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So to start off I'll say that I have been with my 24-year-old girlfriend for 6 years, I'm 26 and we met through friends and we hit it off straight away. We've been together through thick and thin although there has been some 'separate' periods in that time but nothing unnatural for a young couple who met so young and were trying to survive while one was at university and the other in a different country training for his future career.

Since she graduated university and I finished training we both embarked upon our dream careers and began to build our lives together, buying a house at the end of 2015 and getting a puppy and thinking about starting a family, things seemed to be going perfectly, they were! We have a very healthy sex life but that was where things get complicated.

For a long as I can remember I have had fantasies of sharing her in a threesome, with another girl but mainly another guy and I confessed this fantasy while away from her for a long period of time, she put this down to confused emotions because of our separation but it was not that, I'd had these thoughts for a long time.

I often brought up my desire to see her with another guy and thankfully she was never mad, never thought I was weird or never threatened to leave me. Instead she asked questions and tried to gain an understanding of why I'd want such a thing but she made it quite clear that while the prospect was quite a turn on she didn't believe it could ever be a reality and it wasn't something she was up for at that time.

Fast forward a few months and I was suffering with this fantasy. It seemed to dominate me as it does many guys and I found myself often raising the subject which was met with mixed feelings from her, she would go from agreeing to it (during sex which I'd not take seriously) to getting angry at me for constantly talking about it, I was confused.

We had a frank conversation one evening about threesomes and concluded that, as I'm sure many couples would, the idea of variety was indeed a hot one but there was no way she'd consider it with a stranger or someone we met online for sex. I took the risky step of mentioning the potential of asking a kinky friend if they'd be willing to help, I remember wincing as I asked this but to my surprise she responded positively and after putting a name into the mix she replied, 'Well you're asking him, so enjoy that!' and that was the end.

A few weeks later I met our chosen friend at a bar near me and asked if he'd like to join my girlfriend and I for some fun. I massaged his ego by saying she had picked him out as someone she was attracted to and trusted and given that he had recently left a long-term relationship and was enjoying some time to himself some fun might be welcome, we'd often share our sex stories so asking wasn't awkward. Obviously, he said yes (what guy wouldn't?) so I reported back to my girlfriend. She still seemed skeptical but agreed to proceed with a safe word.

The most difficult part was getting the ball rolling but owing to some divine intervention she agreed to share a few naughty photos with him and she liked what she saw in return but she stopped short of going further. I took a risk and booked a hotel for a Saturday night we were all available for but she wasn't pleased when she found out. Thankfully I managed to smooth things over, she reiterated her safe word 'policy' and told me not to expect anything to happen as she fully expected nothing to happen either.

To avoid awkwardness, we decided to have a few drinks just the two of us before hopefully going back to the hotel where our friend would meet us, whether we got that far was yet to be seen but the stage was set, so to speak. She was wearing a white/ivory floral dress with a matching white lacey bra and knicker set with polka dot patterned tights and high heels, she looked gorgeous. I waited until we had finished our third drink before I asked if she wanted to go back to the hotel or home, I was surprised to hear her say 'hotel' so off we went.

When we eventually got back to the hotel room together I could tell she was extremely nervous and unsure and I fully expected her to put a stop to it but she didn't. We sat on the edge of the bed with her in the middle and I started to kiss her to reassure her. It worked because although she kept her eyes shut hard I could see he had his hand on her thigh and was soon gently teasing her pussy through her tights her first contact with another guy!

I wanted to see it properly but every time I tried to break our kiss she pulled me in again, probably due to nerves and shyness but by this time he had found his way under her tights and knickers and had his finger inside her which she aided by opening her legs for him which was reassuring. She let me take her heels off so he could slip her out of her tights and I must admit watching her lift her bum so he could undress her was incredible, I could see she was lightening up much to my relief.

Once he had her out of her tights he slipped her dress off her and she stepped out of it and was standing there before him in just her bra and knickers, an amazing sight. I was quite surprised when she turned around to show him her arse while giggling but I was rock hard seeing it all happen! I didn't quite catch it but I'm sure he told her to lay on the bed and he dived between her legs and began to lick her pussy, her weakness. It didn't take long for her to lower her defences and start to enjoy his efforts to the point where she removed her own knickers to give him better access.

It was thrilling and painful and confusing watching him make her cum for the first time, she was quite quiet about it but it was clear to see and he knew he'd done it, during this time he'd also undressed to just his boxers. She asked him to get her a drink of water as she recovered, it was so hot seeing her laying on the bed in just her bra checking her phone to avoid the awkwardness. Seeing her pussy looking wet and satisfied knowing another guy was just there was mad!

