Wife Hid 2 Sugar Daddies from Me

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Hi there. I'm a 50 year old male with a young hot fiancee. I am really interested in becoming a cuckold. I fantasize about it all the time. She has been quite skeptical but she's warming up to the idea now. There's some really important background which is that early in our relationship she actually had two Sugar Daddies. She didn't tell me about it at the time but I found her website subscription and then she admitted to it so she basically did cuckold me already with sugar daddies.

After that she told me she had given up that lifestyle because she's seriously in love with me and whenever I brought up any kind of interest in sharing her she told me she wants to focus on strengthening and deepening our relationship. She did say she wasn't ruling it out for the future but not for the time being. Recently she admitted to me that she was watching porn where I was making out with another guy. She said she wasn't particularly into the idea of being fucked by another guy herself but that she gets turned on by thinking about me sucking another guy or the guy fucking me.

I have never been with another guy but I'm open-minded especially since it turns her on. Anyway we recently went on holiday and we went to a seedy bar with strippers and she took the initiative to do a mini strip only down to her underwear but it was super hot. I know she did it for me. I really enjoyed watching her being watched by Other Guys. I don't know whether this kind of stripper Fantasy is part of other guys cuckold desires.

Anyway she started flirting a lot with one particular guy and gave him some really sexy dances in her bikini. It really looked like she was enjoying it and she kept grinning and looking over at me to check I was ok so I felt comfortable and she let me take videos of the whole thing which really turned me on. Now recently we started talking about how deeply we love each other and how we love each other with all the things that have happened knowing everything that each other has done and has thought and I told her I love her even with her decision with two other guys and especially because she came back to me and and decided to deepen our love.

She said to me that at first she found it really difficult to understand how I could love her deeply and still want to share her with another guy but now she's realising that's just who I am. We haven't ever done a proper normal cuckolding scenario where she actually fucks another guy and I watch or I stay home and jerk off, but I think about it a lot. I just wanna get this off of my chest and know that other cuck guys and Bulls and anyone else out there reading this blog will understand about this whole thing.

Obviously I know some people think that since she actually cheated on me with a sugar daddy it would be a really bad idea and we don't have the trust. But I feel that actually we have this deep trust now and she has proven herself to me and maybe now we're ready to explore. She's half my age and really really hot and gets hit on by guys everyday.

This turns me on immensely. Incidently my fantasies focus on her being taken away by a bull for a day or two and me being at home but recently I'm warming up to the idea of being present myself and taking part... maybe cleaning her up afterwards.

Mature & Young



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