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This happened during a vacation I had with my gf last year's summer.

We drove our rental car from LA to SF and on the way we stayed at a couple of drive in motels. This one we stayed at Carmel beach was actaully very nice with a lot of people staying there that long weekend. Anyway, this is how it goes.

My gf is late 20s and see the pictures for a visual of her. She was wearing a fitted tube top with no bra, with her tits poking out the fabric, and a hot shorts in pink. We checked into the room. The motel is a four story and our room was on the third floor. All we brought with us into the room was a small over night bag, since we were only staying for a night. Once we got in my gf decided to take a shower so she striped off her top and hot shorts and dived into the shower.

After she came out of the shower she realized their was no panties in the bag so she asked me to go get it for her in the other bag sitting in the car then. I told her it's ok and we are on a vacation so no need to wear panties with the micro mini skirt she was going to put on for the day. She insisted that I had to get it and it's only ok for not wearing a bra, upon my request.

Our room was facing the parking lot where our car was parked. When I was standing by the car getting the bag out, I heard some other guy telling the other to look, and something about nice tits and stuff, so I looked over at them and saw them looking up at the direction of my room's balcony. It was my gf drying her hair standing on the balcony stark naked, looking straight towards the view, not knowing there are people in the parking lot enjoying the view of her body.

Her hands were raised holding onto the big towel drying her long hair, revealing her tits and shaved pussy. I bet she didn't know there were people two floors down looking at her nude body. The two guys kept on looking at her and smiled at me not knowing it was my gf. Their mouths were wide openned with a smile. I didn't say a word but stared at my gf naked for anyone to see from the parking lot. It was really sexy and I bet she didn't know the three of us were there, cause knowing her she'll scream and yell and be totally embarrassed.

After 5 minutes of this show with no one making a noise she began to realize where I was and how come it took soo long. She made a few turns to look back into the room to see if I'm there. Then she looked down to the parking lot, finally, to see if I'm there too......And there she found me looking at her with a big smile on my face and a hard on.

She asked me whether I found it or not in a loud voice. I told her yes. I looked over to the two guys and they were really uneasy cause they figured out that I was her bf. When I looked over at them, my gf followed my eye and saw them looking at her full frontal also. She immedialtely covered her tits with the towel and ran back into the room and when doing so, she showed them her butt too.

The two guys pretended nothing had happened and went into their cars and took off. I ran back into the room, and she was screaming and yelling at me for not telling her they were watching her. Anyway, I ignored her chatter, held her up naked, threw her on the bed and fucked her like like never before. She stopped talking and was very wet and immediately started getting into it. I knew she was turned on by the guys watching her and she came twice that time and then I came all over her tits. After we both calmed down and got a drink of water we both met up back in the bed.

I told her what happened earlier and what the two guys reaction was when they saw her naked. As I spoke she listened and very carefully too. She wasn't angry at all and was really taking it in. As I spoke I started to feel her pussy and it was really wet again. So I slowed down and told her in detail what happened and I took over five minutes to do so while slipping my dick into her and continuing to talk.

She was so horny by this time she wanted to cum again but I then asked her if she liked that they saw her and she had no choice but to respond 'yes' as she was in the heat of the moment. I then asked if she would have liked for them to be watching her right now and again she said 'yes' all while her face was getting redder and her body becoming more aroused.

I then asked if she would have liked it if they got onto the bed and touched her nipples while I fucked her and she moaned this time. I knew I had her. We had talked about fantasies before of a guy fucking her while I watch but she was always uncomfortable with it and just jacked me off, never getting into it herself.

Until now.

I knew it was now or never and so I asked if she would have liked them to go further and she didn't say anything. She just closed her eyes and started pinching her own nipples which is a sure sign she was loving the idea. I then finally asked if she wanted them to fuck her. To both just ram their dicks in her pussy and fuck her hard and then leave.

My girlfriend came after hearing that. It was loud and intense and the idea of them fucking her in her mind threw her over the edge. I came with her and she looked very embarrassed and didn't look me in the eye right away. I told her I thought she was so sexy and that her liking the scenario turned me on. That made her feel better and she slowly opened up to the idea the rest of the trip and we thought about those 2 guys fucking her for the rest of the trip.

It was fun.

L. Stevo




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