Wife went Wild in a Country Bar



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This is something that happened to my wife and I and is our first taste of the cuckold world but hopefully not the last.

We had been wine tasting all day in the small wineries about an hour from home. We then went dancing at a local western bar. She danced with me and a few others, but nothing serious was happening so we went back to the little bar in our old hotel. We had talked about stuff in bed but never expected anything to actually happen.

As we settled in, 2 cowboys from the western bar came in and sat close to us at the bar. My wife is a sucker for a young cowboy. We starting talking and drinking and my wife was very loose now. When she went to the bathroom I thought I would get things rolling so I told the bar tender I would cover all the drinks, but he was to tell my wife that the payment was 1 button for 1 drink.

When she came back and ordered another drink, he brought it to her, told her the payment. Without blinking she laughed and said sure. Not too much cleavage showing. When I ordered a drink, I told her to pay the man.

She laughed and unbuttoned another button. At this point it was about 1 AM and only us, the 2 cowboys, bartender and 3 older, locals were left. The little town was closed down so we had lots of privacy.

We continued to talk, laugh and drink. When the cowboys were empty, my wife said they needed another beer and ordered 2 more for them. Not realizing what she had done, the bartender said that would be 2 buttons.

Everyone starting laughing. When my wife undid the 2 buttons, her top was now totally unbuttoned, lots of cleavage, but her tits were still covered. However, the cowboys were openly feeling her tits and tweaking her nipples to everyone's delight.

My wife asked what would happen if she ordered the other 3 guys a drink and the bartender said it would be 3 buttons. Since she was out of buttons she thought she would be clever and not have to pay, so she ordered them a round.

The bartender said to her that would be 3 buttons and could she take it to their table. She didn't have 3 buttons so he said take off her shirt for #1, unbutton her shorts for #2 and slide the zipper down for #3.

When she took her top off the guys went wild. While her shorts didn't fall off when unzipped, as she was caring the first 2 drinks over to the table, they did. She stepped out of them as she leaned over to serve the guys.

One of the guys put his hand on her ass and rubbed it. She leaned over and gave both guys a kiss. She then walked back to get the 3rd drink, totally naked. When she served it now 2 guys were feeling her ass. As she leaned over to kiss the 3rd guy, he reached up and felt her tits. Here was my 36 year old wife, naked in a bar being pawed by honry men.


A lot more touching, feeling, kissing went on until about 2:30am when the bartender kicked us out. My wife invited the 2 cowboys upstairs to our room. She left with them, naked, and I followed after I gathered her clothes.

Once in the room, they undressed quickly and she took them both on, sucking and fucking. As she won't let anyone in her ass, she did want to try all 3 of us. She sucked one of them as the other one slid into her pussy while I watched.

It was great. We got a good rhythm going and she took us both with no problem.

After the cowboys had both cum, she was fading so they left. We still have the great memory of that fun evening. I'll post more adventures later.

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