I Crossed the Line and Wanted it Bad



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I'm posting this for myself and for my husband, who will read this soon. I do feel bad, but more so because I can't stop thinking about it ... and how incredibly hot it was. That's why I'm posting. I feel like I need to try and re-live it a bit, see how it makes me feel and try to decide what to do going forward. I'm a manager of a chain grocery store in a very small town in western Canada (3000ish people). My husband is a teacher in the same town.

We've been together since high school, and I've never been with another guy before, with the exception of one time in university when I was kissed by a guy. We were studying together, I totally didn't see it coming and I didn't let it last very long, I was honest with my now husband about it, since it really wasn't my fault. He was still very upset with me, and I know he's had issues trusting me ever since then, he says I was naive to put myself in a situation alone with the other guy, that I "crossed a line".

I'm 29, and ever since I was a teenager, I was always on the slightly chubby side. Not fat by any means, not even really chubby, just never really in shape. About a year ago, I made the decision that I was going to change that, and really put a lot of effort into working out, and I think it's really been showing. My husband isn't exactly the most confident man in the world, I know he's proud of me, and I know he likes the changes I've made, but at the same time I can tell it makes him more insecure about himself, and worried that he won't be good enough.

Honestly it's kind of a drag when I've been working so hard to feel good about myself and look good for him, and all he can worry about is how it will affect him. Anyways, enough background. Last week I had meetings and seminars all week at our headquarters in the capital city of my province (sorry, don't really want to say which one). We have them every year around this time, and it's always kind of a nice getaway for me to spend some time in the city.

I'd been looking forward to spending some time shopping, so I went up a little early on Sunday. One thing about my new body is that it doesn't seem to be willing to give up by butt, well my boobs too, but that's hardly a problem :) My bum definitely got a lot more firm and round, but it definitely didn't shrink at all (if anything it got bigger!) I think I pull it off quite well though, so I decided to just embrace it, unfortunately, the area I live in doesn't exactly have a lot of selection for anything that would actually fit my proportions and look good. And sorry no, I won't post any pictures of it but my boobs are fine for looking - see the 3 attached.

I found a couple stores at the mall that had an amazing selection of jeans and pants that hugged my butt perfectly! Seeing myself in the full length change room mirrors made me feel so good about myself, trying on clothes that showed off my body rather than trying to find ones that would hide it. I bought a really nice tight fitting black evening dress and strapless pushup bra to wear to a dinner they'd be taking us out to on Wednesday evening. I even ventured into Victoria's Secret for the first time in my life!

Monday morning was the first time I saw him, I walked into the hotel's breakfast area. He was sitting at a table by himself, in a tight fitting light blue t-shirt and jeans. I remember admiring the way it fit over his rippling arms and chest, he had short dirty blonde hair, a beautifully chiseled jaw line. As I walked in, he looked up from his newspaper and our eyes caught, he smiled at me, I tried to smile back, and could feel myself start to blush. I walked up to the buffet, and could see him out of the corner of my eye checking me out. We shared glances a few more times throughout breakfast before he got up to leave, looking back at me once more smiling before walking out.

After Monday's meetings, I ran into him again in the hotel lobby. We rode the elevator up to the 5th floor together, we learned each other's names, his was Brad (not his real name). He learned I was there on business, I learned he was there on a training course for his job in telecommunications. We learned that we were on the same floor as each other, almost right across the hall from each other. We smiled as we each went into our separate rooms, and when I closed my door, I'm pretty sure I took a breath for the first time in a minute!

He was sooo beautiful, his body, his face, his voice, his smile, and it was only magnified by the feeling that he was attracted to me too. I had never had that feeling before, to be checked out or flirted with by someone so beautiful!

I ran into him again later that night, I walked down the hall to get some ice, and on the way back, he was on his way to get something from the drink machine, I was wearing my "watch tv" outfit which consisted of a fairly low cut tank top and my favorite cheap colourful walmart leggings. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped when I saw him in his tank top undershirt and pj pants, his beautiful muscular arms and shoulders, I've never seem someone look so amazing dressed so casually. We had a brief exchange, then continued on in separate directions, looking back at each other embarrassingly at the same time, looking back again and smiling. I was paying extra attention to the way I was moving my butt as I walked slowly, I know he was checking it out, and my leggings wouldn't have left much to the imagination.

I pretended to fumble a bit with my key card as I opened my door, making sure to stand as to give him the best view of my curves from the side as I could. I looked over once more, smiled, walked in, shut the door, and started breathing again. I had never, ever been that turned on before. That little exchange of flirting, seemingly innocent bit of showing off, just knowing what he probably wanted to do with me, knowing what bit of control I had over someone so amazingly beautiful, strong, and sexy. I spent the rest of that evening in a tailspin of porn, masturbation, and fantasizing about the man across the hall from me. I tried on all my new underwear and imagined standing in front of him in it. I even shaved my pussy for the idea of him.

