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So this is very long but I wanted to share the story of how I became a cuckold. I started reading the stories on this site when I was in college and I can't believe it happened to me in real life.

My girlfriend Emily and I started dating in our mid twenties. From elementary school through college, Emily went to all girls schools and was relatively inexperienced with boys. During high school, she kissed a boy and he felt her up a bit after a party. And in college, she dated one guy for a half year and eventually lost her virginity to him. By her mid twenties, I was just the fourth guy she had ever kissed and the second guy she had ever dated and had sex with.

Emily had a sexy girl next door type look combined with a shy personality. She didn't really know how to respond to guys flirting with her in general but she did enjoy male attention even if it was awkward at times. I met her at a party with some mutual friends and somehow worked up the courage to ask her out for coffee.

It wasn't clear at the time if Emily considered it a date or not but we seemed to get along pretty well. We met several more times over the following weeks and eventually started dating officially after we kissed and held hands in the back of a movie theatre.

Our sexual progress was slow and very incremental. We kissed a lot but Emily put the brakes on anything more than that at the start. We dated for several months before she let me touch and kiss her boobs. And it was nearly a half year later before Emily and I had sex for the first time.

Unfortunately, I was very worked up and couldn't last much longer than a couple minutes. It was the first time I had even seen Emily fully naked. I was a bit humiliated but Emily said she had a good time. A couple weeks later, she let me go down on her and I made her orgasm for the first time. Afterwards, she gave me a blowjob but pulled my dick out of her mouth before I could cum. I then jerked off while she watched and I eventually came on her chest and stomach.

By the end of the next half year, Emily and I had sex a half dozen more times. She always made me wear a condom and I never cummed inside her pussy or mouth. It was always in the condom or on her body. Though I wanted to do more, I was satisfied with what Emily allowed and it wasn't like my performance had ever been stellar enough to deserve anything extra. I had already gone further with Emily than any other guy she'd been with in the past. Outside of the bedroom, our relationship had become quite serious as well. It felt like just a manner of time before we'd potentially get married or move in together.

Around this time, I had to move back to my home country for a year due to some combined visa and family issues. I don't want to get into too many details. The basics are just that I had to leave Emily for an entire year. I didn't really have a choice but I was hesitant regardless to leave Emily. We talked about it a lot and eventually agreed that I had to do it. For the year I was gone, Emily and I would be on a break but stay in regular touch. And when I came back, if we were still as much in love with each other, then we knew our relationship would last and we could take the next step together.

I was a bit hesitant to go on a break but also wasn't excited about the prospects of a long distance relationship either. Eventually Emily convinced me by proposing an honesty pledge to tell each other about anything we did with others while we were apart. So if Emily or I hooked up with anyone else, we'd have to tell each other about it afterwards. To be honest, I was intrigued by the idea of Emily coming out of her shell and being a bit more sexually promiscuous. And just imagining her telling me about it afterwards was strangely arousing. I had no plans of hooking up with other women but I promised Emily to tell her about anything that ever did happen.

Word spread among our friends of my imminent departure and also the imminent break in our relationship. Most of my friends were supportive and wished me luck on my trip. Emily's friends were supportive as well and told me they'd look after her while I was gone. One guy named Spencer took a different tact though. Spencer went to college with me and was a frat type guy who partied a lot and also hooked up with lots of different girls. I guess we were friends but I don't think we were ever especially friendly with each other. He could be a bit of a jerk at times to be honest. We had a lot of mutual friends though so he was kind of unavoidable.

During my going away party, Spencer cornered me and asked if it was true and Emily and I were separating. I explained that we were going on a break just while I was gone but we planned to get back together once I was back. Spencer grinned and said that he could keep Emily company while I was gone. I immediately said no but he kept pressing me. He argued that I shouldn't want Emily to hook up with a bunch of random guys while I was gone. Or worse, I shouldn't want Emily to fall into a serious relationship with another guy. I told Spencer no again but he didn't let up. Eventually I agreed to meet Spencer the next day for coffee so he'd leave me alone for the rest of the night at my party.

