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My beautiful wife Jo and I have been married for around nine years, but over the last couple, things in my wife's words, got boring. She is far more sexual than I am and it seems that as the years go by, her libido increases and mine does not and it even got to the point that she was talking about getting a lover on the side whether I agreed or not. In the end and to keep my wife happy, we moved to Florida, something Jo had been asking for, for quite awhile. I wasn't totally against the move but if it made Jo happy then I was happy to go along with it.

Soon after we arrived, Jo met a couple called Monica and Burt while out shopping. She had been sitting having coffee at a Mall when Monica came over and introduced herself and asked her to come over and meet her husband. She said that Burt was a photographer and used to photograph for illustrations in erotic stories for a German company. She said that Jo was very photogenic and she could make money modelling for them and it would be fun. Monica also said that they lived in a condo at a clothing optional resort and that Jo should come over and try the lifestyle. When Jo got home, she was very honest about all that had happened that morning and was excited about it, but I was not and tried talking her out of it but I knew I was wasting my time.

The following weekend, we left to meet the couple at their condo around 11am and I was anxious about the whole situation and being naked with a bunch of other people was not appealing to me at all, but Jo said clothing was optional and I could wear shorts. When I met Burt and Monica, they seemed genuine people and Monica had a beautiful body, and for our meeting was wearing a tiny bikini. After a couple drinks we all went to the pool and and found deckchairs, the two men sitting on the outside with the two girls between us. The other three undressed and were naked but not feeling comfortable, I kept my shorts on and covered myself with sunscreen. After a short time I noticed some young guys would be walking by us quite often and openly checking out the girls who were naked and Jo seemed to me to be opening her legs more than necessary when they passed by, so came to the conclusion that she was loving showing herself off.

Laying in the sun wasn't really for me so went over to the shade of the bar but where I could see my wife. An hour later I saw Jo and Monica leave and they were holding hands, which seemed odd but guessed that they had going to a bathroom but they didn't return for over an hour. Later that evening when we got home, Jo told me that she and Monica had gone back to the condo and had sex together, her first female encounter, she had enjoyed it, even when it came to licking Monica's pussy. We kinda had a big argument about the way things were going but Jo said she was going to have fun and wanted to make up for lost time and if I wasn't happy, I could leave. She said she loved me but needed to explore her sexual needs so in the end I had no real choice as I didn't want to lose her. That night, we had great sex as Jo told me all the nasty details of sex with Monica. How Monica enjoyed having her cunt and asshole licked and afterward, had put on a strap on and fucked Jo with it.

The following day, Jo left for her first photo shoot with Burt for his illustrations at around noon and didn't come back untill 5pm that night. She said she had gotten to the condo and Burt was setting up lights and had given her a schoolgirl outfit to put on. Monica had helped with her make up and hair and then left for the pool, leaving her with Burt. A young guy called Brad had arrived and Burt had introduced him as the model she would be working with. Brad was a good looking guy who worked out so Jo was pretty excited. The photo shoot was as Jo expected. Burt took some pictures of Jo in her schoolgirl outfit, then pictures with Brad together. Brad had done this modelling with Burt before and knew the ropes, so when given the get go, he just came over to Jo and put his hand inside her panties and stuck his finger in her pussy, which was soaking wet. Then Jo was on her knees taking Brad's cock out of his shorts and letting him stuff it down her throat.

At some stage, Monica came back and Jo caught a glimpse of her sitting on a lounge chair with a leg over each arm of it, playing with her pussy. Then Jo had been naked doing sixty nine on the floor with Brad and after that he had fucked her against the couch. Brad had told Burt he was about to cum but Burt asked him to stop fucking as he wanted a face cum shot later. Burt had then taken off his shorts and right in front of Monica, just pushed his cock in my wife and started fucking her doggy style and Monica was loving it in fact she was shouting to Burt to "fuck that slut"........ Ten minutes later, Burt shot his wad in her and Monica came over and lay on the floor below them as Burt pulled his prick out and told Jo to squat down on her face, which she did, and Monica proceeded to eat her husbands cum out of her cunt. Brad who had been watching everything happen was standing in a corner jerking his cock. Burt without even cleaning himself picked up his camera and told Brad to get back in there, which he did, but against Burt's wishes, had cum in Jo's cunt within a minute.

Hearing my wife tell the story got me so horny but instead of fucking, Jo wanted me to lick her to an orgasm, something she hadn't had all day even after being fucked by two men. I made the remark that she had two loads of cum in her but she just said "do it", so I did. Over the next twenty or so minutes, she came four times and then after, I shot my load in her mouth.

That night Jo told me that Burt had paid her $400 for the photo session and had offered her more work, the next shoot was four days away. and would be at the fantastic home of a very wealthy guy who was an attorney. Before leaving, Monica had given Jo two different size butt plugs to use and get used to. I still wasn't happy about the way the relationship with my wife was going but we were having the best sex ever in our time together and that was a huge plus.

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