From Bull to Wife Watcher



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Though I enjoy sharing my wife with other men, I'm not sure that I qualify as a cuck because I'm not into the humiliation part of the fantasy.

For several years, I was a bull for another couple. We got together most Friday nights. They had a large sumptuous home. I would get there around 7:30pm. He would have chilled a glass for me and without my asking serve me a premium beer. He and I would either watch sports or listen to music while she put their daughter to bed.

After a while, brushing by while doing something she would seductively touch my hand or cheek as she passed. Nothing much but it would stoke the fire.

Eventually she would sit close to me and lean in talking in a low voice as if her husband was not in the room. She would tell me that she missed me and that she had been thinking about me all week. She would touch me but still nothing directly sexual.

After a few minutes, she would instruct him what drink to fix for her. After he had left the room she would finally lean all the way in and kiss me in a way that let me know how hungry she was. But it was only a single kiss.

She would often ask me what I wanted and other times she would tell me what she wanted. When her husband came back with her drink and my fresh beer, she and I would be talking openly and wantonly about the sex we would soon have.

I might tell her what I wanted her to wear or she might give rather detailed instructions for a sequence of things like a six-course meal at a fine restaurant. This talk was always part of the seduction. After her first drink, she would excuse herself to get ready, which included not just her own personal dressing and preparation but also the room. There were typically candles and preselected music. There are songs, that to this day, elicit an erection when I hear them.

Sometimes she would call me in and she would be in their large soaking tub, other times she would be on the bed wearing lingerie. One of his jobs was to buy the lingerie, usually on my instruction. When she called me in, he would go fix drinks. After delivering drinks, he would return to the kitchen to prepare a plate of fruit and cheese for post coital nourishment.

In his absence, she and I would make out but things were always to move slowly at first so there was no reckless passion just yet. We were making ourselves maximally horny. I never noticed his return to the room but eventually he would be seated on the couch across from the bed, naked.

On the occasions when she was in the tub, I would join her. He would eventually show up with a couple of large buckets of hot water to adjust our cooling tub.

Eventually she and I would have removed enough clothing and she would instruct him to "prepare" one or the other of us. Before he was done he would have given both of us oral sex. I was never all that fond of him giving me oral sex but both of them seemed to like it and it helped give me the cool down period I needed for what would follow.

After he had "prepared" us he would return to the couch and much of the next part of this elaborate dance would be providing a show for him. Our positioning was to maximize his view. I say it was for him but I think that she enjoyed it as much as he did. She would be loud and appreciative. She never outwardly humiliated him but in her appreciation of me the humiliation was implicit.

The early courses of pleasure usually included toys and oral sex. We made sure that she had a least a few orgasms in this phase.

There was usually an interlude at some point for a pee break, him to fix drinks and for us to catch our breath. If things had been extra physical to that point she and I would go to their large double shower and he would be instructed to wash our bodies. The towels he dried us off with had been warmed on a warming rack.

Back to bed and occasionally, during nice weather, to their private back yard, to enjoy our drinks, fondle and kiss. He might or might not be allowed to prep us again. To this point I would not have penetrated her other than orally. We would wind back up with a good deal of kissing and oral sex. Eventually either he would place me in her or I would take the initiative myself. It was usually about 11:00pm by this time. In other words, we had been at it for a few hours but we were just getting going.

The drinks and the build ups made for good lasting stamina. She liked to be fucked very hard. She had a harder time coming from thrusting but we always made sure that she had several orgasms in this phase. Sometimes he would give her oral sex while I fucked her. She also liked anal sex, which we mixed in about once a month. This was a time that he would be allowed into the party as we would both penetrate her.

He spent most of his time on the couch masturbating. He usually came before I did. After he did, he would busy himself making things nice for us. Sometimes I would be sweaty from a vigorous workout and while still thrusting or maybe giving her oral sex, I'd feel something cool and wet on my shoulder. He would rub my back and chest with a cool wet cloth while I serviced his wife.

This was a pretty intense relationship. Both would tell me that they loved me in the heat of passion and I would tell them the same. I am not bisexual but I found that being in a sexual context with another man, even though I was not sexual with him, built a pretty special bond. It was this bond that help allow me to let him be oral with me even though it was not a sexual turn on for me. I would say that in some ways it did allow me to become marginally bisexual, but that is another story.

She and I would often have sex until 3:00 am. It was very much a tantric situation. If he came early in the evening he would have regained his desire late in the session. He enjoyed cleaning both of us when we were through. It was not uncommon for the three of us to fall asleep in the in a wet heap.

This lasted for about four years before my wife asked me to end it. She loved me coming home to tell her all the details and I would do her the next day, after i slept and gained some energy back. But she was missing me doing those things to her, the long sessions and so she felt I was spending too much time with them.

They split up a few months later. I would love to have another relationship like that. My wife and I are talking about having someone come and "service" her while I watch. Like her pics? I just don't want the humilation.





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