The next day, I met Spencer and told him that I wasn't interested in his offer and that what Emily did while I was gone was her decision anyways. Spencer told me I was thinking about it wrong though and asked for the opportunity to explain it to me. I said fine and he proceeded to make his argument. He said that option 1 would involve Emily hooking up with random guys, maybe getting serious with some of them, and only giving me limited details to satisfy our so called honesty pledge. By the time I got back, Spencer argued that Emily will have probably forgotten all about me. Or maybe maintaining long distance communication with me for a whole year will be so arduous and annoying that she won't want to be with me anymore. Spencer then continued by introducing option 2.

In that option, I would help encourage Emily to get together with Spencer. In addition to Emily's updates, Spencer would give me detailed reports on everything they did together. And when I did come back, Spencer would bow out and leave Emily so she could come back to me. He promised that he'd make sure no other guys get with Emily and that he would make sure that our long term relationship was never threatened. As much as I hated Spencer, I had to admit that his offer was compelling. I asked how I knew that Spencer would keep his word and not screw things up for me. He promised he would not betray me and reminded me that it was Emily's decision after all. If I said no, it was possible that he could still seduce Emily and end up hooking up with her. If that happened though, all deals were off and he wouldn't tell me anything about what they did together. I didn't really feel like I had a choice and I eventually capitulated to Spencer's proposal. He was excited and told me he wouldn't let me down.

A few days later, Emily drove me to the airport and we kissed one last time before I headed through security. A half day later, I arrived at my old home that felt like a world away from Emily. I tried to paint a rosy picture for her but she could tell that it was down about it. She told me to stay the course though and reminded me that it will seem like a short time apart looking back at it years later.

A week after I left, I got my first message from Spencer. He said that he reached out to Emily to see how she was doing and ask her out. Emily said she was ok but turned down his offer to get drinks with him. He asked me to talk to her and I told him I would. During our call later, Emily mentioned Spencer's message and that he had asked her out for drinks. I asked her what she did. She said she told him no. She admitted that she was attracted to him but also added that she thought he was a bit of an asshole. She explained that he wasn't a guy she'd typically go out with and he was so different from me. I agreed with Emily that Spencer was an asshole but added that part of the point of our separation was to try things out with people we might not normally date.

I added that I'd be more worried if she dated someone just like me. It would feel like she was replacing me. At least with Spencer, she was trying something new. Emily asked me if I'd be jealous. I said I probably would be but that shouldn't stop her. It was gonna happen sooner or later so it might as well be with Spencer if she found him attractive. Emily thought it over and then said she'd reach back out to Spencer to set up the date.

I sent Spencer a message detailing what had happened in my conversation with Emily. He said she had already called him and they set up a date for later that night. He thanked me and added that whatever I said seemed to push Emily over the edge. I told him that we both agreed that he was an asshole but Emily found him attractive and was willing to give him a shot. Spencer laughed and said almost every girl thinks that about him but that doesn't stop them from begging for his dick later. I told Spencer that Emily wasn't like his other girls but he disagreed and said all girls are the same. He promised he would show me Emily's true nature soon enough.

I was a bit anxious the next day waiting for any word from Emily or Spencer about their date. Spencer messaged me first and said Emily was already falling into his trap. I asked what happened and he explained that they met at a bar and had a few drinks. Midway through, another girl who hooked up with Spencer in the past came in and started flirting with him. She was wearing a skimpy dress and kept putting her hands on his shoulders. He said that Emily got really jealous and was trying to get his attention the entire time. When the other girl eventually left, he said Emily was all over him touching his leg and back. And when they left the bar together, Emily gave him a long hug and agreed to another date.

I heard a slightly different report from Emily later that night. She basically said that Spencer ignored her for another girl for most of the night and she was frustrated with them. I asked her if she planned to go on another date with me and she eventually admitted that she would. But she added that he was on thin ice and probably wouldn't get another date after that. I relayed her feedback to Spencer afterwards and he told me not to worry. He said their next date would be much better.

