She had My Approval to Cheat

Koda Cpl


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Man I can't get enough of these stories. But I finally have one of my own. So this happened about 5 years ago and it was very exciting to me. I had been married for 10 years and I always had fantasies of watching my wife with another man. When this happened my wife was happily married to me and happy to be with just me (btw she still is happily married to me lol).

She was aware of my fetish of watching her with another man and while having sex we would talk about it and I would always have a huge orgasm. We discussed it, but she always thought that fantasies are best kept as fantasies. She knew that she certainly had my approval to "cheat" on me, but she never took it any further.

This all changed when she got pretty close to a guy she works with and discussed my fantasy with him. He, of course, said he would be more than happy to make my fantasy a reality. She shared her discussions with him with me and I made sure she had my approval to go to the next step. I didn't think it would ever go any further, but I was wrong.

I could tell from talking with her that they were getting closer and closer and I was excited. I pleaded with her to make my fantasy come true. I told her they could fuck at his place if she told me about it but said I really wish she would do it at home in our bed with me watching.

Some weeks went by and not much new happened. My birthday was coming up and when asked what I wanted, I told her "I want too watch you and Mathiew fuck". She laughed.

When my birthday rolled around, she spent a few hours in the bathroom bathing and priming for what I thought would be for us to go out for dinner. She appeared from the bathroom in a sheer robe about the time the doorbell rang. I answered it and was shocked to see it was a guy. He introduced himself as Mathiew. Instant hard on for me.

I welcomed him in and offered him a beer. My wife came down and gave him a nice hug and a kiss. She looked at me and said, "This is what you asked for, enjoy yourself and stay out of our way."

They had a few drinks - which I served - and got comfortable on the couch. His hands were roaming over her thighs and they were getting very intimate. I could tell they were both loving it. She finally stood and removed her robe and sat on his lap. That was all the encouragement he needed. They were kissing and his hands were playing with her tits and pussy. This went on for about 15 minutes with me watching 5 feet away. He finally stood up and removed his clothes with her help.

His nice 7" cock was already hard. She knelt down and started licking his cock and balls while staring directly at me. She started sucking and really got into it. His cock was 2" longer than mine and much thicker.

He was afraid that he would cum before he was able to fuck her so he pushed her head away. She laid down on the couch and he guided his cock to her pussy. He pushed all 7" into her and I watched the sheer pleasure on her face. She really loved it. They fucked for about 20 minutes in several different positions. He finally shot his load into her while she had a hard orgasm.

After sex, she went into the bathroom to cleanup, and I made him another drink. He looked a little unsure of how to act around me since he just fucked my wife. He wanted to be sure that I was ok with it. I told him it was a huge turn on for me. She left the bathroom, and sat next to me. She also wanted to make sure that I was not upset. I told her that she had given me the best birthday present ever and that I loved her. I asked her about the sex and she told me that it was some of the best raw sex she has ever had.

She asked if I had any problem with them doing it again. I told her she could fuck Mathiew - or any other man - anytime she wanted as long as I watched or she told me about it. He ended up spending the night in our bed and I slept in the spare room. They had sex several more times that night and once more in the morning while I watched. She really got into it.

After this, Mathiew would come over several times a month to fuck her and sometimes during the week they would go to his place at lunch. A few times when they fucked in front of me I cleaned his cum from her pussy. She also had me suck his dick a few times. It really wasn't my thing but I did it for her and she really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, after 2 years Mathiew moved out of state for work. We have visited him a few times and I really enjoy seeing her fucked hard. As of yet, we have not found a replacement for Mathiew but I really hope we can.

Thanks for reading.

Koda Cpl




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