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Well, I'll start this blog post off by saying that for the past 10 days I have been in chastity, enforced by my fiancee and her bull, and that Saturday was scheduled to be the night of my release, culminating in a big surprise. I had been teased, taunted, and everything in between, leading up to Saturday, but not one hint from either of them was given to me. It had me nervous, and excited all at the same time.

Saturday comes around, and I get a text around noon, that states, I need to be showered, naked, and cuffed to the chair in the bedroom, with it pushed into the corner facing the bed at 7pm sharp. I also get a screenshot of a text he sent her that states, that she shower, shave, and give herself an enema, and that she be waiting in her red set of lingerie, by the door, on her knees at the same time. She comes into the living room with a bounce in her step, clearly excited for tonight, and jumps right into my lap, kissing me passionately, pushing her tongue into my mouth, and grinding her hips against my cage.

We make out for at least 10 minutes like this before she tells me to go down on her, but to not let her cum. She stands up and peels off her pants and thong, gets on the couch and spreads her legs open. I immediately notice that she is soaking wet, and get onto my knees on the floor between her legs. She grabs my head and pulls me to her, and I start licking her lips slowly. Right from the bottom, pushing deep inside her with my tongue and then up to her clit, where I suck it into my mouth before going back down. She usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to cum, but today, I must have been down there for 3 or 4 before she was pushing my head away saying that one more lick would have her exploding in orgasm. I wanted nothing more then to bring her off but she held firm and said he would be very mad if she came today.

We go about our day, cleaning the house, I made her lunch, and she had me eat her out 3 more times, each time only lasting for a few minutes. 5pm roles around and she says it's time for her to get ready, and she runs off to the bedroom and locks the door. I sit watching t.v. I don't even remember what show it was, or anything, my mind racing, thinking about what might happen tonight. Just after 6 I hear the bedroom door open, and she comes out smelling absolutely amazing, in her big comfy robe. She tells me it's my turn, and that I should hurry because she wants to have me locked in my chair with plenty of time to spare.

I step out of the shower, and dry off, walking into the bedroom naked, save for my chastity cage, and she's sitting on the end of the bed, still in her robe, with two bundles of rope and two sets of handcuffs. She points me over to the chair, where I sit down, and she cuffs each wrist to the chair, then ties both of my ankles to the legs. Then out of nowhere she produces a pink mini penis gag, that I originally bought for her, and puts it into my mouth with the strap secured tightly behind my head. She plays with my nipples, trailing one hand down to my very full balls and massages them, while she bites and kisses my neck, which drives me insane. After a little while of that, she stands back and walks into the bathroom. When she comes back out, I go wild, because there she is looking like the sexiest most wanton woman ever, in her beautiful red lingerie. She giggles at my reaction and tells me to have fun, and that hopefully he's on time so I don't have to wait too long in my chair, then walks out the door, closing it behind her.

I'm now sitting naked, caged, gagged, and tied to a chair in my bedroom, while my fiancee, dressed to kill, is downstairs, on her knees waiting for the door to open. .....

Suddenly I hear the door open, and someone walking in, followed by the words, "I told you all she was an obedient little slut".... I'm straining in my cage, trying to keep still and not breath. I'm listening for anything, any hint of what is happening down the hall. I hear shoes being taken off, I hear the closet door open and hangars. I can't tell how many people I am hearing. Is there one person with him? Is there more then one? Who are they? My mind is racing. I then hear him, "Stand up and turn around dear, show our guest your beautiful body." Is he deliberately being vague? It's driving me mad! I hear her giggle a little, I here some light smacks, and then says, "You know the deal, I am in charge tonight, follow my rules, and we will have a lot of fun. If he's followed my instructions, he should be tied up in the bedroom, so be sure to give him a little laugh when you walk in. And since he's being so nice to offer up his little fiancee here for us, make sure you thank him afterwards."

I hear footsteps, they are getting closer, my heart is pounding. I'm staring intently at the door, I see the handle move, the door swings open, and I only see him. He looks in and chuckles, then comes into the room, pulling her behind him by the hand. Then, one after another, 3 guys walk into the room. I know they work with him, but I don't know their names. The chuckle pretty hard when they see me in the corner. I know I must be glowing red with embarrassment. They soon turn their attention to her though, and he guides them into a circle around her, and tells her to get on her knees. She drops down eagerly, and he pulls out his cock. She instantly grabs it and starts to stroke it, moving in closer to take it into her mouth. The guys take their cue, and all begin to take their cocks out. I can't see very much from where I'm sitting, but I can see one of them grab her hand and guide it to his dick. A second guy follows suit, and soon she's got his dick in her mouth, and two strange dicks in either hand. The third guy bends down, and I see him playing with her ass. This goes on for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, while they switch with each other, each feeling her mouth her hands and her body.

