, tapped him on the shoulder and said something to him. I'm not sure what it was but the boy immediately removed his hands from Emily, held them in the air and retreated to his friends. Ed then took Emily in his arms, pulled her close and said something to her. She smiled at him, put her arms around his neck and nuzzled against his shoulder as they danced. It was a very intimate move and I knew at that moment that Ed would be her next lover.

As I watched Emily give herself to Ed, I felt a pang of jealousy and anger that we were in this romantic environment and I was locked in the chastity cage. Emily had not even brought the key on the trip. Just about then Kiko slid over close to me and put a hand on my thigh. She whispered in my ear that it looked like Ed and Emily were getting along great, and then giggled a little. I turned to look at her smiling face. She really was, as Emily had noted to me, a very beautiful woman.

She had on a tank top with no bra and I could see the swell of her small breasts and her nipples pushing against the fabric. She also had a mini skirt on, and her legs were gorgeous. Her skin was smooth and tan and when she shifted, I could see she didn't have any panties on. She saw me checking her out and moved closer to me and kissed me hard. As we kissed, she raised her hand on my thigh until it hit the hard cage. I froze in embarrassment. I didn't know what to say or do. She smiled again and said that Emily had told her I was in chastity and that she had never seen that before. She squeezed on it and moved it around, which did nothing for me, but she seemed to be getting a kick out of it. Then she said that Emily had told her I was pretty good at other stuff though. I smiled back and said that I would be happy to try and please her in any way she desired.

We heard the song ending and looked back at the dancers. Ed took Emily by the hand, pulled her off the dance floor, walked past us without even a glance and went out the door. I paid for our drinks as quickly as I could, took Kiko's hand and followed them. At the cabin Kiko used her card to open their door. Just inside the door we saw Emily's shoes, then Ed's shirt and the white material of Emily's dress. We followed the trail of clothes into the living room where Ed was sitting in one of the chairs and Emily was on her knees sucking on him. She then rose up straddled him and guided his cock into her pussy. He did not seem as endowed as she would prefer but she moaned like it was the biggest cock she had ever had. They kissed and she started riding him. He had her big floppy tits in his hands as she rode him. When he noticed us watching them, he ignored me completely but told Kiko they wanted to be alone and he would see her in the morning.

Kiko told me as we went to my cabin that, although they were experienced swingers, Ed preferred to be in separate rooms unless they were having a threesome. We went straight to the bedroom where I removed her tank top and skirt to reveal her perfect body. Her small titties were the perfect size for her fit and petite body. I quickly stripped and laid on the bed with her. We kissed passionately then I started kissing and licking her from head to toe. I loved every part of her body. When I licked her feet and sucked her toes, I got her giggling uncontrollably. I then moved up between her legs and started eating her pussy. I used all the techniques that Emily had taught me to bring her to several orgasms, each a little stronger than the last.

She finally exploded in a powerful orgasm and squeezed my head between her legs so hard I thought she was going to suffocate me. She didn't squirt but was so wet that my face was covered in her juices. She pulled me up to lay beside her, kissed me and licked her juices from my face. Then she took a good look at my cage, saw that there was no way to remove it without the key and learned that the key was left at home. She asked me how long it had been since I had had sex with Emily. I told her "4 months, 27 days", then glanced and the clock and continued "14 hours and 37 minutes." She laughed excitedly at my knowing the exact amount of time then kissed me again and groaned in frustration. She moaned that she really needed a cock inside her. I realized that I could help and told her about Donovan. She started to smile.

I met Donovan just inside the door and told him to strip before coming in, that I had a surprise for him. As he walked in the bedroom with his big cock swaying between his legs, he saw Kiko siting on the edge of the bed, naked and with her legs spread, a huge smile crossed his face. I was sitting behind her on the bed, looking over her shoulder, and roaming my hands over her body. I felt her quiver in anticipation as he approached, and she took his cock into her tiny hands and pulled it into her mouth. She could only get a few inches in, but it seemed like they both were enjoying it. She finally pulled off and said, "I need to feel you inside me now."