The next morning the breakfast bar was a lot busier. The only table left was a table for 4, which I would have felt bad taking up by myself, luckily Brad waved me over to his table. We actually had a really nice breakfast together! Of course there was a bit of tension in the air, but we didn't seem to have any trouble finding things to chat about. I didn't run into him the rest of that day, but Wednesday morning we had breakfast together again.

That evening was the night the bosses were taking us all out to supper at a nice steakhouse. I was getting dressed for the evening, putting on my pushup bra and a black lace thong, my mind started to wander. I don't know what came over me, but I got the perfect most mischievous idea to tease Brad a little more. My dress zipped up in the back, if I'd really struggled I probably could have done it myself, or I could have gone to one of my female co-workers rooms and have them help me (we were even all on the same floor), but instead I walked across the hall, my arm across my breasts holding it up, and knocked on Brads door. His eyes were wide when he opened the door, and I shyly explained my situation and asked if he'd mind.

I turned around as the door clicked shut, wondering how I looked standing in front of him, with my dress tightly showing the form of my ass, the top of my thong just visible, knowing he was one motion away from my dress being on the floor. He put his hand on my shoulder, and slowly pulled the zipper up as I held my hair out of the way. I nervously thanked him. As I walked away, he told me to enjoy my evening, and offered me a nightcap when I got back if I felt so inclined, I knew exactly what that meant, and I gasped to myself when he said it. There was no chance I could or would do it, but just to hear him say it was sooo exciting!

I have to say at this point that I never intended to cheat on my husband. But, flirting came about because he had cuckold fantasies which I only knew what they were because of him. He told me had had them and we had lots of "bedroom talk" about him watching me with several men. He told me many times I could "cheat" and asked me to in a very strong way. I alsomost did once but didn't and he was upset. He sometimes pleads for me to cheat and so I knew I had a free pass if ever I wanted to. I felt as close as ever to using it with Brad but still also felt badly about doing so.

Anyway, I thought about Brad the whole evening, more and more after each glass of wine. I returned to the hotel at around 10:00. As I got off the elevator, I imagined myself walking past my room and knocking on his door for that "night cap", but I didn't. I walked into my room, threw my purse onto the dresser, and started fumbling with my zipper until I got it down, then I paused, and probably stood there for a full minute, thinking. I pulled the zipper back up, walked across the hall, and knocked on his door. I wanted to tease him once more, I wanted to make sure he went to bed as horny and uncomfortable as I knew I would be. He answered with a smile on his face.

"Can you unzip me?" I asked with a little grin? "Of course." he replied casually.

He slowly lowered my zipper, finishing with his hand resting lightly on my round butt.

"So how about that nightcap?" he asked confidently.

I turned around, with my arm across the top of my dress preventing it from dropping. It took me a while to answer, because I was honestly having a difficult time saying no. But I did, I apologized, said I had a long day ahead of me, and wished him a good night. I walked out of his room before I could change my mind, walked across the hall, and realized I'd left my room card on the dresser.

I knew I was close to the point of "crossing lines", and my inhibitions were weakened by a few glasses of wine and a lot of desire. So I knew I should go to one of my co-worker's rooms, but I didn't. Again, I knocked on Brad's door.

"I locked myself out, " I said, slightly embarassed.

He chuckled, and stepped aside for me to walk in. He wearing the same shirt and pj pants as the other night, so I felt a little overdressed.

"Zip me back up?" I asked. "Sure!" he said, with a bit of disappointment in his voice.

I don't know whether it was on purpose or not, but I heard a snap, and immediately knew the zipper had been pulled off on the one side.

"Oops, " he said, I could hear the sarcasm in his voice.

I turned around and smiled.

"Now what?!" I kind of jokingly asked.

We started into each others eyes, I didn't even notice that when I'd turned around, his hand transitioned from the small of my back to my hip. He pulled me in, and kissed me. It was electric, it was amazing, he was such a good kisser, so good that I dropped my hands to his waist and let my dress fall to the floor, so good that for a brief moment I totally forgot that I was married.

"I can't do this!" I said as I pulled away. "You can and you want to, " He whispered looking me in the eyes, then down at my half naked body.

I backed away, once again admiring his beautiful build, he was probably about 6'2" and I'm guessing 200lbs, but there couldn't have been more than a couple pounds of fat on him. He peeled off his shirt, and for the first time I saw his perfectly chiseled abs. His pj pants looslely draped over what had grown into an enormous bulge.

I hadn't even thought about what his cock would look like. I had only ever been in the presence of one naked man before, my husband. And not to sound mean, but he left a lot to be desired physically. He was about as average as a man could be, average height, average weight, average build, very average penis, but that had always been perfectly fine with me. I'd never been that caught up on looks, until now. Brad was turning my view of men, and my world, upside down.

