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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, March 29, 2023

    Brought my best Friend to Vegas with us


    I am happy to say I finally have my wife's permission to post her pictures here. She and I started cuckolding with my best friend Steve when he was getting divorced. Steve's wife confided to me that she was having an affair. She and I weren't friends, heck, I didn't even like her. What was I supposed to do with this information? I just assumed she wanted me to tell him so I did. He confronted her and now he was having a tough time and I wanted to cheer him up.

    We went to do an event in Vegas. Steve and I rode out in the company truck. My wife flew in to meet us. We headed off to the hotel we were working at and started setting up the event. It was a 2-day set, so we had lots of time off to play on this one and this was a great town to play in. We finished our pre-set in the early afternoon, went back to the room to shower and then headed out on the town to gamble and play a bit. After a few hours, we became bored and had a long day ahead of us, so we headed back to the room. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 26, 2023

    My Wife had Sex while I Slept


    We're late 30's couple. During the last eight months I couldn't make love with my wife. As a result of exhausted working hours I couldn't go between her legs in spite of her seductions. I go to the bed early and sleep very deep.

    Any noise couldn't wake me up. One night after having several bottles of beer I went to sleep and two hours later I woke up. I had to empty my kidneys. My wife was not on the bed. I thought she might be in the kitchen. After emptying my overloaded kidneys I walked back to the bedroom half sleepy.

    I heard some strange noises coming from the guest room. I listened from the door and my wife was begging somebody to fuck her harder and deeper. I couldn't believe my ears and slowly opened the door and kept it a few inches ajar. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    Wife went Wild in a Country Bar


    This is something that happened to my wife and I and is our first taste of the cuckold world but hopefully not the last.

    We had been wine tasting all day in the small wineries about an hour from home. We then went dancing at a local western bar. She danced with me and a few others, but nothing serious was happening so we went back to the little bar in our old hotel. We had talked about stuff in bed but never expected anything to actually happen.

    As we settled in, 2 cowboys from the western bar came in and sat close to us at the bar. My wife is a sucker for a young cowboy. We starting talking and drinking and my wife was very loose now. When she went to the bathroom I thought I would get things rolling so I told the bar tender I would cover all the drinks, but he was to tell my wife that the payment was 1 button for 1 drink. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 19, 2023

    She likes the Taste of my Friend's Cum


    My girlfriend Lara is a self proclaimed blowjob expert and says she loves the taste of cum. As the beneficiary of her skills, I can back up her boasts. She is truly amazing. She will gladly give me blowjobs on a near daily basis and she always swallows my load.

    One week my old roommate Mike stayed over at our apartment. He was interviewing for a job in our area and we had a spare bedroom so it wasn't a big inconvenience. After dinner with Mike on the first night of his stay, Lara and I were watching a movie together with him. In the movie, a girl reacted to the idea of giving someone a blowjob as disgusting. Flippantly, Lara reacted by calling the girl in the movie dumb. Mike asked her what she meant. Somewhat embarrassed, Lara told Mike that she really enjoyed giving blowjobs.

    Mike laughed and asked Lara if she spit or swallowed. Lara said she always swallowed because she liked the taste. Mike was impressed but questioned if she actually liked the taste or just said she liked to taste for the guy's sake. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 15, 2023

    Wife Practiced with a Huge Dildo First


    This is probably just another of the many "it finally happened" stories I've read on here, but thought I'd post my experience for wannabe cucks (like I was) because I was sure it would never happen for me either. It may be a little ‘mundane' but it is as exactly as it is happening.

    My wife is an attractive woman. Ever since we met has always turned men's heads, I am average. She was however very sexually submissive. To be more accurate she was unadventurous and quite boring to me. She was happy with the usual oral sex, fuck and finish but I wanted more spice, eventually plucking up the nerve to suggest she fuck another guy. After mentioning this many times and it falling on deaf ears, I knew she wasn't keen and not interested at all. Eventually this led to us not having sex for a very long time (my choice) which was obviously harmful to our marriage.

    Anyway a few weeks ago we were in a holiday park and both had plenty to drink and one thing led to another and we ended up naked and ready for our first sex in ages. I stopped and looked at her and said "I really want you to fuck another guy. I want you to shave your cunt and fuck other men", expecting the usual ignore and continue what we were doing. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 12, 2023

    My Friend's Big Penis inside my Polish Wife


    My wife, after her adventures on our previous vacations from work, thought she had had enough of the cuckold lifestyle....

    When my friend came to stay with us for the night after Christmas, there was no indication that anything would happen.

    We drank alcohol, played games and laughed.

    Our children spent the night at the in-laws' house so we could indulge in different topics like different music styles we enjoy.

    We drank from the afternoon hours until 1 a.m., at least I think so, because I was drunk by my big friend who could drink a lot more was fine. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 08, 2023

    The First Time my Polish Wife Cucked Me


    I would like to tell the story of my cheating wife.

    At this point it has been 4 times, but I will tell the story one at a time....

    After our wedding we went on a trip to Bulgaria, young like sex and fun.

    Nice hotel nice people, on the first day at the pool several women were sunbathing without a bra, I asked my wife to show her big DD size boobs.

    Immediately several people sat down next to us, one of which was Hans from the Netherlands, he said we were a great couple, after lunch he sat down with us again and questioned us....

    Towards the evening when we returned to our room I asked my wife what she thought of Hans, she said he was athletic and had a nice face.... ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 05, 2023

    She was seen Naked


    This happened during a vacation I had with my gf last year's summer.

    We drove our rental car from LA to SF and on the way we stayed at a couple of drive in motels. This one we stayed at Carmel beach was actaully very nice with a lot of people staying there that long weekend. Anyway, this is how it goes.

    My gf is late 20s and see the pictures for a visual of her. She was wearing a fitted tube top with no bra, with her tits poking out the fabric, and a hot shorts in pink. We checked into the room. The motel is a four story and our room was on the third floor. All we brought with us into the room was a small over night bag, since we were only staying for a night. Once we got in my gf decided to take a shower so she striped off her top and hot shorts and dived into the shower.

    After she came out of the shower she realized their was no panties in the bag so she asked me to go get it for her in the other bag sitting in the car then. I told her it's ok and we are on a vacation so no need to wear panties with the micro mini skirt she was going to put on for the day. She insisted that I had to get it and it's only ok for not wearing a bra, upon my request. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 01, 2023

    My Cuckold Story


    So this is very long but I wanted to share the story of how I became a cuckold. I started reading the stories on this site when I was in college and I can't believe it happened to me in real life.

    My girlfriend Emily and I started dating in our mid twenties. From elementary school through college, Emily went to all girls schools and was relatively inexperienced with boys. During high school, she kissed a boy and he felt her up a bit after a party. And in college, she dated one guy for a half year and eventually lost her virginity to him. By her mid twenties, I was just the fourth guy she had ever kissed and the second guy she had ever dated and had sex with.

    Emily had a sexy girl next door type look combined with a shy personality. She didn't really know how to respond to guys flirting with her in general but she did enjoy male attention even if it was awkward at times. I met her at a party with some mutual friends and somehow worked up the courage to ask her out for coffee. ... READ THE REST HERE


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