He stands her up, and they strip her of the lingerie, and when she's naked, they take off the rest of their clothes. Now my fiancee, is naked in front of 4 guys, who are hard, and ready to fuck her. She's only ever been with me and him, and I can tell she's excited for more. Her bull lays down on the bed on his back, and he guides her to resume sucking him. From my point of view, I see her ass up in the air, her pussy shining wet peeking out, and her head bobbing up and down on his dick. On guy gets on the bed beside her, and she starts stroking his dick, while he reaches underneath to play with her left breast. Another guy joins in and does the same on the right side. The third guy grabs a condom, puts it on his pretty average looking dick, and after fingering my girl for a little while, gets on the bed behind her and pushes into her. Her head shoots up and I hear a deep long moan from her as she feels the 3rd dick ever to enter her, bottom out inside. He says she feels amazing and comments on how tight she is while he continues to fuck her. I notice she's now sucking another guy while her bull strokes himself watching. This goes one for a while before the guy fucking her pulls out and says he's not ready to cum yet. The guy on the right switch places with him, he grabs a condom, and he's got a really fat dick, not long, but really thick. He pushes into her slowly, and again she let's out a long moan. This fucking goes on for maybe 45 minutes, each guy taking a turn with her, all of them holding off on cumming.

She must have had 4 or 5 big orgasms in that time, screaming out, and shaking. On the last one, her leg cramped up and that's when they decided to take a break. He went to get them water, and they all sat around her on the bed, watching her absent mindedly playing with herself. When the break was over, he told the guy with the really fat dick to lay on his back im the middle of the bed. He told her to put a condom on him and then get on top of him. The next guy got a condom and once my fiancee was sitting with this guys cock insider her, her bull came around, lubed her ass a little, and told the guy waiting to get behind her and Fuck her ass. He then told the third guy to go stand up on the bed, and to fuck her face. He wanted to see her "air tight".

I was sitting in a puddle of my own precum, watching 3 men Fuck my fiancee at the same time, while he came over to me, took my gag off and told me to suck him. My face buried into his crotch, I could only hear slaps and grunts and moans from the bed, while he taunted me with the fact I haven't fucked my fiancee bare in three months, and with a condom in 2 weeks, and now three strangers, were fucking her. They fucked her like that, switching places, for the next hour, when they were all ready to cum, he told them to cover her tits with it. I'm watching 4 guys, jacking off over my naked fiancee, on my bed, with the aim of covering her with cum. The moans they made as they each finished onto her body was incredible, and when they are all done, they each got dressed, thanked him then her, then as they walked out the bedroom door, each one passed by me, patted me on the head, and said thanks for letting them use my fiancee, and they can't wait for next time. I couldn't even look up to any of them I was soo embarrassed.

Her bull saw them out then came back to the room, and started to untie me and take the cuffs off. I was sore from being in the same position for so long, but he pulled me to her body, and said, "I will let you out of your cage, but only after you've cleaned her off like I know you want to." I got onto the bed, and she was a mess. They came soo much, I had never seen that much cum in person. She asked me to clean her like the good cucky I am, so I started to lick it up. Honestly wasn't a fan of the taste of some of it, but after a good ten minutes of licking and sucking, I got her pretty clean and they were both satisfied.

He then told me to lay beside her on the bed on my back, while he got the key for my cage. He unlocked the cage, pulled it off of me, and rolled a condom onto my dick. I was hard, and my dick was twitching with my heartbeat, and I was ready to cum, and cum hard. He then told her to get on top of me, and to fuck me. She slid down onto my condom clad dick, and she was sooo sloppy and loose I couldn't believe it. She must have gone up and down 10 times, before I said I was coming, to which she got off, and grabbed one hand while he grabbed the other, and gave me a ruined orgasm. I could see the condom filling up with cum, I could feel it coming out, but I still felt like I was on the edge.

They stayed beside me and laughed while I calmed down, and when he was satisfied, he told her to take off the condom carefully, and pour it into my mouth. Once I swallowed my own load, I felt him putting the cage back on. He got up and dressed, then kissed her, then told me to walk him out. At the door he said he had fun, and will be doing this again so long as she's okay with it, and that I should get used to the cage, because it will be 2 weeks before it comes off. He left and I locked the door, went back into the bedroom and saw her curled up in bed, passed out. I cleaned up, shut the lights off, and joined her in bed, cuddled behind her. And spent the next 3 hours wide awake, replaying the night in my head.

Thanks for reading guys!

The Madesons




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