A few days later, Emily and Spencer met at a party for a mutual friend. It wasn't a date... they were just both there. Emily told me about it afterwards. She said she spoke with Spencer and expressed her frustration with what happened during their previous date. Spencer turned the tables on her though and said she was prudish. This got Emily really mad and she stormed away. I asked her what was going to happen next between them. She said they already had a second date planned for the next weekend and she didn't think she could back out at this point.

She would just go on the date and then she could end things afterwards. I supported her and pointed out that Spencer seems to be able to really get under her skin. While continuing to vent, Emily mentioned that Spencer had even asked her to send him a sexy pic. She didn't know what to do. If she did it, then she's just doing what he wanted. But if she didn't do it, then she was somehow proving his point that she was prudish. I told Emily she was beautiful and even a basic picture would be very sexy. Emily sighed and admitted she tried to take some photos in the bathroom mirror but they all looked bad. I asked if she would share them with me but she said she was embarrassed. After a bit more assurance on my part, she eventually agreed to send me one photo.

I got the photo a few minutes later. Emily was in the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and short shorts. She had her t-shirt pulled up just slightly to show a bit of her midriff and she was looking off to the side to partially hide her face. She looked incredible and I told her she shouldn't be embarrassed at all. Emily thanked me but said she was still on the fence about sending anything to Spencer.

I talked to Spencer the next day and he revealed that Emily had sent him a sexy pic. Playing coy, I asked what the pic looked like. He sent it to me and I was immediately surprised. It was a different photo than she had shared with me the day earlier. In this photo, her shirt was pulled up much higher, showing off her entire stomach. It looked like she was standing on her tiptoes and pushing out her chest a bit. And instead of looking off to the side, she looked directly into the camera in this photo with a slight smile. I told Spencer that she looked great and I was surprised she sent a photo like that to him. He laughed and said that wasn't all.

He then sent me another photo from Emily. In this one, she had her back turned to the mirror, arched slightly, and she was sticking out her butt a bit. I was almost shocked. Though this photo wasn't more revealing in any way, it seemed more overtly sexual somehow. I asked Spencer if he still thought Emily was a prude. He laughed and said he knew she'd tell me about that. He then added that she wouldn't be a prude anymore once he was done with her.

Later that week, Emily and Spencer went on their second date. It was at a mini golf place. Soon after it finished, Spencer texted me and said he had some juicy updates but he'd let Emily tell me first. The next day, Emily called me and gave me the details. At first, she kept things generic and just said they just had some pizza and then went putt putt golfing. I asked if the experience was more positive than their first date and Emily admitted that it was. Then after some awkward silence, Emily also admitted that they kissed at the end of the date.

I asked what happened and she was surprised that I even wanted to know the details. I said I was jealous but still supported her and wanted to know. Emily then explained that at the last hole, Spencer said that Emily should give him a kiss if he got a hole in one. She said no at first but eventually capitulated after he kept pressing. And then to her surprise, he immediately ricocheted his ball past several obstacles and managed to get a hole in one. She said she just gave him a quick peck on the lips at first but then they started making out and continued kissing for about a minute before another group of golfers came up behind them. I told Emily that I was thankful that she was honest and told me. I tried to explain my mixed emotions by saying I was obviously jealous but also a bit excited at the time to hear about her being outgoing and adventurous. Emily said she understood and agreed to keep me in the loop for anything else in the future. I asked her if she was gonna continue dating Spencer and she said she would.

After I finished talking to Emily, I texted Spencer. He replied with a smiley face and asked if Emily told me everything. I said that she told me about you making out with her after your hole in one. Spencer then relayed that they did more after that too. He said he kissed her again in the parking lot against the side of his car before they left. And then once more when he dropped her off at her apartment. Spencer wondered why Emily didn't tell me about all the kisses. I explained that she seemed nervous to even tell me about the first one. Spencer told me not to worry and said he'd keep me in the loop as long as I kept helping him. I asked what he was planning next.