When he returned to the bed he slipped his boxers off and began to gently tease her clit. I really wanted to see her suck his cock but I got the impression that wasn't going to happen as she felt it was a little too much. It was also the first time we've ever seen another guy's cock and she made eye contact with me while he was playing with her clit and I couldn't resist asking if she wanted him to fuck her, 'ok' was all she said.

I don't know why it's sexy seeing another guy get comfortable between your girlfriend's legs but it is mind blowing. She had her knees up and legs open just enough for him to get between them (her shyness again) and he was using one hand to support himself and the other to tease her with his cock by tapping it against her pussy which made her giggle (again probably nerves). I moved so I was beside the bed with a good view of it all, it was just stunning, as in I was genuinely stunned. From reluctance to this...hard to believe.

With a bit of fumbling he worked the tip of his cock between her pussy lips and inside her, she would usually help but not in such an unfamiliar situation. He placed both hands beside her and paused with just the tip of his cock in her pussy. She tilted her head back and to the side and looked at me with a look of 'oh shit!' on her face in a good and bad way. He gently pushed his cock fully inside her and she threw her head back and spoke properly for the first time of the encounter 'Oh fuck!' which was sooo hot to hear her say. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock inside her pussy, the way he stretched her lips was just gorgeous. He was clearly enjoying the tight hotness of her pussy as his moans were as much of a turn on as her little ones. He gently took a few strokes, letting her get her head around what was happening, her body was betraying her mind as his cock shined more with her pussy with each of his strokes.

They worked up to a smooth but slow rhythm of fucking, she blushed bright red and hid her face under a pillow when I commented on the sticky wet noises their sex was creating, I was on the verge of fainting. (as an aside, part of the fantasy for me was to clean a 'creampie' so he was inside her without a condom, all pre agreed and sensible measures taken, don't judge.)

He was definitely a dom kind of guy and obviously wanted a bit more control so he moved her so she was on the edge of the bed and he was standing and he lifted her legs in the air feet either side of his head and slipped back inside her wet pussy, he picked up the pace. Ironically seeing him kiss her feet made me more jealous than fucking her, I have a thing with her feet and she's always said they're reserved for me. She was now fully his so it didn't matter, her defences and skepticism were dead and gone clearly as they both neared orgasm together. We've never had sex as intense as this was, we both noticed that!

I couldn't believe my ears when he said 'I'm gonna cum, oh shit I'm gonna cum' and she just replied 'noooo me too, god, umm, me first' and she talked herself into an orgasm. I'm not great with words, even if I was none exist which can accurately describe seeing your girlfriend, previously reluctant to your ideas, entirely lose herself in the pleasure of another man. She was barely finished cumming herself when I saw him tense up and start to cum inside her pussy. I could see he was deep inside her as by this moment one of her legs was over his shoulder but the other supporting herself as she was half off the bed!

It was a surreal moment. She moved and sat cross legged on the bed (literally the only time I've ever seen her sit like that!) and he sat on the edge of the bed next to her, I couldn't resist looking at the creamy mess on his cock, it hurt. I leaned in and kissed her as a way of reassurance, she was hot and had a thin layer of sweat all over her body amazing! I pushed her down onto the bed and she again hid her head under the pillow in post sex embarrassment as I found my way to her pussy.

It was quite surreal to position myself between her legs to face something I had fantasised about for so long. I don't know why I do but those who do will understand. I should have savoured it for longer but I just dived in and began to lick her pussy. It was quite different to what I'd imagined and even to me cleaning her up after myself. The scent of her pussy mixed with his cum is hard to describe but it was addictive and incredible. He had cum deep in her pussy but her sitting up for a short period of time meant that before long she was dripping cum, she must have got embarrassed because she looked down at me passionately licking her and all she could say was 'really' before hiding her face again as I licked. Quite a sight to see your girlfriend's pussy leaking cum when you haven't even cum yourself.

We had already agreed he would leave after but this had the unintentional consequence of meaning my girlfriend felt obliged to 'see him out' and quickly got up and put her underwear on leaving me high and dry. I was quite taken back at their goodbye kiss, they'd hadn't even kissed while fucking as we suggested this as a boundary but I put that down to a polite thank you for his helping us out with the fantasy.

This brings us to the now. Our friend is still single and chatting with my girlfriend about their next meet. They 'like' each other from a sexual point but as her boyfriend it's hard to see them messaging while you're sat on the sofa cuddling. Hard because you're rock hard down there but also scared inside. Easy to underestimate and fail to account for these things when you're thinking with your cock! We all have that friend who leaves a long relationship for whatever reason and goes nuts for a few months to compensate, my girlfriend is doing just that with her new found sexual freedom within our relationship.

I know what she was like when we met (a total freak) so I'm slightly worried what lay in store, but rock hard at the thought...

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