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Well, I'm not sure if my wife will finally go through with it. I have read many of these blog posts about cuckolding and the hotwife lifestyle in order to understand myself and what I felt.

A little summary.

We have been together for more than 10 years and we are in our early 30's. I am a tall guy, well built and with a good education. I never considered myself a Beta male or someone that likes submission and emotional chastity. I just like the idea of seeing her shared without the humiliation aspect. She is beautiful as you can see, smart, honest and does care about me and us.

Earlier in our relationship, when we had sex she would say stuff like, "More dick pls..." in the middle of our action, only for her to say when confronted that it was my dick she was talking about. I have no idea why but this made me horny as hell, the idea of her taking, "more dick" was in my head from that moment on, seeing my girl with another man was something that I wanted, I never touched the subject again for years, compensating part of my fantasy of watching her, by buying her vibrators that she gladly embarked on.

We started with small rabbit vibrators, going to the bigger ones (9.4"/24cm). Needless to say that she reached peaks of pleasure with the vibrators that I could not top. This lasted a few years...

With all of this going on and my head accepting what I desired, It was time to put the cards on the table.

A few years ago I started talking about the concept of seeing her with another man. Let me tell you... This was terrible. Her reaction was very bad and she said, "No fucking way, are you nuts !?" After explaining my reasons behind this and telling her that she would be the focus of the attention (something she always claimed she likes to be and during sex), her reaction was still very negative.

I was very confused at this point, because trust me guys, sometimes she would give me weird signs (and it was not in my head), like one time being on Skype with her first boyfriend while he was abroad. I took the chance to include him in my talks with her during and after sex about my fetish. Believe it or not, the idea alone made her a completely different person in bed, every time it was mentioned by me at her ear. Other times she would completely block the idea and react in such a bad way that always ended up in a discussion.

Time has passed since that period, from time to time I would bring the subject up, sometimes she would receive it well, others the opposite and this was always happening for the past few years, the same pattern.

A year ago she suddenly started dirty talking during sex, saying stuff similar to what she said when we were younger but way more intense and graphic. My beautiful wife, started indulging in my fantasy but when asked if she wanted to do it, her reaction was basically a "no" with a lot of questions followed: "What if I like it? Could you handle seeing me? What about DST's? Doesn't that worry you?" - To which I said yes, ofc - "Where can we find someone for that? I would prefer a pub, I don't like the idea of finding someone we know!" - I explained to her that finding someone "online" had a huge advantage, the fact that we could say no, or stop anytime made all the difference while knowing someone in a bar could lead to confrontations if she said, "No" to someone that could be drunk.

She went silent! No words from her for a couple of weeks, until during a vibrator session she came to me and said, "I want to have fun in bed, it has been very stale with you for the last 3 years, I love you but I want to have fun again."

This did it. Without knowing what would happen I made an account on an adult dating site. I picked a pic of her feet, knowing that she didn't want anything of her online and placed it as the avatar, configured our profile and waited.

In the meantime, she would talk about the type of guy she liked in terms of body, what tickled her physically in bed. "He needs to have some brains but not too much. Just a guy with common sense and with a great body." but without never affirming she would go through with it.

A couple of weeks ago, one guy added us to his favorites or whatever it's called. He was strong, very ripped and had a "beautiful" smile. I showed two pictures to her out of nowhere, while she masturbated, the reaction was priceless.

She complied in taking some pictures for her profile. They were very shy pictures I must say...

Guys, I must tell you that showing those pictures to her, transformed a whole situation. She started talking about his body, his smile, she also said to me that she had dreams of her fucking other men.

I started talking with him to feel how he was. The way someone writes (English is not my native language by the way), tells a lot about that person in my opinion. He was spot on. Good writing skills, educated and respectful. I told her this and she was interested.

A week ago the man that added us asked for a pic of her, it was only fair to me since she knew how he looked like. I told her this and yesterday she did an amazing session.

She changed clothes, she put on a bodycon black dress and wore a pair of sexy heels voluntarily (Yup, she was hot). I started by grabbing the phone and tried to take a few pictures, she didn't like what I took and grabbed the phone from my hands. She started taking selfies in a lot of positions (I never imagined her to do something like this and how good she was at it) but never being sexually basic, I don't know how to explain this. She took some sensual and sexy pictures of her.

When she couldn't reach the phone camera button, I would be asked to do it for her, grab the phone, walk a few steps back and take them from the place she wanted. In the middle of this she was saying the pictures were for me but come on, I could honestly tell by her body language that she wasn't thinking about me.

She took 67 pictures, treated them on my phone app, and said that if I was to send pictures to the guy that asked for them, she would be ok with two that she pointed out.

I sent the pictures to the guy, he was very polite and said she was great. "Congratulations to the both of you", he typed.

I told her this. Guys, she was happy! :)

Then, the next day, she had cold feet and said she didn't want it anymore. I was smart and didn't overreact. I told her I was fine with whatever decision she made and we would respect that.

Earlier today she switched again and we rented a room just for the two of us (her idea). She wanted a hotel room (High-end, we don't want the experience to be in a common place) and she even said, "Do you see that chair? That is where you are going to sit!" I almost came right there. From calling it off to being there in the rom, telling me how things will play out "if" we ever did anything.

She went from constant discussions to being actually interested in doing this. I asked her what as changed. Her answer was simple, "I was being a fool, If you are ok with me enjoying cute guys with a nice body while you watch, this means that I don't have to cheat on you, which would probably happen in the future because I am bored with our sex life, I thought I could handle it, I love you more than anything but I am dying with curiosity to try this."

I was mind blown.

P.S - Next step will be to schedule something with the man to meet him first before we book that hotel room.

Thank you for reading. I needed to put this out there!

I'm still not sure if she will really go through with it? Was I played from the beginning? Did she plant the seed years ago?

Is she just teasing me to play to my fantasty? If this happens, I'll post an update, but things move slowly so it may take time.

Here are two of the racy pictures I took that were just for us but that I wanted her to send him. She didn't answer but smiled.

That almost made me cum too.

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