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My wife and I had a great time on our last trip and we'd like to tell you about it. A few weeks before our arrival in Vegas, I put out an ad online to see what kind of responses we would get. I had told my wife I wanted her to play but I'd put no pressure on her to. I do like to get some guys lined up just in case she tells me she's ready to have some fun.

I went through all the ads and weeded out the guys I knew she wouldn't want. The guys I thought might have a chance I gave them my email and we chatted over the next few weeks. I'd chosen a few to keep in contact with but one was standing out over the others and he's the one I wanted her to meet if she decided she wanted to do anything.

Once we got to Vegas, I told her that I had someone lined up and was talking to someone special. I told her we could just meet for a drink the next day and have no pressure. She was NOT interested at all that night or the next day. However, she was letting me take sexy pics of her and send them to him. So the next day we went out and got our frozen drinks and walked around. We wound up at Victoria's Secret where she bought some new bras and panties.

She was nice and buzzed and we went back to our room. She started trying on her new purchases with different outfits and letting me take pictures of her to send to our new guy. At this point she had started to feel sexy and with the buzz I could tell she was starting to think about meeting this guy. I told her that he was in some meetings but could meet us after and that he had dinner plans with clients later in the evening. This was a perfect opening because we could meet and then she'd feel no pressure knowing that he had to leave for dinner. She agreed to the meeting and he would let us know when he was done with his clients. In the meantime she took a nap since we'd walked all over the place.

She woke up and was sober but still willing to go meet guy. He said he was finishing up and we got a Lyft to his hotel. She was really nervous, like she always is doing this kind of thing, but she stayed calm and was sexy as fuck.

We met him at a bar and sat down. He was tall and handsome which is something she really likes. She's only 5'4" so him being almost a foot taller than her was something that was going to be really sexy to see.

We had a few drinks and then let him get on his way. We went to our room and had our own dinner then started walking. A few hours had passed and I'd been chatting with him and he was really wanting to hook up with my wife but was putting no pressure on us. He was sending pics of the view from his room and bathtub and I think that's what pushed her over the edge. She really wanted to take a bath and witness the view for herself.

We told him we were on our way and would be there shortly. We actually walked the 30 min over to his hotel since we were out walking anyway. We met him inside the casino and he took us up to his suite. We get in there and the views were spectacular. Nicest room we'd ever been in down there.

She hadn't had a drink for hours and was stone cold sober at this point. I was in awe that she agreed to go over there and hadn't been drinking. This was totally new for her but she was perfectly fine. He did give her a champagne drink and the night started.

She filled the tub and got in and shortly after this new guy got in with her. They played around a little bit then decided to move to the bed. The view from this room was even better than the bathroom. It was a corner room that had views on two sides.

He pulled her onto the bed and sucked her nipples before flipping her over and going down on her sexy bald pussy. They were both loving it and it was so sexy hearing her moan. They kissed and felt each other's bodies and became familiar with each other. I love watching her completely naked in front of other men. That is the biggest turn on.

We all played around and both of us would fuck her in different positions and she'd suck the cock of whoever wasn't inside her pussy. She came from a vibrator while he was pounding her in missionary position. He kept telling her how sexy her tits were bouncing up and down with each thrust. She liked that a lot.

After a while I had to fuck my pretty wife again and pounded her on the edge of the bed until I filled her up. Our new friend laid down and she got on top of him and rode him for a bit until he told her to sit on his face. She slid up to his mouth and rode him there until he wanted to fuck her again.

He had her lie down and slid his cock inside her soaking wet pussy and pounded her until he couldn't handle it anymore. He ripped the condom off and squirted all over her tits which was really hot to watch.

We thanked him for letting us come over to which he said we didn't have to thank him, it was he who needed to thank us. I suppose he's right since it was my wife he was getting to fuck. Lol.

Either way, we had a really good time and finally played in Vegas.

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