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My husband likes it when I write him a story about what happened before I actually tell him all about an encounter I had. We haven't had very many, maybe 3 at most but all of them are written down and it's fun to look back on them and get horny all over again with each other. This is our most recent one that happened last week. My husband requested it be posted here as the first place he'll read it and says it's "hot." The anticipation is driving him nuts and I can't wait for him to see it:

He started pushing me to the bed as we were kissing and slowly laid me down. He crawled on top of me and I felt his hard dick pressing into my leg. It was the hottest thing I have ever felt. The insides of my dripping wet pussy started to throb. My cervix was begging to be fucked and pounded hard. I was panting and breathing so heavy. All I wanted to blurt out so loud is fuck me now Derek. Take my pants off and fuck me please. But I knew I could not. It was not me to talk like that. But I fucking wanted to.

We stopped kissing and we made eye contact. He had the sexiest look I have ever seen on his face. He started to undo the button on my jeans. Then the zipper slowly came down. I could barely breathe. As we still gazed into each other's eyes he slowly started to pull my pants off. He told me how beautiful I was. I actually got choked up because I had not been naked in front of another man in awhile. After he removed my jeans he got up and took his own pants off.

I could see the outline of his cock bulging through his underwear and he looked really big. All of a sudden he removed his underwear and was completely exposed. I almost lost it. I could not believe how huge he was. It was not only so thick and long it was actually beautiful! And perfectly smooth and shaved. The head of his cock was so big and defined. The color of his skin was dark and he had these perfect compact balls. My mouth actually started to water. I never felt a need or a craving to suck a man's cock before. I just wanted to go for it. I was so afraid Derek would think I was a whore if I did. As these thoughts of his magnificent dick were running through my mind he started to remove my underwear.

I was so wet I literally felt it on the inside of my leg. He started to kiss and lick my hard nipples. This had never affected me before. Every move he made drove me crazy and made my pussy throb or tingle. He worked his way down slowly to my dripping wet pussy and put his tongue right on my wet swollen clit. Immediately I started shaking out of control. The more I shook the more pressure he put on my clit with his tongue. I felt like I was going to cum all over his beautiful face.

I could not stop shaking and moaning. I wanted to scream nasty things to him but I stayed reserved. I pulled his head up and told him to kiss me. I wanted to taste me on his tongue and smell that sexy sex smell on him which got me even more turned on. I wanted to behave like such a whore but did not want him to lose respect for me. I knew I needed to suck his perfect huge dick now. I could not wait to feel him fill up my mouth and taste his skin. I rolled him on his back without saying a word. I just started to lick and kiss the nipples on his gorgeous chest. He had the perfect amount of body hair and he smelled so good I wanted to bite him. I worked my way down to his waist kissing him and licking him everywhere but his cock.

Staring and admiring it I wrapped one hand around his thick shaft. I could barely make my fingers touch. I thought it was the hottest thing ever that I was going to be fucked with this huge cock. I needed to suck him so passionately first. So I leaned down opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his huge head and took my tongue and placed it on the tip of his head and tasted the most delicious salty substance. I wanted this man's cum. Tasting him made me feel so animalistic and slutty. I slowly moved my head down until the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat. He started to moan a little. I could have cum right then.

Hearing Derek moan was the sexiest sound I ever heard. I wanted to suck this man and stroke him for hours. Long deep slow strokes with my hand and mouth. He became so hard and so thick he could barely fit in my mouth. This man was huge! So fucking perfect. I needed him inside me. I needed him to fuck the shit out of me. Hard and deep like an animal. As I continued to suck his beautiful cock I moved my hand down to his perfect balls feeling them, massaging them and just cupping them in my palm. Fuck I wanted him so bad!

I lifted my head up and he flipped me on my back. The anticipation of him putting himself inside me was making my Pussy ache in the best way. It was pulsing and throbbing needing Derek to pound a huge orgasm out of me. I spread my legs wide and we started to kiss again. As we were making out so hot and heavy I felt the head of his huge cock line up with the entrance to my dripping wet pussy....I felt him slowly push himself inside me. I felt my lips and my entrance slowly stretch to accommodate his size. And then I felt his smooth shaft pressing along the walls of my insides. I felt all of him. I was in total ecstasy. I had never had a sensation or a feeling like this before.... being stretched and filled to capacity by a man's dick. He started to fuck me so perfectly. I wanted to scream with pleasure it felt that good. We made eye contact several times which made things more intense. His sexy facial expressions drove me wild. He fucked me hard and fast and slow and deep for many minutes until the sweat on his face dripped on mine. I wanted to lick it off his neck so badly. I did not want him to stop fucking me. I was so turned on and wanted so much more. He needed to rest and we did. I put my head on his beautiful chest and caressed his perfect balls as we lay there just talking and relaxing.

