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This is the final installment, part three of the first series on punishments by the Cuckold Coach. As I wrote this, and upon reflecting on it, I realized that it was really a cursory treatment of punishments. Primarily, it introduced the four common types of punishments, gave some tips on how to begin exploring them, and shared a few specific examples. I will do the same here with the last category of punishments, that which is most commonly associated with the word, Physical Punishment. At some point down the road I may revisit each of the four types of punishments for a more in-depth and perhaps advanced series.

Physical punishment is by far the most awkward and difficult punishment for most women to get into. Oddly, men do not seem to struggle as much with it. Perhaps it is because men are often a bit more rough-and-tumble than women, and perhaps it is because once having put themselves in a position to be physically punished, the role of the man is simply to accept what is happening (as opposed to having to perform or deliver). That said, make no mistake about it, physical punishment can be ratcheted up to the point of being very challenging for the recipient.

Although I am familiar with the fact that it is not uncommon in female-led-relationships for the woman to regularly administer physical punishments as a matter of course (as opposed to in response to a specific misdeed), That is not what I am focusing on here today. So, in order for you to entertain using physical punishments, you need to lay the groundwork. That is to say, you need to be able to identify and communicate what was done to earn the punishment, or what was not done that should have been done as requested. There has to be a clear connection to the dynamic you two have been working toward and you have to show confidence as you administer it. If you struggle with doling out physical punishment; whether before, during or after, DO NOT let it show.

you cannot equivocate when choosing physical punishment, that does not mean initial efforts have to be unduly harsh. Sometimes a swift and well-timed punishment can be very effective. A swift swat on the bottom, executed at a time where he cannot speak about it or balk. For example, imagine that you have dinner guests over and you find yourself alone in the kitchen for a moment. Perhaps he has been hogging the conversation or being less than as respectful to you or one of your guests as you would like. A single, hard swat takes no time at all. If done with some gusto, it will give him a shot of adrenaline and remind him who is in charge. Creativity is your friend and there is little that you should not consider if it comes to mind so long as it is within the limits of your relationship. Needless to say, all my advice is meant for couples in a long-term relationship where each person is very familiar with the other.

Another tip for easing into using physical punishment is to use non-traditional physical punishments. Examples of this include having him stand in a corner, holding one of your favorite toys against the wall with his mouth for a time period of your choosing. You can also force him to exercise. How many sit-ups, push-ups or squats did that misdeed warrant exactly? The beauty of this latter approach is that, if you know your partnerís level of fitness and limits well, you can bring about a level of soreness that he will remember in the coming days.

Many women also find that is much easier to physically punish their man if they are not looking right at him. Blindfolding him or putting him face down are ways that you can avoid losing your nerve or breaking character. Although I strongly caution against playing while intoxicated in any way, a glass of wine to relax you is not ill-advised.

Physical punishments can take on all sorts of forms. You can also pair them with other previously discussed punishments. Imagine making him strip naked and stand outside in the cold at night (providing you can do so without ending up with a call to the local authorities). Perhaps make him sleep on the floor at the foot of your bed until he has earned the right to join you? There are so many ways to employ physical punishments. Donít limit yourself simply to a good working over with a paddle (although that works well also). Engage all the senses. Make him eat meals that you choose, perhaps particularly because he does not like what is on the menu. Be creative!

Finally, do not shy away from traditional, well-understood physical discipline. The first thing you should know is that you literally cannot hurt him with your open hand on his bare bottom. This is a good place to start if you are having trouble crossing the threshold to traditional physical discipline. Besides, afterwards you can humiliate him about how red his ass is, maybe even take some pictures to leverage later. Get yourself a paddle to save wear and tear on your hand. Ease into it at first. Before long, you will find both your tolerance and his have taken you to a place that was difficult to imagine at the outset. Commit to using physical discipline of this sort three or four time. Think about and plan ahead of time what they will be, ideally with increasing duration or intensity. Then look back and I think you will find that it is much easier (not to mention fun and effective) than you imagined.

Finally, I encourage you to give some thought to restraint. Coupled with blindfolding him or positioning him so you donít have to look him in the eye will make getting the ball rolling much easier. The psychological component of knowing he is literally at her mercy is intoxicating and effective. Eventually however, donít be surprised if you make him look you right in the eye as you discipline him. :}

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