While Donovan fumbled with the condom, Kiko laid me on the bed and straddled me, with her ass sticking out. Her face was right above me and she kissed me as he got into position. He kneeled on the bed with his knees on both sides of my legs and slapped her on the ass with his hard cock. Then she started talking to him, while at the same time looking directly into my eyes. "Oh, yes, I love your cock, put it in me. Fuck me. Oh. Just like that. Put it in me. Deeper. Oh, God, I love your cock. It is stretching me so good. It's so much bigger than my husbands. It's hitting deep places in me and I love it. Now, fuck me hard. Harder. Faster. Oh, yes. Just like that." It struck me that I was being cuckolded by two men and two women at the same time. Ed was fucking Emily in his cabin while Donovan was fucking Kiko as she kneeled above me. As he started to rhythmically thrust into her, I couldn't help but raise my hips slightly, matching his thrusts. Kiko felt me moving my hips in sync with him, smiled and kissed me hard. When he started increasing his speed, so did I. When he groaned that he was going to cum, so did I. As he filled the condom with a huge load, I felt a bit of cum squirt out of the cage and between my legs.

When he finally pulled out of her, she turned and kissed him and made him promise to return the first thing in the morning. When he was gone, she turned back to me and said, "Thank you. I loved the way you fucked me, and I loved your big cock." I realized that Donovan's cock was a surrogate for mine. That when he fucked her, in her mind it was me fucking her. I loved her for that. Even when I was only sitting next to them as they fucked, she would look at me as she moaned and talked about how well she was being fucked. After he left, each time, we would cuddle together and sleep entwined.

Emily spent every night in Ed's cabin for the rest of the cruise. She would come over to get the clothes she needed for the day, but not before Donovan had given Kiko her morning fuck. While Kiko would go get her clothes, Emily would take advantage of her being gone to get Donovan to fuck her also. He had amazing stamina and we ran out of condoms about halfway through the cruise, so he started bringing his own. Emily told me that Ed was not quite big enough for her, but that he was a powerful lover and very dominant, which she liked. We would meet up later for breakfast then go on excursions or to the pool.

Kiko spent almost every night with me, but on a few occasions, Ed had her inform me that she would be spending the night with him and Emily. She said that Ed really enjoyed watching her and Emily have sex together and that she also enjoyed it. Kiko told me that she had never played with such big, floppy tits, and that she loved every minute of sucking on them, putting her face between them and massaging them. She also loved licking Emily's pussy, sometimes after Ed had deposited a load inside so that Kiko could lick it out. Kiko also enjoyed having her pussy eaten but had to admit that Emily was not as good at it as I was. What Ed enjoyed the most was having both of them attend to him. He had them suck his cock together, taking turns taking it into their mouths while the other licked his balls. When he came in one of their mouths, he instructed them to swap the cum back and forth before swallowing it. His favorite thing was to lie back on the bed while they took turns riding him while the other sat on his face. As Kiko would tell me the next day everything they had done the night before, in detail, I was filled with jealousy and anger, not only that I was not included, but that I was not even allowed to watch.

After the first couple of days, Emily got all the suite passengers together and suggested that the pool area should be clothing optional and that public displays of affection should be encouraged. From that point on, everyone was naked at the pool at all times. It wasn't unusual to see couples having sex in their cabanas with the curtains open. The first thing that Emily did was make me strip so that everyone could see my chastity device. She explained to everyone that I was being punished for masturbating while she was at work. Half of the men looked at me with disbelief that I would be with such a beautiful and sexy woman as Emily and still masturbate, while the other half of the men looked afraid, as if they didn't want to be discovered. However, all the women looked at me with disgust that I would cheat on Emily in such a way. After that day, two other men showed up to the pool with chastity devices on.

