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My girlfriend Lara is a self proclaimed blowjob expert and says she loves the taste of cum. As the beneficiary of her skills, I can back up her boasts. She is truly amazing. She will gladly give me blowjobs on a near daily basis and she always swallows my load.

One week my old roommate Mike stayed over at our apartment. He was interviewing for a job in our area and we had a spare bedroom so it wasn't a big inconvenience. After dinner with Mike on the first night of his stay, Lara and I were watching a movie together with him. In the movie, a girl reacted to the idea of giving someone a blowjob as disgusting. Flippantly, Lara reacted by calling the girl in the movie dumb. Mike asked her what she meant. Somewhat embarrassed, Lara told Mike that she really enjoyed giving blowjobs.

Mike laughed and asked Lara if she spit or swallowed. Lara said she always swallowed because she liked the taste. Mike was impressed but questioned if she actually liked the taste or just said she liked to taste for the guy's sake.

Lara insisted that she actually did enjoy the taste of cum. Mike asked if cum was hypothetically available in a grocery store, would she buy it and eat it? Lara said yes with a kinky smirk on her face. Mike paused and then postulated that if he went into the bathroom and jerked off into a shot glass, Lara should be happy to eat it afterwards.

I immediately said no but Mike pressed and said it's not sexual if she is just eating it for its culinary value. He asked Lara if she'd actually prove that she liked cum. Lara felt challenged and agreed to eat Mike's cum in order to prove that she wasn't lying.

Mike then went into the bathroom and said he'd be back shortly. While he was away, I asked Lara what she was doing. She said it was fine and she just needed to prove her point. I was hesitant but Lara said she'd give me a long blowjob later that night so I shouldn't be jealous. A couple minutes later, Mike came out of the bathroom holding a shot glass full of his cum.

He handed it to Lara and told her to enjoy. She held it up as if to cheers Mike and I and then put it against her lips and drank it. Mike and I both watched intently. After a few seconds of holding it in her mouth, she swallowed it and stuck out her tongue as proof. Mike asked how it tasted and Lara replied playfully by saying it was delicious.

Later that night in our bedroom, Lara apologized for things getting out of hand with Mike but I told her that it was actually kind of hot to see her drink his cum. Teasing me, Lara suggested that she get Mike's cum straight from the source next time.

I called her bluff though and said that I thought that would be incredible. Lara laughed and called me a perv. She touched my bulge and I quickly got hard. She asked if I was really serious and I promised that I was. Lara then challenged me to prove it. I asked how. She said she'd do it if I tasted my own cum first.

Lara had joked about this previously and pretended that she was going to kiss me after giving blowjob. I always recoiled which made her laugh. Without saying anything, I shook my head yes. Lara pushed me down onto the edge of the bed and pulled my shorts off. She then took her shirt off and kneeled in front of me so her boobs were in front of my cock as she jerked it with her hand.

She touched herself at the same time and moaned while encouraging me to cum for her. Regrettably, I started to cum in less than thirty seconds. Lara laughed and stuck out her chest in front of my cock as I sprayed my load across her boobs. After draining me completely, she stood up and told me to lick her clean. I hesitated for a second and she asked if I really wanted her to suck Mike or not. I then said yes and she brought her boob to my face. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and a glob of my own cum off of her boob. It didn't taste like much at first and I went in for a second lick on Lara's other boob. She remarked that it really does taste good, doesn't it? I then started to taste it more distinctly. I didn't hate it but I wouldn't say that it tasted great either. With a couple more licks, I got the rest of cum off Lara's chest. Lara laughed and said I did a good job.

The next day, Mike returned from his interview just after Lara and I got home from work. He was a bit bummed and said he didn't think he was going to get the position. We consoled him and decided to go out for dinner and drinks to lift his spirits. At the bar, Lara sat on the same side of the booth with Mike and was generally very flirty with him. There wasn't anything too egregious and Mike could have reasonably thought that Lara was just trying to cheer him up. But Lara shot me a devilish grin when Mike wasn't looking so I knew what she was up to.

