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I'm Danny and my wife's name is Steph. We are in our early forties. I desperately want to watch my wife have sex with her ex boyfriend Jeff. My wife is a good woman and was a virgin when we met. Our sex life has included cuckold fantasy for the majority of our marriage and she has always gotten extremely aroused fantasizing about cuckolding me and sleeping with other men.

We were living on the west coast early in our marriage while I was in the military and I introduced her to the fantasy of screwing other guys after I saw one of my platoon mate's enormous cock. The biggest dick I've ever seen on a dude and that includes porn stars. It was a real pussy/marriage ender. We fantasized frequently about a cuckold/bull/cuckoldress scenario involving him and still do many years later. However recently I have started having deep desires to get Steph involved with her ex boyfriend Jeff.

She never slept with him but she has told me about times of hot and heavy make out sessions she had with him which made me guess Jeff had a big cock. I confirmed that fact when I discovered that he worked out at the same gym I do and I caught a glimpse of him in the shower. It is enormous. Not quite as big as my buddy in the military but it was still a big impressive cock. Anyway, Steph and I have included Jeff in our fantasies.

It was difficult for her at first to get into it because of it being about someone she knows and it being a little too taboo I guess? I kept encouraging the fantasy and eventually she really got into it. Her pussy soaks the moment I mention him in our fantasy. Steph has a hot pussy for Jeff and I want her to cuck me with him.

I want Jeff to make love to my wife and master her and our marriage bed. I want him and no other as my bull. Lately Steph has been denying the fantasy and telling me that it's getting to her and that it's not good for our sex life or our marriage. I personally feel it's because she has started to accept the cuckolding and actually starting to view me as a cuck rather than her lover.

Which is what I want.

I believe it scares her because now she cannot cum just thinking about me she has to think about Jeff. I want and need her to only orgasm about Jeff. The only way I want her to orgasm about me is thinking of me as a cuckold. Steph always has post cuckold fantasy regret and guilt because of her Christian upbringing and her devotion to our marriage. But in the past she was always able to not allow the cuck fantasy to get in her mind as much as it has with Jeff.

Once we started talking about him she fought it for a while but then she stopped resisting and eventually every time we had sex our sex was dedicated to Jeff and so were her powerful orgasms. Her pussy is hot for Jeff not me. I love the fact that she only cums for him. It makes me the cuckold I want to be.

I want to watch Jeff take my bride and I want to serve them both. How do I keep Jeff forefront in her mind during sex? How can I overcome her current objections? What steps can I take to eventually see Steph's legs wrapped around Jeff in our matrimonial bed?

These are questions that go through my mind on a nightly basis. If we ever get to the point of having him in our bed, I'll post the pictures here. For now, just Steph.


Dany Cuck & Steph




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