Emily offered me to a few of her new friends who wanted me to service them. A few women took advantage of the offer to have me eat their pussy, and a couple of men, whose wives had hooked up for the rest of the cruise, had some fun fucking my ass. These activities happened when Ed had Emily and Kiko with him, playing with them both. Most of the time, though, Kiko kept me close and had me doing everything for her, such as hauling all her stuff around, rubbing suntan lotion on her, running errands for her, cuddling with her in our cabana while we watched other couples fucking or eating her pussy, which I did several times a day, in public and in private.

We were not the only ones that swapped partners. We noticed couples had swapped for the rest of the cruise, other couples that would swap temporarily, as well as the couples that had paired up as two men and two women. Emily had imposed her will upon all the other suite passengers on the cruise. The makeup of the suite passengers was mostly men in their 50s or 60s with wives, or girlfriends, in their 30s or 40s. One of the couples, though, were both in their 60s, Bill and Linda. As time went on, the women started wearing sexier dresses to dinner each night. Corsets were a popular item, as well low-cut and/or very short dresses. A couple of them showed up with just a bra and panties to dinner. One night, though, Linda arrived at dinner in a dress that was just a loosely woven net. It concealed nothing. She had a collar on that had a ring in it, two large rings in her nipples and rings in her pussy lips. She was old and thin with small saggy tits. Bill attached a leash to the ring on her neck and paraded her around the dining room. He explained to everyone that she was his devoted submissive and sex slave, who would do anything he instructed her. He went on to say that, for the rest of the cruise, she had been instructed to follow orders from any of the suite passengers, except those men in chastity. It was interesting to watch, as he walked her around the room, that the men, and some of the women would run their hands up her legs, play with the rings in her pussy and often slip a finger or two up inside her. They also would squeeze her titties and pull on the rings in her nipples. She seemed to enjoy the attention.

At the pool, if Kiko was off with Ed and Emily, Linda would sit by me and we got to know each other quite well. She was funny and interesting to be around. I watched her get fucked often, even though she was not the youngest, prettiest or sexiest woman there. One of the guys would walk up to us and she would immediately pop his cock into her mouth and suck on it to get him hard. Then she would lay back and spread her legs so that he could fuck her in either of her holes. Most of the men in the group fucked her and for some it was a regular occurrence. I asked her how she felt about being their plaything, and her response was that she loved to be fucked. She couldn't get enough of it. In Arizona, where they were from, she said that Bill would regularly take her to adult bookstores that had glory holes, where she would suck and fuck several strangers each time. After the night she wore the net dress, I never saw her wear any clothes again during the cruise. She was always naked at dinner and at the pool. Nobody complained.

Emily saw us becoming friends and came over one day to ask Linda about her piercings. Linda showed them all to her and explained the process of getting them and the care it took to initially recover from the piercing and the required regular maintenance. When she got up to leave, Emily smiled at me and said that when we returned home, she was going to take me to get some similar piercings. Linda comforted me by saying that they only hurt for a few weeks and then it felt good to have them played with.

In the final days of the cruise, Kiko started acting nervous. I asked her about it and she finally admitted that she was afraid Ed was falling in love with Emily and would not be interested in her anymore. She wondered what I thought, and I told her about the young men with large cocks that were waiting for Emily back home. I just didn't think Emily would ever leave her job and her boys to run off with Ed, that his money would not be an interest to her. Kiko calmed down and we enjoyed the last few days together.

On the final day of the cruise, the four of us met for breakfast. We made plans for Ed and Kiko to meet us at Emily's house for a few days and for us to visit them at their vacation home in the Virgin Islands. They owned a small island there. They showed us pictures, and it looked like paradise. We then went our separate ways. Emily was uncharacteristically affectionate. She was holding my hand, hugging me, kissing me and telling me how proud she was of me and how much fun the trip had been. She was very excited to get home so we could spend some time together and she could see her boys again. She said she really needed a big cock inside her. When we got home, she said I had been so good, she was ending my punishment. She even let me out of the chastity cage for 24 hours and let me fuck her as many times as I could. She also started letting me fuck her again a couple of times a week after she had been with her boys. I was more in love with her than ever before, and even a little excited about getting pierced.

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