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So, this story started out as a response to someone asking for advice about the same situation. Figured once I poured my heart out might as well make my own blog post about it.

We used to live with my parents and so did my older brother. Us because we had kids and it was free rent, him because he's a bum and an asshole.

One night she was up late and bored. All of her bulls were unavailable. I was asleep and suddenly she woke me up and asked me out of the blue how I would feel about her fucking my brother. She doesn't usually ask but obviously this is a special situation. I told her to do what she wanted but to make sure he didn't know that I knew about it. She giggled and ran excitedly down to the basement. Few minutes later I (quietly) snuck down there and found her half naked, just laying there. She told me to hide and shut up. I did what I was told. Soon enough my bro came out of his room to get a drink. She knew he was getting a drink and asked if she could drink a bit to help her sleep. He said yes.

I snuck over to the door to listen. At first it was boring stuff, her asking about his new girlfriend, him asking about my job and stuff like that. Suddenly it got a bit quiet and then my brother says, "What are you doing?" and also "You're my brother's girl!" Followed by her saying, "So? He's asleep upstairs". He protested a bit more. Next thing you know I can hear a zipper and him saying, "This has to be our little secret." And her responding with, "I won't tell if you won't". He asked her to promise and she agreed.

The next words I heard were, "You definitely are (insert my name) big brother". He laughed. She elaborated and told him how she had wanted him for a long time as she sucked his dick. Soon she went quiet and all I heard was slurping and spitting noises.

After a few minutes of that, she suddenly says, "I need this inside me". He said "hop on". This was followed by light moaning sounds from her and squeaks from the mattress. Soon the speed and intesity picked up a bit and before long I could tell she had cum as things reached a peak before settling down a bit.

I wasn't sure if it was over so I backed away from the door in case it was. It wasn't. Suddenly I hear movement and he says, "Flip over on your hands and knees for me." A few seconds later and all I can hear is the sound of skin slapping skin and her begging him to fuck her harder. Again she came a few moments later and things quieted down before the familiar slurping sound of a blowjob could be heard again.

Few minutes later she says, "Can I ride it again?" and he said sure. They were definitely going slow and she started talking in between light moans. She was telling him that all I ever do is last 2 minutes and then fall asleep or even worse just fall asleep and how she needed a good fucking from a real man. His voice sounded uncomfortable in his responses at first, as if it was too much for him. But he wasn't uncomfortable. He was trying not to cum because after she said she wants to be his little fuck toy behind his new girlfriend's back and behind my back he blurted out, "You're gonna make me cum."

Her response? "Fucking fill me!" (She is fixed). A second later and I could hear him groan as he came inside her mixed with her moaning from her final orgasm. She asked if she could clean him up, followed by a quick slurping sound. Then she said, "Thanks, I'm gonna go masturbate with your cum". He only said, "Please don't tell my brother," as the door opened.

I quietly followed her back upstairs. I usually jump at the chance to clean her but I really didn't want to this time. It's my brother. She got really upset about it and made it a point to let me know that if I wanted her to keep indulging my cuck fantasies that I wouldn't be able to be selective about it.

I was not thrilled but didn't want to risk losing my cleanup and reclaim priveledges so I half heartedly started licking her. She could tell I wasn't enjoying it and pushed my head down, telling me to, "Taste a real man, faggot."

At that point I was turned on and into it suddenly. I sucked every last drop out and ate her pussy until she came. Finally she told me I had been good and I could fuck her. As I slipped into her super loose and wet pussy she pointed out how she couldn't feel me. Over the next 3 minutes she called me all sorts of names and told me how much better his cock was. I came when she told me that when we were in high school she had masturbated to him banging a girl once. I had fallen asleep and she apparently could hear him across the hall.

That was almost 5 years ago. We have since moved out of my parents house and so has he. He still fucks her fairly often, usually when the kids are at school and I am at work. At least once every other week. Whenever she needs a ride and I have the car she calls him and blows him during the ride. When I ask her why she goes out of her way just to blow him but never did stuff like that for me, she told me that I wouldn't understand. That he is hot and manly and it makes her want to please him. That with me she doesnt feel that need because I don't act cool enough and because the thought of swishing my little dick around in her mouth feels degrading to her.

My dick is small enough that she can't really move up and down she kind of just swirls her tongue around and sucks on it like its a baby bottle.

He still thinks I have no clue about them. Only difference is he no longer feels bad. Instead he sends her texts and asks if his fag brother is around when he wants her.

This is my life. I'm pretty happy.

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