Spencer said I should manufacture some time conflict for my next call with Emily and ask her if she could just send a sexy photo instead. I cautiously agreed and sent Emily a note later that night. I said I had an appointment at the embassy and I was really sorry but we'd have to reschedule. For the photo, I didn't even ask for a sexy one. I just said that I had been looking at the last photo she sent me a lot and was wondering if she could send a new one. Emily wished me good luck at the embassy and said it was no issue to reschedule. A half hour later, she then also sent me a photo. She was dressed like she normally would be before going to be. She was wearing an old t-shirt without a bra underneath and then a pair of panties. She stood just straight facing the mirror, smiling, and included a caption saying goodnight. I told her she looked incredible and told her to sleep tight.

The next day, Spencer asked if Emily had sent a photo and I shared it with him. Spencer said he also received a photo from Emily but it was completely unprompted. He then shared his photo with me. Emily was wearing the same outfit but this was a different photo. In Spencer's photo, Emily was pulling up her shirt back which accentuated her nipples poking through. She was also turned slightly to the side and you could see the reflection of her back and butt in a second mirror on the opposite wall. And instead of just smiling, she was biting her lip in a seductive way. I couldn't believe that Emily had sent him this photo without him even requesting it. Spencer asked me what I thought and I just said that Emily looked amazing. Spencer agreed but asked why I thought she sent him a more revealing and sexy photo than she had sent me. I said I didn't know. Spencer asked if I though Emily wanted to fuck him. I said I didn't know and then admitted that she probably did. Spencer laughed and said she definitely did.

Before their next date, I talked to Emily again. During our conversation, I asked how things were going with Spencer and how she was feeling about their relationship. Emily was a bit evasive at first but eventually opened up. She said that Spencer was very different from any guy she had been with before. He could annoy her and make her upset very easily. She felt like she could disappoint him at times too. But in the moments when they clicked, she said he made her very excited and she would nearly have butterflies in her stomach. After some more questioning, she said that she wanted to keep dating Spencer and get more serious with him. I asked if getting more serious meant having sex. Emily said yes but then immediately apologized and told me that she still loves me.

I told her it was ok and I was glad she was being honest. I asked how she was planning to make things progress with Spencer but Emily said she wasn't sure. She said normally she'd just let things happen naturally over time but she felt like Spencer had high expectations from all his previous relationships. Emily surprised me by asking what I thought she should do. I eventually said that Spencer would miss her subtle hints and she needed to make her desires clear with him. She would probably need to break out of her comfort zone a bit to do that. Emily agreed and said she'd think about it. I couldn't believe I was at the point now of strategizing directly with my girlfriend about how she could hook up with other guys.

I told Spencer afterwards about my conversation with Emily. He immediately started gloating and saying that Emily was gonna be his personal slut. He then asked me several questions about Emily's sexual history and what she had done with guys before. I answered his questions as best I could. At the end, Spencer remarked that Emily is very inexperienced and nearly a virgin in his eyes. He bragged that he'd soon do things with Emily that I had never even done with her. I felt humiliated but knew it was probably true.

A few days later, Emily sent me a picture of a new bikini she bought. It was just lying on the ground in her apartment with the tags still on. It was a white two piece bikini with string ties on the back of the top and the sides of the bottom. The bottom also looked to be nearly a thong but it was hard to tell without someone wearing it. The material on the back of the bottom was narrower at least than the material at the front. I told Emily that it looked cute and asked why she was sending me the photo. She explained that she planned to wear it later that night for Spencer.

They were gonna see a movie and then afterwards they'd come back to her apartment and use the hot tub there. She said she was a bit nervous though. She could return it still and just wear one of her old ones instead. I told her she should wear it and said I'm sure she looked incredible in it. A few minutes later, she sent me a photo of her wearing the bikini. She faced the mirror directly so I couldn't confirm if it was a thong or not. Regardless, my jaw nearly hit the floor. It was very sexy and showed a lot of cleavage. Emily asked if it was too much for her date with Spencer. I told her that Spencer would love it and she should definitely wear it.