As all of this was going through my mind, Brad had managed to close the distance between us again, his hands were on my waist, then were grabbing my ass. Mine were up on his chest, running my fingers down to his stomach, feeling his muscles and his soft skin. His hands went from gently massaging my bum, up the small of my back to my bra, which he expertly undid. The lack of straps and pressure from my D's sprang it off my chest and it dropped to the floor. He gasped. We took in each other's bodies for a moment longer.

"This isn't fair, " I whispered "What isn't fair?" "I'm almost completely naked, and you aren't" I replied, he smiled. "You can get rid of the rest if you want to see more, " He said.

I thought about it, I knew I could leave at this moment and not cheat. I had crossed so many lines, but I had not cheated. I could justify keeping this as a little secret, a little treat to myself for getting into shape, a little bit of revenge on my husband for not appreciating my efforts. But I had already crossed lines, I was standing topless in a thong in front of another man. What difference would it make if he was wearing pants or not, he was perfect, I had never seen someone so perfect. I had never seen someone so perfect, naked. What difference did it make if he was naked? If I was going to walk out, it might as well be after seeing his whole body. I put my fingers into the waistband of his pants, but he stopped me.

"NNNnnnnooo, pull them down from your knees" he whispered. The way he told me to, he didn't ask, he told me to. If I wanted him naked, I had to do it this way, It was such a fucking turn on, I kept looking into his eyes as I dropped to my knees, dragging my fingers down across his chest and stomach as I did, until they rested at is waistband. I gently pulled down on it, the bulge in his pants trying to prevent me from getting them off, until it finally sprang free, the most beautiful, rock hard, huge cock I ever could have imagined. I moaned when I saw it, he smiled when I did.

I stared at it in amazement, I never thought I could be so attracted to another man's penis, or want it so bad. It was like a huge symbol of his perfection, and I didn't know how I was going to stand up and leave the room, but I had to, eventually. For the moment I just stared at it, then up at him, and his beautiful torso, his beautiful face looking down at me, then back at his cock, as I rubbed his muscular thighs. I was crossing a pretty defined line, and I knew it. I was inches away from his cock, massaging his legs, and his hard round ass. I was already exploring his body with my hands, what fucking difference did it make which part of his body it was? So I wrapped my hand around his dick and slowly started pumping it as he gasped. It seemed even bigger in my hand, I couldn't touch my fingertips around it, it was so warm, so smooth. He was circumcised, my husband isn't. My husbands is small, it's hairy, it's all foreskin, it's not something look at and want to put in your mouth. Brad's was. But I couldn't go that far, that was too sexual. This was crossing a line, but it wasn't sexual, it was very very inappropriate, but it wasn't sexual. It was exploration.

I made the decision that it wouldn't go any further, as I pumped his cock only inches from my face. But that didn't matter, because when I squeezed it and from the tip of his swollen head came a drop of precum, no amount of reason could have stopped me from licking it off, and that was it. I took him in my mouth and began sucking his cock. He gasped and moaned, he'd done it, he'd broken down a married woman, now she was on her knees sucking his cock and she loved it!

If I thought it felt big in my hand, it felt absolutely massive in my mouth! Every time I sucked I could taste his precum, and it only made me want him more. I had both my hands wrapped around him, and could still barely fit the rest of him in my mouth! But he didn't seem to mind, he was running his fingers through my hair, moving his hips slightly as I eagerly sucked on him. He backed up towards the chair in the corner, and I eagerly chased him on my knees. He sat down and leaned back, his cock looking extra beautiful sticking 10" up into the air. I went back to work, bobbing my head up and down on it, working my tongue around his head, the smooth underside of it, the defined ridge.

Every now and then I would remember my situation, usually when I'd glance at my ring, but it didn't matter, because that ring finger was wrapped around Brad's perfect dick, and I'd look up at his perfect stomach, and chest, and his face looking down at me in pure bliss, moaning as I worked it with my mouth.

Nothing could take me away from it at that point, nothing. I could see the muscles in his pelvis and stomach start to twitch, I knew what was happening. I picked up the pace, and focused on his head while pumping with both hands. I didn't want him to warn me, he couldn't hide it anyway, his body couldn't hide what it was about to do. I kept moaning. "Mhmmmm! Mhmmmmmmmm!" to make sure he knew I wanted this, to make sure he didn't go and do anything stupid like pull me away. He didn't. He just let out a loud moan, tangled his fingers in my long hair and focused every beautiful muscle in his perfect body into blowing his load into my eager waiting mouth.

