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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018

    It's Hard to Read My Wife's True Reactions


    Well, I'm not sure if my wife will finally go through with it. I have read many of these blog posts about cuckolding and the hotwife lifestyle in order to understand myself and what I felt.

    A little summary.

    We have been together for more than 10 years and we are in our early 30's. I am a tall guy, well built and with a good education. I never considered myself a Beta male or someone that likes submission and emotional chastity. I just like the idea of seeing her shared without the humiliation aspect. She is beautiful as you can see, smart, honest and does care about me and us.

    Earlier in our relationship, when we had sex she would say stuff like, "More dick pls..." in the middle of our action, only for her to say when confronted that it was my dick ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 27, 2018

    My Wife had Sex with My Brother


    So, this story started out as a response to someone asking for advice about the same situation. Figured once I poured my heart out might as well make my own blog post about it.

    We used to live with my parents and so did my older brother. Us because we had kids and it was free rent, him because he's a bum and an asshole.

    One night she was up late and bored. All of her bulls were unavailable. I was asleep and suddenly she woke me up and asked me out of the blue how I would feel about her fucking my brother. She doesn't usually ask but obviously this is a special situation. I told her to do what she wanted but to make sure he didn't know that I knew about it. She giggled and ran excitedly down to the basement. Few minutes later I (quietly) snuck down there and found her half naked, just laying there. She told me to hide and shut up. I did what I was told. Soon enough my bro came out of his room to get a drink. She knew he was getting a drink and asked if she could drink a bit to help her sleep. He said yes. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    Cuckold Strategy Series - Punishments Part 3


    This is the final installment, part three of the first series on punishments by the Cuckold Coach. As I wrote this, and upon reflecting on it, I realized that it was really a cursory treatment of punishments. Primarily, it introduced the four common types of punishments, gave some tips on how to begin exploring them, and shared a few specific examples. I will do the same here with the last category of punishments, that which is most commonly associated with the word, Physical Punishment. At some point down the road I may revisit each of the four types of punishments for a more in-depth and perhaps advanced series.

    Physical punishment is by far the most awkward and difficult punishment for most women to get into. Oddly, men do not seem to struggle as much with it. Perhaps it is because men are often a bit more rough-and-tumble than women, and perhaps it is because once having put themselves in a position to be physically punished, the role of the man is simply to accept ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 20, 2018

    I Crossed the Line and Wanted it Bad


    I'm posting this for myself and for my husband, who will read this soon. I do feel bad, but more so because I can't stop thinking about it ... and how incredibly hot it was. That's why I'm posting. I feel like I need to try and re-live it a bit, see how it makes me feel and try to decide what to do going forward. I'm a manager of a chain grocery store in a very small town in western Canada (3000ish people). My husband is a teacher in the same town.

    We've been together since high school, and I've never been with another guy before, with the exception of one time in university when I was kissed by a guy. We were studying together, I totally didn't see it coming and I didn't let it last very long, I was honest with my now husband about it, since it really wasn't my fault. He was still very upset with me, and I know he's had issues trusting me ever since then, he says I was naive to put myself in a situation alone with the other guy, that I "crossed a line". ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    She had My Approval to Cheat


    Man I can't get enough of these stories. But I finally have one of my own. So this happened about 5 years ago and it was very exciting to me. I had been married for 10 years and I always had fantasies of watching my wife with another man. When this happened my wife was happily married to me and happy to be with just me (btw she still is happily married to me lol).

    She was aware of my fetish of watching her with another man and while having sex we would talk about it and I would always have a huge orgasm. We discussed it, but she always thought that fantasies are best kept as fantasies. She knew that she certainly had my approval to "cheat" on me, but she never took it any further.

    This all changed when she got pretty close to a guy she works with and discussed my fantasy with him. He, of course, said he would be more than happy to make my fantasy a reality. She shared her discussions with him with me and I made sure she had my ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 13, 2018

    I want My Wife to Fuck Her Ex


    I'm Danny and my wife's name is Steph. We are in our early forties. I desperately want to watch my wife have sex with her ex boyfriend Jeff. My wife is a good woman and was a virgin when we met. Our sex life has included cuckold fantasy for the majority of our marriage and she has always gotten extremely aroused fantasizing about cuckolding me and sleeping with other men.

    We were living on the west coast early in our marriage while I was in the military and I introduced her to the fantasy of screwing other guys after I saw one of my platoon mate's enormous cock. The biggest dick I've ever seen on a dude and that includes porn stars. It was a real pussy/marriage ender. We fantasized frequently about a cuckold/bull/cuckoldress scenario involving him and still do many years later. However recently I have started having deep desires to get Steph involved with her ex boyfriend Jeff. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 09, 2018

    My Friend was between My Girlfriend's Legs


    So to start off I'll say that I have been with my 24-year-old girlfriend for 6 years, I'm 26 and we met through friends and we hit it off straight away. We've been together through thick and thin although there has been some 'separate' periods in that time but nothing unnatural for a young couple who met so young and were trying to survive while one was at university and the other in a different country training for his future career.

    Since she graduated university and I finished training we both embarked upon our dream careers and began to build our lives together, buying a house at the end of 2015 and getting a puppy and thinking about starting a family, things seemed to be going perfectly, they were! We have a very healthy sex life but that was where things get complicated.

    For a long as I can remember I have had fantasies of sharing her in a threesome, with another girl but mainly another guy and I confessed this fantasy while ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 06, 2018

    Cuckold Strategy Series - Punishments Part 2


    In the last post we learned that there are essentially four types of punishments: Denials, Tasks, Humiliation and Physical. We spoke a bit about the first two. Initially my thought was to cover both of the latter two in this submission. Once I got into it however, I realized that both humiliation and physical punishments are worthy of their own treatment. Physical punishments will be covered in a subsequent offering.

    Humiliation, for many women, is the most difficult punishment to understand and do. I will attempt to simplify it here, but in the end, you may just have to observe for yourself how effective this tool can be and come to believe in it through your own experience. Understanding it is often challenging because although the contemporary thinking is that there are few differences between men and women, our own experience tells us otherwise. Typically, the macho aspects of being a man, the traditional roles and expectations that still drive much of social interaction, dictate that a man not acquiesce, that he appears strong. In a phrase, submitting to another or even ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 02, 2018

    Caught My Girlfriend with My Best Mate


    Ok, so this is a long story, and it goes back a year or two, however this incident only happened last weekend... Before I get into it, no I didn't get any pictures or anything of the incident cause I was not expecting to walk in on my girlfriend and my best mate...

    Ok, so my partner and I have been together for 6 years and we get along quite well, by that I mean we are open with everything... like literally everything... Anyway about 2 years ago we had brought up how we would be both interested in taking part in a threesome, and we both agreed that it would turn us on quite a lot. I told her that I would not mind whether it be a MMF or MFF threesome, and she felt the same... So a short time later we went through with this and we had both a MMF threesome and later on a MFF threesome... We both enjoyed both experiences very much and since then we have always talked about doing it again... We have had 4 threesome experiences in total, without any issues... Being open, I have told her that I don't mind what happens as we trust each other and we are always speak to each other before/after... ... READ THE REST HERE


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