My Friend Finds out and Takes My Wife

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The wife and I have had some fun over the years with mostly guys weve met online or in a bar. Ive often hinted to her that Id love to have her take one of my friends as that would be more humiliating (but so sexy and hot). The situation presented itself in kind of a weird way... my wife and I met up with a guy she had already been with multiple times. Hes a good guy and very well hung. No strings attached and its simple and fun.

After a couple of drinks, I left them alone and after I was gone, one of my friends saw them together and confronted her. She explained the situation and it obviously was a little weird after that because I knew that he knew. When we would all go out together, given his knowledge of what my wife and I sometimes did for fun was a big turn on. I knew he wanted to fuck my wife, but nothing came of it. Then this week, we were all out at a bar and sitting at a big table of friends. My wife came later and I made sure to save an open seat for her next to him.

When she got there, she sat down and they were chatting and laughing. (My wife is def a flirt). As everyone was leaving we three stayed and got seats at the bar. I had to leave for a little bit to drop a friend off at home and my wife said they would stay and I should just come back when I was done.

When I came back I peeked in the window and they were sitting very close and her hand was on his leg. Then I saw him lean it to kiss her. At this point I texted her that I was still out and asked how things were going at the bar. She replied back that they were going to fuck tonight but hes a little weirded out. I said Id be back in a little bit to discuss the arrangement with him.

In a few minutes, I walked back in and they both looked up at me and my buddy looked a little nervous. I basically said that my wife was free to have fun as long as it was understood that discretion was very important. With that, I gave her a kiss and said Id see her later and they should have fun and I left the bar.

He drove her back to his house and she texted me to pick her up a couple hours later. When I pulled up in front of his house, I jealously watched as my beautiful wife walked down the steps towards my car with disheveled hair and a grin on her face. She climbed in and gave me a big kiss and reached down to massage my rock hard dick. I could smell my friends cock on her breath. We only live a few miles away and we were home in no time.

As soon as we got home we went straight to the bedroom and I stripped her down to her bra and panties. I kissed down her body and pulled her panties aside so I could slide my tongue in her pussy. It smelled like sex and cum literally oozed out down her crack. I was so turned on... as I climbed back to her she was smiling at me and asked if I wanted the details... she said they basically fucked for two hours.

That they were naked in 30 seconds once they got inside his house. She told me that my friend's cock was about the same length but his was so much thicker than mine and that she loved sucking it. That theyd be fucking and she would just stop so she could suck it some more. And then fuck again. She said she was stretched so good and she was so turned on knowing he was loving fucking her married pussy.

While he was pounding away, she told him how much bigger he was and she told me that he loved hearing that. She asked him to pull out and he told her he wanted to own her pussy and just then he buried it in to his big balls and just unloaded a huge load of cum deep inside of her. She said she laughed and told him that her husband would have fun later cleaning that up.

Hearing all of this made me so horny I almost came before putting my dick inside of my wife. Even though Id cleaned up as much as I could with my tongue, her pussy was still super slick and wet from the multiple loads of cum hed left for me. As I was pounding my wife, she was telling me she wished I was as thick as he was... she then grabbed her phone while I was still inside of her and texted my friend about meeting up the next day.

I could take it no more and was getting ready to cum and my wife pulled my cock out her and told me I wasnt allowed to cum inside of her. I blew my load all over her flat belly.

I woke up the next day and remember what had happened the night before and my dick got rock hard again wondering if she was actually going to meet him again that day...

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