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Read our first posted story here This is a little something that the wife and I have talked about doing. The problem we have is that we don’t have a big enough shower for three, so it will be a fantasy until we get a big enough shower or wet room. Enjoy!


It happens once every now and then but today, we’re getting in the shower together. Having a shower is always better with a second person to wash, and with someone who will wash you back. We chitter and chatter as we both step into the shower and close the glass sliding door behind us. The hot water is splashing over both of us, down our bodies and I watch as the water runs down my wife's body. We start to get used to the warm water, she reaches for the shampoo and starts to wash her hair as I do the same. Once our hair is cleaned, I reach for her body wash and squirt some of it into my hand. I start to put the lotion on her shoulders, down her arms, over to her belly and then up to her breasts. Her skin looks sleek and sexy, almost silky with a lovely shine. Her curves look amazing as I spend extra time lathering her breasts. At this point, she has already used some of my soap on me and is now massaging my rock-hard cock – the warm water splashing off our bodies and a hot soapy hand on my cock feels great.

We kiss as I give her clit a rub and she tells me to turn around so my back is facing her and the entrance to the shower. She hugs me from behind, grabs my hard cock and whispers in my ear “Don’t turn around or you’ll have to get out”. I then hear the bathroom door open followed by the shower door. My wife turns around so her back is now to mine and our buttcheeks are touching. I hear the footsteps of another person enter the shower followed by an unknown voice - “Hello sweetie” – and the unmistakable sounds of two lips kissing.

“Don’t worry about him” she says “He’s been told not to turn around”. I hear them both chuckle and the kissing noises continue. I continue to hear is the sound of the water splashing of off two naked bodies as they kiss and this continues for a few minutes until I hear my wife turn around and put her arms around me from behind. She grabs my cock and I can feel her leg being raised as she rests it on a small lower shelf on the side of the shower. Her body is almost flush against mine, her lips close to my ear and she whispers “Hey baby, I love you” followed by a short, sharp inhale. I then feel the hands of her lover come round her, between me and her and she rests her head on my shoulder. I can feel her body moving against mine, her hand around my cock in rhythm with her movements as she is being fucked from behind.

She grabs my hand, separates two of my fingers as she places it between her legs and at her pussy entrance where it is quite obvious that she is being fucked by another guy. It’s not long before her grip on my cock starts to tighten and I start to hear her whimper as her orgasm builds. Her breasts are knocking against my back and she bites down lightly into my shoulder as she moans, her orgasm coming down on her as a million tiny droplets of water soak our bodies. It’s not long before I start to hear the familiar sounds of a guy who is ready to cum – you know, the heavy hard breathing and grunts. “Are you ready to cum baby?” she asks, “Oh yes sexy,” he says. He picks up his pace and I can feel him pushing against her harder, pushing against me harder, wanking my cock harder. Suddenly, the pushing stops and he groans as he cums inside my wife. My hand still around my wife’s pussy and I can feel his cock pulsing hard as he empties his heavy load inside her. My wife now wanking me hard as she can feel how much this is turning me on and it’s too much for me and start to cum. My wife wanking me off in rhythm with her mystery lover as he fucks and empties his seed, my cum drips down into the sower tray around my feet and moves with the flow of water to the plug hole.

We stay together like that for a minute or two, the hot water still coming down on our bodies, my wife resting on me, most of my cum now gone and a short dribble of it at the head of my cock over my wife’s hands. My wife’s lover resting on her and as the pulses of his cock lessen, I start to feel his cock soften. My wife grabs my hand which is between her legs and holds it there by his cock. As he starts to withdrawn, I can feel how long his cock is. When the head of his cock leaves her pussy, I feel her lips give way and she closes my hand against her opening and holds it there. It’s not long before I start to feel his cum drip onto my hand. “Don’t worry” she says to me “He came very deep inside me so there may not be much of his cum for you to hold”. After a few moments, she released my hand and I saw just how much cum there was on my hand before the water from the shower washed it away.

She turned once more to face her lover, our buttcheeks touching once again. She thanked him for a wonderful shower, I hear a kiss and assume a sexy cuddle before they both leave the shower to get dry. Once he leaves the bathroom (and our house at this point) she tells me that I can now turn around, turn the shower off and get out.

This will probably the best shower I will ever have.

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