Until round two came along. He told me to get on all fours. He wasted no time at all. He grabbed me by the hips and just entered me from behind so forcefully. He felt even better. I felt different the way he was fucking me so aggressively. I started to feel more naughty and dirty and a little submissive how hard he was fucking my throbbing wet pussy from behind. He was so big he was hitting my cervix with each thrust pounding me hard from behind. It was the best hottest pain I ever felt. I started to rub my clit with one hand and it felt even more animalistic. I just wanted to scream fuck my wet pussy hard Derek. Harder yes yes yes! I just could not get him deep enough or hard enough. I have never been fucked so hard and good before. I just could not get over his size and how amazing he felt. He knew exactly how to use his big cock and how to fuck me yo make me go crazy. I felt so comfortable and at ease at this point. My ass was completely exposed in his face and I just did not care. I just needed him and I wanted him bad.

After so much animalistic fucking from behind we both needed to rest again. It was so intimate and erotic and sexy just laying next to him. We were face to face with our noses touching and our legs intertwined with one another like a pretzel. While our hands wandered up and down each other's bodies I felt his warm breath on my face. I wanted his breath. I needed to breathe this man in as much as possible. It was so fucking sexy.

After many minutes of taking each other in I put one of my hands gently on his perfect balls again. Cupping them gently with my hand and caressing them and massaging them gently. As I was doing this we started to kiss and I felt his soft warm tongue touching mine once again. It felt as if it was my first kiss with him all over again. He then started moving his hips back and forth a little. I started getting so turned on again. The more he moved his hips the more my pussy filled with wetness. My insides started tingling and my cervix started to throb. I needed this man to fuck me again.

I felt a very slow build of what could be an explosion happening inside me. I whispered softly to him.... fuck me again Derek. I need you to fuck me again.... without saying a word he climbed back on top of me.... I spread my legs wide for his huge perfect cock to enter me. I felt his huge head line up with the entrance to my dripping wet pussy and he pushed his way through and there I was again being filled up completely by this man's huge cock. As he was thrusting long deep strokes in and out of me I felt him pound my cervix and that huge head pressing along the walls of my insides.... I took one hand and started massaging my swollen clit as he continued to fuck me so perfectly hitting all the right spots.

I felt that build of a huge orgasm coming on. I start to pant and breathe so heavy. I feel myself getting so hot as if all the blood has rushed right to my head. My pussy is getting ready to explode all over this gorgeous man's huge cock. Right then I told him.... "I am going to cum so hard" ..... and I started shaking uncontrollably .....the muscles inside my pussy pushed his cock right out of me and I am moaning and yelling in total ecstasy. He put his huge cock right back inside of me and started fucking me through another huge orgasm. I told him not to stop fucking me and it feels so good and not to stop. He felt so fucking amazing I could not remember a time fucking someone felt this good. As I was shaking again with my muscles contorted he fucked me right into a third huge orgasm. I could not breathe. I wanted to scream and yell and say the dirtiest things to this man and I couldn't. Shaking once again with my muscles tensed up as he continues to fuck me hard and fast and deep I could not stop shaking.

I had never experienced such pleasure. I had never felt such a strong sexual and emotional connection. Fucking this beautiful man just became my most favorite thing to do in life. He brought me to life and made me feel things I had never felt before. I wanted more. I wanted to fuck him over and over all night long.

When we said our goodbyes at the door feeling exhausted with cum dripping out of me and the smell of us all over me ....it was the hottest thing I could think of. I drove home feeling so satisfied completely stretched out and hungry again for more. I knew my husband was waiting. I knew he would be hard. I wanted to tell him all about it and feel my pussy while I did. But writing it down made me enjoy it detail by detail, agonizingly pleasurable.

When I got into bed finally he was there waiting and he was hard. I stroked him a few times, not letting him cum and we both went to sleep, knowing the reveal would come soon.

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