When we got back home, we all sat on the couch and continued to drink. Eventually Mike left to go to the bathroom. Lara told me I should say I was getting tired and go to the bedroom if I really wanted her to go through with it. When Mike came back, I said I was sleepy and was gonna go to bed. I said goodnight to both Mike and Lara and then left them alone together in the living room. Once in the bedroom though, I kneeled next to the door and listened intently to them.

Once I was gone, Lara asked Mike if he wanted another drink and he said yes. She went to the fridge, opened another couple beers, and brought them back to the couch. They continued to drink and talk while watching TV together. Eventually Lara brought up her experience drinking his cum the night before and said she was so embarrassed. Mike told her it was actually pretty cool that she had the confidence to do it and promised he wouldn't tell anyone else about it later. Lara thanked him and admitted that she had never drunk cum out of a glass before. She explained that she always just got it from the source and they both laughed.

Five or ten moments of relative silence followed as Lara and Mike both watched TV and finished their drinks. Lara then broke the silence by telling Mike that I was the heaviest sleeper she had ever met and that they could have a party in the living room right then and I would never wake up. Mike played along and asked Lara if they were gonna have a party then. She laughed and said no and then asked if Mike wanted to do anything else other than watching TV. He said he wasn't sure and asked her what she wanted. Coyfully, Lara said she was a bit hungry and could use a snack. A bit oblivious to where Lara was hinting at, Mike asked her what she had in the kitchen. Lara then made it more clear and said she had a snack last night that she really enjoyed and that she'd love to try it again. Mike suddenly understood what Lara was getting at and asked if she wanted him to jerk off in a cup again. Lara declined and said she could help him out more directly this time. He now fully understood Lara and asked her if she was serious. Lara said yes and got up from the couch.

Standing in front of Mike, she said she could help excite him a bit first. She proceeded to take off her shirt and then her pants and was now standing in just her underwear in front of MIke. Lara asked if she was helping and Mike said definitely. She then asked Mike to show her and I heard Mike unbuckle his pants and push them to the ground. Lara then said wow and exclaimed that his cock was very big. Mike thanked her awkwardly. She then asked if she could touch it and Mike said yes.

Lara grabbed his dick and started jerking it with her hand. Meanwhile, Mike reached out and felt her body. He eventually got his hands behind her back and unhooked her bra. Lara let it fall to the ground and was now standing topless in just her panties as Mike groped her boobs. He was rock hard now and she got on her knees in front of him. She took his cock into her mouth and I heard Mike start moaning immediately. And after just a couple minutes, he told Lara he was going to cum.

Lara moaned affirmatively and Mike erupted into her mouth. Being an absolute blowjob expert, Lara continued to suck him slowly after he finished to milk out every last drop from his dick. Eventually she stopped and swallowed his load. She thanked Mike and told him it was delicious. Mike laughed and said anytime. He then went into the other bedroom to get ready for bed and Lara picked up her clothes and came back into our bedroom.

When she walked through the door, Lara had a huge smile on her face. She immediately jumped on the bed and I followed behind her. She asked if I heard everything and I said yes. I told her that I couldn't believe that she actually did it and Lara admitted that she could barely believe it herself. She asked if I was ok and I told her I was more than ok. I explained that it was incredibly hot to hear her do kinky things like that. Lara said she enjoyed it too but it was a bit of a tease since she didn't get any reciprocation. We then started kissing and I could taste faint remnants of Mike's cum in Lara's mouth. Eventually we were both naked and Lara got on top of me and sat on my cock. We were both incredibly turned on and Lara started bouncing up and down quickly.

Regrettably, I came in less than a minute. Lara hadn't cum yet so I pulled her body forward while shifting myself down on the bed. Her pussy was above my face and Lara asked me if I was sure. I nodded yes and then she sat on my face and pressed her cum filled pussy against my mouth. I licked her as my cum leaked out of her pussy and into my mouth. Lara held my head and had an orgasm soon thereafter.

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