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We've been married for three years, she's in her late twenties, beautiful charming and sexy. she's got shining eyes, red hot lips, big soft boobs and bouncing hips. We love each other so much.

Before we got married, we stay apart in two different cities, so we have little time together, every time we were close to spending some time with ech other, it seemed that we just stayed in bed, you know, fucking. We only had a break for some food. She was always longing for endless orgasms, time after time, but I didn't have much sexual experience before her, most of the time, I came too soon, and it's hard to say my cock is only about 4 inches. It was frustrating hearing her say, "Hang on honey, I'm coming, one more minute, go faster... oh, no, damn..." Yes, I failed to bring her to the top. She had to use toys or fingers to finish. But after a while, she was so kind to say, "that's ok, honey, you did much better, next time will be great."

Fortunately, she was wearing her ring and became my wife, I love her, cherish her, and want her to be happy. But it seemed that I still couldn't satisfy her in bed. Even worse, sometimes my cock couldn't stay hard in her warm wet cunt before I came. Although she said she was ok, I could tell she felt down and helpless. But I could do nothing.

Time went on, I tried different ways to satisfy her, I went to the gym to build my body, learned some massage to warm her up, used my tongue to lick her juicy pussy and my fingers to caress her G spot. It seemed that sometimes she could get the feelings she craved. And when I searched online for exciting, sexual skills, I came across "cuckold", beautiful wife got fucked by better cock, the scene made my heart beating and even rock hard, it just felt so terrific.

Since then, I couldn't get the fantasy out of my mind, when licking her cherry like tits, how I wished there were a huge cock down there, penetrating her warm cunt. However when I asked her if she, "crave bigger cocks?" her respond was, "only yours now". I appreciated that and also felt a little lost. For I was afraid of hurting her, I couldn't take a further step.

At the same time, I was addicted to the cuckold fantasy, looking for the cuck fictions, pics, and vids. When I was into these, I felt as if my wife was the heroine, she flirted with my friends, went shopping without bras and panties, fucked her boss, etc.... And I began to chat with others online, talking about my wife, even showed them pics of my wife's tits and juicy pussy, when hearing them say, "fuck your wife, pound her slutty pussy", I couldn't help masturbating, and finally cum. But it stayed in fantasyland.

One summer night, things come to a change. My wife come back home after work, she was sweaty and went to bathe first. Suddenly her phone rang, it was some texts. Wondering if any emergency from work, I picked up and had a check. Oh, it was a male colleague, sent a pic of a sexy beauty with the words, "already got home? I just saw a beauty on the road, she reminded me of you, especially the charming perfume."

What the hell, did she flirt with the man? But she deleted the records, so there was nothing left with him. As it aroused my curiosity, I began to check her phone carefully, texts, calls, and scan records. Think what I found, she was fond of reading erotic fictions, videos and cartoons, that she never mentioned before. Suddenly she came out naked, "what are you doing with my phone?"

"Nothing, I just see if there is ..." she grabbed back, saw the browses opened, and she found the new texts from her colleague. We paused for a while, not knowing what to say. "We are just common friends working together, don't worry, believe me, honey."

"He talks about the smell of you, why he ..."

"Yes, we used to have dinner and drinks in bar a few times, but nothing else, it's true, nothing more." Doubting about the relationship made me excited, I urged my wife to lean on the sofa, directly thrust into her pussy from behind without foreplay, "Oh, baby, what's up, your cock's hard?"

"Tell me all the dirty things I don't know,about your male friends, your boss, even strangers, and all your sex fantasies, tell me."

"We did never have sex, just some flirting, that's all, oh my god..." I gave her a fierce pounding. "Once I was out on business, got messed up at work, we went to a bar to have some drinks, it was so boring that I had a bit too much, and sorry honey, I talked too much, even about our sex life, I must have lost my mind."

"And then?" I kept fucking her as she spoke, one hand teasing her hard tits, and the other caressing her clit.

"He gave me a warm embrace and comforted me, telling me everything would be ok, and gradually he started to fondle my hair, my back, I didn't resist, I could feel my pussy getting wet, so I moved my legs and hips. Maybe he could tell, his hands come to my boobs and thighs, I was a little dreamy, just felt horny and craved his caress. His hand slid into my miniskirt, fingers touched my lace panties, he didn't stop, and began to make small circles. I felt a wetness flow, couldn't help opening my legs and arched my hips to make my wet pussy meet the amazing sensations. I saw some man in the place discover our game, grinning at me. Reckless, I let it happen more, moaned in low tones. And I felt his erection, honey, maybe 6 inches at least. He asked to leave for a hotel, I knew what he wanted. I was eager for a big cock to fill me, but I felt guilty at the same time. Remembering you calmed me down, I forced myself to avoid cheating. So I struggled to leave and refusing his escort. When I arrived at the hotel, I took a shower, hot water flowed over my skin, I masturbated, moaned with the fantasy of his big cock filled me."

I took a huge thrust, came loads into her flooded pussy. We were all completely exhausted, she said, "I had a wonderful orgasm, I was afraid that you would lose your temper with me, but why did you seem so excited and why did you perform so well?"

"I love you, you are so kind and nice, you deserve everything you want, even better cocks, that's ok."

"You mean you wanna be a cuckold? I thought it only happened in fiction."

"Yes, I'd love that."

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