Spencer sent me a note just before their date that just said tonight is the night. I knew what he meant and meekly replied by telling him good luck. A half day later, I got the first report from Spencer. He said that Emily was all over him the entire night. In the movie theatre, they sat in the back. He had his arm around her and they made out several times before, during, and after the movie. Then back at her apartment, they changed into swimsuits. Emily wore her new white bikini which Spencer described in great detail. They then walked over to the hot tub in the center of the complex and got in. It was very late and the hot tub was supposed to be closed at that time but nobody was around to see them.

In the hot tub, he massaged Emily's back. She then leaned back into his chest and he fondled her body under the water, touching her boobs and the inside of her thighs. While he touched her, she pressed her butt into his lap and felt his bulge. Eventually they dried off and went back to her apartment. Once inside, Emily dropped her towel and started making out with Spencer again. As they did, he untied her top and then her bottom and she let them fall to the ground. She was now completely naked. Spencer then led Emily's hands to his trunks and she pulled them down while getting onto her knees. His cock popped out in front of her face and she quickly took it into her mouth. As she sucked him, Spencer asked if she liked his cock and she just moaned.

After sucking him for several minutes, Spencer led Emily to the couch. She laid down on her back and spread her legs. Spencer then inserted his cock into her pussy without a condom. He said Emily moaned loudly and told him to go slow. Spencer said she was super tight and he fuckd her slowly and firmly. He made her orgasm twice before he pulled out. Emily then got onto the floor in front of the couch and resumed sucking his cock. Spencer said he came shortly after inside Emily's mouth and she swallowed his cum. I was completely amazed. Emily had never let me cum in her mouth before and she did it on her first time with Spencer. Afterwards, Spencer got dressed and Emily put a robe on. Spencer then gave her a kiss and playfully spanked her butt before leaving.

I asked Spencer what he planned to do next with Emily and what I should do to help. Spencer laughed and said he assumed that my cock wasn't very big. Slightly embarrassed, I admitted I was around five inches. Spencer then told me to bring that up when talking to Emily later. I asked how and he told me to just figure something out. I asked Spencer how big he was and he laughed again. He told me to find out from Emily if I really wanted to know.

Several hours later, I had my call with Emily. I had been just thinking about everything Spencer had said on a constant loop in my head until then. After some awkward small talk, I asked Emily about the date. She started by saying the movie was good. Then she mentioned that they went back to her apartment. She was nervous putting her bikini back on but Spencer seemed to really like it when she walked out with it on. In the hot tub, Emily said they cuddled. And they then dried off and went back to the apartment. Momentarily, Emily stopped the story and asked if I really wanted to know everything that happened. I said yes and with a slight gulp, Emily continued.

She said that back in the apartment, they started kissing. She admitted that she was really turned on and they were really feeling each other up while they made out. Then Spencer surprised her by untying her swimsuit. She kept kissing him though as her top and bottom fell to the floor and he directly groped her boobs and ass. Spencer then took her hand and led it directly to his dick. Emily said he was fully hard and it was poking straight out under his trunks. He then pulled his trunks down and pushed her down a bit too. She got the message and got on her knees. His cock hit her face and she then started sucking it. Emily admitted that she wasn't very good at it and didn't know exactly what to do.

Then Emily said they walked over the couch. They kissed a bit more before she laid back. Then Spencer started fucking her but he wasn't wearing a condom so he pulled out. She then started sucking him again and he came in her mouth. She said she didn't plan on doing that but he said he was gonna cum and she made a split second decision to let him cum in her mouth. I was strangely turned on hearing Emily recount the same story that I already basically heard from Spencer. I asked Emily if she orgasmed and she said yes. I then asked if everything was similar to her previous sexual experiences or different. Emily thought about it and eventually said it was a bit different.