He told me afterwards that every bit of that load, I'd earned from the first time he saw me that morning at breakfast, I'd been wearing a fairly tight fitting skirt with a blouse, and I had one of the nicest asses he'd ever seen. He'd decided at that moment that he was not going to make himself cum as long as we were both in that hotel together. The night before, seeing me in my leggings had made it especially difficult for him. It made me feel so fucking sexy to know I could have that effect on someone, someone so beautiful in my eyes.

I didn't want him to stop, and didn't seem like he would. I just kept my lips locked on him and gently sucked as he filled my mouth. I looked up at him, our eyes locked until I knew he was finished, and swallowed him.

He picked me up, carried me to the bed and laid me down. My panties came off instantly and without hesitation, his head was between my legs. His fucking tongue. All over my shaved pussy, I can't even describe it! I feel like I had never came before that point! His fingers found their way inside me, reaching places inside that I didn't know were there, while his tongue explored my clit. His finger found it's way into my ass, something totally new to me that made me cum even harder!

He moved his way up beside me, we kissed, exploring each other with our hands. He rubbed the head of his cock on my clit, then down along my soaking wet pussy. I thought I'd be able to stop things after we both got each other off, but once he did that, we were going all the way. I grabbed hold of his ass and pulled him inside of me. His cock fit surprisingly well, good thing he made me soaking wet first!

We fucked, in every way possible I think. I came multiple times, in multiple positions. With him behind me fucking me doggy, I thought he was going to rip me in two. He got his thumb wet with my cum and slid it into my ass, sending me into an orgasm that almost made me black out! I collapsed onto the bed, trying to regain my composure, and felt a liquid running down my ass crack. I looked back, he had a bottle of lube and was rubbing it onto his cock, he looked at me, momentarily stopping, like he was waiting for me to say something, something like "no", but that wasn't going to happen. He didn't dare ask me permission and I didn't dare tell him no. Instead I just wiggled my butt invitingly and arched it up towards him.

I was nervous, this was well outside my realm of comfort, and he was so big! He placed a pillow underneath my waist, I had another one in front of my face. He slid his thumb into my ass while he pumped his hard beautiful cock, I buried my face in the pillow and prepared myself for what was about to happen, I had the nicest butt he'd ever seen, and I wanted to give it to him.

I felt his cock against my ass, rubbing up and down, spreading the lube around. He pushed against it, but it fought back. I arched my back a bit more, he pushed a little more, his cock swelled, I pushed back against him, and the head of his perfect dick slid into my ass. I moaned into the pillow, it didn't hurt, it felt uncomfortable in a way, it felt foreign, it felt fucking huge! He slowly slid it in, then back out. He was fucking my ass, I was married, and this perfect guy was fucking my ass! He lowered his head to mine and kissed me, sinking his cock all the way in, all of it. He got back up and smacked my butt, telling me how perfect it was. I felt so fucking sexy, I loved making him feel that way, I loved being wanted to badly, He grabbed my waist with this big strong hands, pulled me up into doggy position, and pushed down on my back to arch my big butt up towards him, then proceeded to fuck my ass doggy. I looked back at him, I could tell he was close. He looked at me.

"Cum in my ass baby, give me your cum in my ass!" I whispered.

I'll never, ever forget that look on his face, the little grin he gave me, I know what he was thinking. 2 days ago he saw me getting breakfast, he saw my ring, he took it as a challenge. Now I was bent over in front of him, I'd already swallowed his cum and was now begging for him to cum in my butt while I vigorously played with my clit.

He smacked it hard with both hands then squeezed it tight, the muscles in his arms, shoulders, chest and stomach bulging out as he screamed, unloading inside me as I once again almost blacked out from an orgasm.

He collapsed on me, we passed out like that. I woke up at 5:00, my ass still sticky from lube and cum. I wandered into the shower. Halfway through, he joined me. I sucked him off, swallowing him. I thought about him all day. When we both returned after 5:00, I sucked him off again, swallowing another somehow huge load. He sent me back to my room, and told me to meet him by the ice machine at 8:00 wearing my cheap leggings. We made out there, him groping my ass. He led me to his room, he didn't take them off, he tore them from the crotch up to the waistband and fucked me in my pussy and ass while I was wearing them, like he'd fantasized about doing that night. We passed out again, I woke up to shower at 4:00 this time, he followed again, I sucked him off again, we went for breakfast, we went back to the room, we fucked, we checked out.

I miss fucking him already. I love my husband, but I know I'll never have that with him. And I think I need that in my life, I honestly don't think Brad's the type I could have a relationship with, but I'm starting to wonder how long I can go without fucking him, without that beautiful dick in my mouth. We've been keeping in touch the past week, we're already planning how we're going to meet up again.

I'm about to tell my husband, soon, as soon as this is posted. I will order him to get naked and then show him this blog, I'll stroke him as he reads it and after he cums I'll remind him that he asked me for this, and tell him that he created this monster and that this monster wants more. Please post it soon ... XX

madelyn - ladylotus67@yahoo.com





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