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After that first night with the group, life just seemed to gel at every level for us. Both of us seemed happier and lighter, and our sex life, while always pretty good, became supercharged Ė both with others and just alone. Cathy, while always able to have multiple orgasms, just went to another level. Her orgasms became stronger, deeper and at times, just continuous. She also, in my view, became much more self-confident and sure of herself. For the first time, she found it easy to just let go and both give and receive pleasure at a level I had never seen before.

We continued to play with the group for almost a year. While nothing could match that first night, we did have some special times Ė like when Frank & Jan left because of a business transfer and we invited a new couple to join us. It was a replay of our first time and what a thrill to be on the other side giving a new couple the thrill of a lifetime. Itís always more intense when youíre with a new partner for the first time, but to be one of three men giving a woman her first sharing/swinging experience is just incredible. Cathy said she pretty much felt the same when it came time to give her husband the same treatment. But thatís another story.

After Frank and Jan left and we had added a new couple, the excitement seemed to wane and it felt like something was missing. One night after making love, Cathy and I began talking about it. It seems we both wanted a more intimate experience. As we began talking about what that might look like, Cathy, gently came out with the fact that since Frank had left, she really, really missed having a big cock. To my surprise, I was instantly hard again with the thought of that. I couldnít get the words out fast enough Ė would she be interested in a threesome with a well hung guy. Cathy didnít hesitate and said she was hoping I would want that because she sure did.

Again, I couldnít get online fast enough. After looking a number or profiles of single guys and corresponding with a few, we decided we might have more luck if we placed our own ad. Basically, we were looking for a guy in his late thirties to his early fifties. We wanted someone who could talk intelligently, was gentle Ė but could just let go and go for it - and genuinely wanted to be with a couple where all the focus would be on Cathy. He of course should have a huge cock. As you might expect, our mailbox was filled instantly. What a pain to sort through them all, but we eventually found what looked like the perfect fit. Brian was 49, lived close and was a widower who said that he much preferred threesomes with another couple to larger swinging groups or single gals. He also said that while he was straight, he wasnít homophobic and knew that a certain amount of touching in close quarters was going to happen. Best of all, he had a thick ten inches.

We met Brian at a hotel lounge near our house on a Friday night. It seemed like a replay of our first night with the group. We were both excited, nervous and on edge, but at the same time really looking forward to something we hoped would be really special. After a few awkward moments of getting to know each other Ė trying to act nonchalant and at the same time remembering why we were all there Ė we fell into an easy conversation and felt like we had known each other for years. It wasnít long before we invited him back to our house. On the drive back, Brian followed us. We didnít talk much, but boy could you cut the sexual tension with knife. Neither one of us could wait to get home.

I had turned the spa on and the lights down low before we left. When we got home, Cathy asked Brian if heíd like to get in the spa with us. We went out, stripped quickly and got in. Cathy was between us, and after a little small talk, we both started to caress Cathyís upper body and breasts. I felt one of Cathyís hands gently grab my cock. From the look on her face, she must have grabbed Brianís as well. She let out a gasp and had this look of disbelief on her face. I hadnít got a good look at him as we got in the spa, but I was guessing he must have been every bit as big as he said he was. It wasnít long before Cathy suggested we all go to the bedroom. When we got out of the spa, I almost lost my breath. Brianís cock was sticking straight out and it was HUGE. My heart was pounding and I couldnít get to the bedroom fast enough.

It still amazes me how everything just flowed that night without Brian and me even talking. When we got to the bedroom, Cathy just ended up between us. We were both kissing and caressing her at the same time. She was really turned on and moaning as we both had a hand on and around her pussy. Brian had his large fingers in her and I was rubbing her now very swollen clit. It took just few minutes for her orgasms to start. Brian and I just kept it up and she had one after the other Ė she told me later that his larger fingers had found her G spot and the firm pressure had caused more powerful orgasms that ever. It was great! After a bit, we re-positioned ourselves. I went down on Cathy while Brian moved to give her his cock Ė what an experience. Iím eating my wife and she is withering all over the place and at the same time Iím watching her suck on one of the biggest cocks Iíd ever seen. God I was hard. What happened next is what I had wanted for a very long time. I layed back against the headboard and pulled Cathy over on top of me face up. As I nibbled on her neck and played with both of her breasts, Brain got into position to fuck her. My heart was pounding and it was hard to get my breath as Brian slowly pushed his cock into Cathyís pussy. I didnít think she could ever take all of him, but after a couple of short strokes, he was in all the way in. He waited for a bit to let her adjust to his size and then started a slow, deliberate rhythm. Then, after just a few minutes, Cathy just let go and had the most intense series of orgasms that Iíve ever seen her have. I canít even begin to describe how it felt to hold and kiss my wife while she was having the most intense pleasure imaginable. I donít know that Iíve ever felt closer to her.

The rest of the night was just a blur. We fucked and sucked in just about every combination. Right up there with holding Cathy while she was fucked was something that happened near the end of the evening. Iím still not sure how it came about - it just naturally happened in the heat of the moment. Brian was fucking Cathy from behind and she was going down on me. I just kind of slid under her and the next thing I know Iím watching this huge super wet cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I couldnít resist. I start to tongue her clit. God what a turn on. She went crazy, I came buckets in her mouth and Brian exploded Ė all pretty much at the same time. It was just raw passion and pleasure for everyone.

None of us could get enough that first night. I came three times, Brian I think four and Cathyís orgasms were just off the chart. Brian finally left at 3:00 in the morning. Cathy and I just fell asleep until noon the next day. When we woke up, we just held each other and talked about how exciting a night it had been. We both wanted a repeat performance and couldnít with to call Brian. Our story is still continuing.

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