I asked how and she said that Spencer was more aggressive than her previous partners but not necessarily in a bad way. More directly, I then asked if it felt different in any way. Emily asked me what I meant and I reluctantly said that I always thought I was a bit on the small side and wondered if it felt different with Spencer at all. Emily got my question and told me my dick was perfect for her. I persisted though and asked her for the honest answer. After a pause, she admitted that Spencer was bigger and explained it was part of the reason she had trouble sucking him at first. I asked if Spencer was the biggest dick she ever had and she said yes. Trying to console me a bit, she said it didn't make the sex any better for her, just different than what she was used to. I thanked her for telling me and she asked why I wanted to know all these details. I explained that I was definitely jealous but also I was a bit turned on just imagining her being more confident, outgoing, and sexual. Emily joked that she wasn't a prude anymore and I said yes, definitely not.

The next day, I chatted briefly with Spencer. I told him I brought up my dick size with Emily and she confirmed that he was bigger than me. Spencer laughed. He teased me and asked how I felt about my girlfriend fucking a guy with a bigger dick. I didn't really know how to respond. To be honest, I kind of liked it but it was humiliating at the same time.

Around this time, news of Emily and Spencer spread among our friends. I'm sure Spencer told many of them. I was notified by one friend named Steph who thought she had caught Emily cheating on me. She took a somewhat blurry picture of Emily and Spencer kissing in a coffee shop and sent it to me. I had to inform her that Emily and I were on a break and she wasn't cheating. Steph then apologized profusely for the misunderstanding and for having sent me the photo. Their relationship became fully official the following weekend when they attended a birthday party together. Emily told me afterwards that it was kind of awkward but most of her friends were supportive.

After the party, Emily went to Spencer's apartment and they had sex for the second time. Emily gave me the highlights during our call after confirming again that I actually wanted to hear them. First, she lamented that she felt like she was becoming a different person. She explained that the things she was doing now with Spencer, she would have judged another girl doing that as a complete slut. I told Emily that I didn't think she was a slut at all.

She laughed and said I should hear about what she did first before making that conclusion. So after driving Spencer home from the birthday party, she went up to his apartment to use his bathroom. After she did, she was just standing in the bathroom and started to feel horny and devious. She took off her shirt and pants and checked herself out in the mirror while she was just wearing a bra and panties. She initially thought she could take a picture and send it to Spencer afterwards to give him a thrill that she was in just her underwear in his bathroom. Instead though, she worked up the courage and walked out into the living room and asked Spencer to take it himself. Spencer had a smile on his face and took out his phone while Emily posed. He took several photos and then asked Emily if she needed anything else. Emily replied bluntly that she needed his big cock.

Emily didn't provide every detail after but said that she sucked Spencer for several minutes and then he pulled her panties down and fucked her doggystyle. She said Spencer was very verbal and asked her lots of kinky questions throughout. I asked what his questions were but Emily just said that she couldn't remember each one but they made her feel slutty and turned on at the same time. In the end, Spencer came directly in her pussy which was a first for her. No other guy had ever cummed inside her pussy before, at least without a condom on. Both Emily and Spencer got into the shower together afterwards to rinse off. And she then got dressed after and left. Emily asked if I thought she was a slut. I told her no. She was breaking out of her shell and doing some kinky things but she definitely wasn't a slut.

Hours later, I got a message from Spencer. I told him that Emily already told me a bit about what happened. Spencer said that she didn't show me though. He then sent me the photos he took of Emily in her bra and panties posing in front of him. She looked incredible and very sultry. Spencer then explained that he managed to turn on the voice recorder on his phone after taking the photos and he captured the entire audio of him and Emily hooking up. He asked if I wanted to hear it and I said yes almost immediately. Spencer then teased me and said he didn't know if he should share it actually. He said Emily said some really dirty things. I begged Spencer to share it and promised that I'd continue to do anything he wanted in the future. Eventually Spencer agreed and sent me the audio file.

