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So first off I am a cuckold husband of an extremely sexy woman. Attached is a recent pic I took of her on our kitchen counter after she picked up our first black playmate. I was outside on the deck and took this pic of him removing her panties before he slid his monster cock inside of her while I gratefully watched with my own hard cock in hand... but before this I wondered how I became a cuckold who loves to watch his wife take on another man?

The summer after my first year of college (I was 18 at the time) I took on a job a couple nights a week working for a guy who owned a head shop which sold adult videos/magazines as well as paraphernalia for other fun stuff. As you can imagine, much of the clientele was gay and over the first couple weeks I got to know a lot of the regulars. Late one night the owner stopped in before closing and asked if Iíd ever be open to modeling some of the clothing they carried and maybe agree to a few pics he could share with the regulars. I was pretty taken aback by this, but like most kids, a couple hundred bucks was always useful so I agreed. We set up a time later that week for me to come to one of his apartments he kept downtown and he gave me a full glass of whiskey to drink beforehand to calm the nerves. After some small talk, we went to the bedroom and he gave me what amounted to a man thong and I changed into it in front of him. Although I was nervous, I also was embarrassed that my cock was already hard when I pulled down my underwear and I had to tuck it in to even get the thong over the top of it. The guy was super cool and told me to just lay on the bed and relax. He put a porn on the tv and told me to just have fun and he would take a couple pics.

After just a few minutes of watching, I could take it no longer and pulled out my rock hard dick and started stroking it pretty furiously. He stopped taking pics and walked over and said I was doing it wrong for the camera. He said rub your cock up and down slowly and rub the whole shaft from you head down to your balls. He squirted some lube on his hand and said he would show me exactly what he wanted. I suppose he read my body language and how I arched my hips when he grasped my cock in his big hand because he just kept going. After about a minute he leaned over and put my dick in his mouth and sucked me until I exploded all over my stomach. Instead of allowing me to catch my breath, he took my soft little dick back in his mouth and sucked me until I came again. At some point he took my hand and tried to put it on his crotch, but I resisted and pulled away. After I came the second time, I was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed and left with a couple hundred dollars in my wallet.

I didnít see him for a couple of days, but then one night he stopped into work again and asked if I wanted him to suck my dick again and I said no. I was having a hard time dealing with the shame of having had it happen just one time before.

I went back to college and would sometimes jack off thinking about it and wondered if I might be bi. When I went home for a long weekend a couple months later, I called him to see if he had any odd jobs for some money while I was there. He told me that he would be working on his boat Sunday afternoon and he could use a hand. When I got down there around 4:30, he didnít mention anything from before and we just went to work cleaning the boat. After a couple hours, he brought me a beer and suggested we call it a day and relax in the hot tub he had on the back. As we walked to the rear of the boat he stripped off and I did the same. After the first beer he asked me to go into the galley for the second beer and as I was closing the ice box I felt something pressing against my back (it was his hard cock). He leaned further in and pressed against me and reached around to squeeze my cock.

I became hard instantly and started panting to catch my breath. He spun me around and I was face to face with him. I noticed for the first time how long and thick his cock was and reached out to stroke it. He pushed me by my shoulders onto my knees and forced his dick in my mouth. It tasted different and there was already some cum leaking out of his fat head. I started to get worked up and really enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth. After awhile he stood me up and led me to the small bedroom and laid me on my back. He climbed on top of me and began grinding his cock on mine. We were both dripping precum at this point and the slippery sensation felt amazing. He then parted my legs and lathered up my tight ass with his saliva before climbing back on top of me with his cock pressing against my hole. As he pushed forward the head of his dick penetrated me with a pain I cannot describe.

After he was inside of me for a minute or two I began to adjust to the size and it felt good. He steadily picked up the pace until he was ramming his fat cock inside of me until I felt him tense up and explode a stream of hot cum in my ass. I came almost simultaneously from no stimulation whatsoever and it was an orgasm like Iíd never had before. At this point, while I had no romantic feelings for a guy, I realized I liked sex with both men and women. I got together with the same guy several more times over the next few years while I was in town, but after him I had no more guy on guy experiences.

Over time, I just kind of forgot about it. Until I met my wife. As we started down the path of fantasy, we both realized how sexy it would be for her to take on other well endowed lovers. As that became a reality and our experience grew, we kept pushing the envelope. The topic came up about me maybe sucking off a guy with her or possibly even fucking him as well. It was then I told her about my past and thankfully she was just as turned on as I was. I made it clear I was only interested in taking or sucking a cock with no intention of being the giver. The first time we put this into play was awesome. We met one of her regular guys at a hotel. When we got back to the room, I sat in a chair and stroked my little cock while she expertly fucked and sucked her much more well endowed playmate. She invited me over to the bed to kiss her neck while she sucked him off. She then lifted my chin to bring my mouth up to his huge fat head. She gently pushed my face forward and I took as much of his cock in my mouth I could fit.

She let me suck him off for a couple minutes before she sent me back to the chair and she fucked him until he blew his load deep inside of her. After he rolled Off of my wife she called me back to get between her legs and lick and suck her pussy until Iíd cleaned all of his cum out of her....

That was the start of a new chapter for us. Some guys are cool with that and some arenít. Itís never been a deal breaker, but itís definitely more fun when I get to join in!!

Brett & Wife - millerbal77@gmail.com

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