The file started immediately with Spencer asking Emily "if she needed anything else". She then replied "I need your big dick".... Spencer "Get on your knees then". Emily rustling. Spencer "Suck it. That's good. Take it all". Emily moaning. Spencer "You like my dick"? Emily moaning then "Yes, feed it to me". Spencer "Lick my balls. That's good". Emily moaning then "Your cock is fucking huge". Spencer "Ya, bigger than your boyfriend's"? Emily "So much bigger". Spencer "Suck it then. Rub your clit while you suck me". A couple minutes of moaning... Spencer "Get up. Show me your ass". Emily "Fuck me daddy". Spencer spanking sound then "Good bitch". Emily moaning loudly. Spencer "Is this the biggest cock you've ever felt". Emily "Yes".... more moaning then "I'm gonna cum". Spencer "Cum on my cock slut". Emily "Yes daddy". Another minute of moaning. Spencer "I'm gonna fill you up". Emily "Cum in my pussy". Spencer "Here it comes" then loud moaning. Emily loud moaning too then heavy breathing. Spencer "I own your pussy". Emily "Yes daddy". Spencer "Go clean up". The audio then stopped. I couldn't believe it. Emily called Spencer "daddy" and praised his big cock multiple times. She had never done anything like that with me. It was clear from her responses that Spencer's comments really turned her on. He called her a slut and she accepted it with enthusiasm. A few minutes later, Spencer texted me and asked what I thought. I told him I was speechless. Spencer asked how I felt about his slut girlfriend calling him daddy. I said I could barely believe it. Spencer then told me to believe it and promised there would be more to cum. I listened to the audio several more times that night and masturbated to it as well. It was the most erotic thing I had ever heard in my life. I got rock hard every time Emily told Spencer that she needed his big dick at the beginning and I could barely make it past her blowjob before cumming into my own hand.

After that event, Spencer and Emily started having sex very regularly. They got together two or three times nearly every week. They also started sleeping at each other's apartments occasionally. Spencer told me in great detail when he had sex with Emily one evening, slept next to her naked body the entire night, and then fucked her again the following morning before leaving. Emily provided less play by play of each of their encounters but kept me up to date generally on what she was doing. She caught on that I liked hearing about her sexual adventures and would occasionally play along and tell the stories seductively as if she was a phone sex operator. I would jerk off while listening and Emily would say that she was rubbing herself too.

One story in particular drove me crazy. Emily told me that she was lying naked on her back with her head hanging just off the edge of her bed. Spencer then stood in front of her and guided his cock in and out of her mouth. Emily said his balls hit her in the face with each thrust and it really turned her on. She started rubbing herself as Spencer continued to fuck her face. He then pulled out and jerked his cock while Emily continued to masturbate. Emily said she begged for his cum. And just as Spencer started to erupt and cover her face with cum, Emily also orgasmed and her body writhed on the bed.

Emily sent Spencer naughty photos more often and let Spencer take photos of her as well. Spencer shared several of them with me. In my favorite picture, Emily was on her knees, just wearing panties, and covering her boobs with her hands. It was clear that the picture was taken just a few seconds before Spencer was gonna put his cock into her mouth.

Emily's birthday was coming up and Spencer suggested that I buy some lingerie for her that she could then wear for him. I looked around online and found the perfect set. It was a black bra and thong with a garter belt and stockings. I knew Emily would look incredible in it. I bought the lingerie online and had it sent to her apartment. It arrived a couple days before her actual birthday. Emily called me and thanked me for the gift but asked what I wanted her to do with it since I wasn't there to see her wear it in person. I told her I wanted to use it and that I just thought she'd look amazing in it.

She then seductively asked if I wanted her to wear it the next time she saw Spencer. I said yes. She asked me to guess what Spencer would do when he saw her wearing it. I didn't know how to respond at first and just said that he'd be all over her. Emily continued to tease and asked if Spencer should spank her while she wore it. I said yes while starting to jerk my cock. She then asked if she should suck his dick while wearing it. I said yes again.

Emily moaned and said she loved sucking his dick. I asked if his dick was big and Emily moaned again before saying it was so big. I was already on the verge of cumming in my hand. Emily then asked if he should fuck her pussy. I said definitely. Emily moaned more and was obviously masturbating as well. She asked where he should cum and I responded saying that Spencer should cum inside her pussy. We both orgasmed soon after and panted momentarily before recovering our senses. Emily then said she'd see Spencer on her birthday and would see what she could do.

I told Spencer what happened afterwards and he laughed. He called Emily a slut and said he was gonna make her beg for his cock on her birthday. He explained that he got a hotel room in the city for their date and he was gonna treat her like a complete whore all night.

I briefly talked to Emily on her birthday and she sent me a pic of her outfit before heading out to meet Spencer. In the pic, she was wearing a tight black dress and pulling the top strap to the side so I could see a small part of the lingerie underneath. I told her she looked great and wished her a happy birthday. She responded with a kissing emoji.

The day after, Spencer messaged me first. He said that Emily was horny from the moment he picked her up. They made out and groped each other for several minutes at her apartment before getting into his car. During dinner, she was very flirty and even put her hand on his lap under the table and touched his bulge while they waited for the check. And then while Spencer drove her to the hotel, Emily unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob for several minutes.

When they arrived at the hotel, he had to quickly get his cock back into his pants before the valet saw. After they checked in and got to their room, Emily went to the bathroom. When she came back, she was wearing just the lingerie that I had bought her. She posed for him and let him admire her body from every angle. Spencer then approached her, slapped her ass, and they started making out momentarily before Emily got on her knees. Spencer told her to put her hands behind her back as he unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. He then held his hard cock in his hand and slapped it across her face. Emily opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Spencer then fed her his balls while lying the shaft of his cock on her face.

Emily sucked on Spencer's balls while he teased her and called her a whore. Emily just moaned in response. He then pulled his balls out of her mouth and replaced them with his dick which she sucked eagerly. She tried repeatedly to deep throat him and gagged multiple times while he laughed. He then grabbed her hair and led her to the bed. She fell onto her chest with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Spencer then spanked her several times while she moaned. In between spanks, Emily pushed her panties down to her knees. He then pulled her panties the rest of the way off and shoved them into her mouth to gag her. He said they were soaking wet and he wanted her to taste herself. Spencer then spread her ass cheeks and shoved his dick into her pussy. As he fucked her, he worked his finger into her ass well and fingered her asshole in between each thrust of his cock.

Emily orasmed a couple times before Spencer turned her over and re-inserted his cock into her pussy. As she laid on her back, Spencer pulled her tits out of her bra and teased her nipples while she moaned. Eventually, Spencer pulled her panties out of her mouth and Emily started to beg for his cum. Spencer obliged and erupted inside her pussy moments later. Emily had another orgasm simultaneously and screamed out loud. After he pulled out, Emily sucked on his cock to clean it off while his cum leaked out of her pussy onto the bed sheets. They took a shower together afterwards and Spencer said they fucked twice more before they had to check out the following morning.

Later that night, I talked to Emily on the phone. She didn't provide as many details as Spencer but she said she just went wild and acted like a complete slut the entire night. She added that she loved the lingerie that I got her and that Spencer clearly loved it as well. And she embarrassingly admitted that the panties had been shoved into her mouth for part of the night and she could confirm that they tasted as good as they looked. I asked where Spencer came and Emily said he came in her pussy first, then in her mouth, and then in her pussy again.

She said the last time they had sex was right before they checked out and she didn't have time to clean up afterwards so his cum was leaking out of her pussy the entire ride home. After Spencer dropped her off at home, she said she got inside her apartment and immediately stripped down. She said she couldn't tell me the next part because it was too dirty. After some cajoling from me, she did tell me though. She said her panties were covered in his cum from the ride home and she put them into her mouth and tasted his cum while masturbating in the bathroom. She said she had a big orgasm and then threw all her clothes in the washing machine before jumping in the shower.

Emily asked if I thought she was a slut and I said yes but in a good way. I explained that I was happy that she was happy and having fun and exploring new experiences. Emily thanked me and reminded me that she still loves me but also is enjoying discovering this new side of herself.

It's been about six months since I had to leave the country and I have another half year apart before I'm able to return to Emily. She still meets Spencer regularly and I get updates about the intimate encounters from both of them. Spencer tells me that he plans to fuck Emily in the ass soon and he said he'd make sure she was an anal pro by the time I got back. I'm not sure what will happen when I do get back but I expect Spencer to still be a part of our lives going forward.

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