Brought my best Friend to Vegas with us

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I am happy to say I finally have my wife's permission to post her pictures here. She and I started cuckolding with my best friend Steve when he was getting divorced. Steve's wife confided to me that she was having an affair. She and I weren't friends, heck, I didn't even like her. What was I supposed to do with this information? I just assumed she wanted me to tell him so I did. He confronted her and now he was having a tough time and I wanted to cheer him up.

We went to do an event in Vegas. Steve and I rode out in the company truck. My wife flew in to meet us. We headed off to the hotel we were working at and started setting up the event. It was a 2-day set, so we had lots of time off to play on this one and this was a great town to play in. We finished our pre-set in the early afternoon, went back to the room to shower and then headed out on the town to gamble and play a bit. After a few hours, we became bored and had a long day ahead of us, so we headed back to the room.

One thing you could never accuse my boss of was being a spendthrift. He was a cheap one, so the three of us were stuck in one room. While Steve was in the shower she and I discussed having a threesome with him. It would be my first if we did it and I was nervous with anticipation and trepidation. Would I be able to handle this?

I mean it was one thing when you weren't there, but to watch her touching someone else would be totally different. Steve was my buddy, was undergoing a rough divorce and was in a funk. This just might be the thing to get him out. On the other hand, it might really fuck things up between all of us and we had to work together. She and I decided that I would feign sleep while she started us into a three-some with Steve.

Steve came back and crawled in his bed. She always slept in a big t-shirt and socks. She got up and went to the bathroom. The night stand light was still on and she let the shirt ride up in the back, showing she wore no panties.

She came back and climbed into Steve's bed. My job was to be asleep and so there I lay, wondering what was going on but avoiding rolling over to watch. That made it even more intense. I could hear whispering from the bed 3 feet away but couldn't make out what was being said. Smooch . . . smooch. The distinctive sound of kissing came to my bed from their side of the room.

It heightened my senses. The whispering had stopped and you heard covers rustling, springs squeaking and the sound of kissing. I strained to hear what was going on. Then more whispering. Then more rustling of cloth and you really wanted to know what was going on.

Then you heard giggling. As she kissed her way down Steve's chest and slid across his belly, she told me come over, that she had told him I was faking sleep. Good news because my cock was ready to burst. She started bobbing her head and hand up and down Steve's cock.

I watched for a minute in the dim hotel room light before positioning myself behind her. She was magnificent at giving head. Always the right hand on the cock working in unison with her mouth, pulling all the way out to the head and then shoving deep down into her mouth, controlling the pace and gauging what she did based on the moans and reactions of the recipient.

The moaning increased and my dick really started throbbing. I needed to get into this game before it was over. I positioned myself behind her and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her very wet slit. Every time I grazed her clit she would jump and moan.

The scene was so hot that I couldn't wait. I slid into her doggy style and started pumping. I tried to let her set the pace, thrusting on her backstrokes, but occasionally we would get messed up and I would either knock her onto him or slip out myself. This wasn't as easy as it looked in porn movies. I hear her encouragement moan, that moan she would use to beg for your cum when she felt your balls tighten, and knew that Steve was close. He was going to shoot.

I increased my speed and held on, bringing myself to the edge of orgasm. When I hear her moan and begin to swallow, it turned me on so much that I went over the edge and began pumping shot after shot into her.

Steve pulled her up to kiss her and slide his tongue in her mouth. She was in 7th heaven. She loved to kiss after taking a load and I had trouble bringing myself to taste my come via her mouth after coming. I just kind of kneeled there and watched them for a minute before going back to our bed. She went to the bathroom, cleaned up and came back to bed. When she got into bed, I rubbed her to two quick orgasms.

We were all exhausted and fell asleep, knowing we had a big day the next day. When we finally got a chance to be alone, I asked her how it was. She was very happy and said when Steve came he was a three-gulper. Apparently, he came a lot compared to most people, at least to me.

After the event, she rode with us on the way home. It was about a five-hour drive. Steve had a big smile on his face on the way home. "What?" she would ask him and then we'd break out laughing. It was a relaxed and happy yet sexually charged time.

The truck was one of those yellow mid-size trucks like you might rent, but there was no wall between the cab and the back. All we had for her to sit on was an ice chest. Steve kept kind of chuckling under his breath, which would send us all into fits of laughter.

It hadn't ruined the friendship. I was relieved and happy for Steve. We had more fun and games on the way home. I played with her breasts and got her all excited and she then lay back on top of the ice chest and got herself off while we watched. She then blew Steve again while I drove and watched out of the corner of my eye.

Steve also created a little jealousy for me later on, but nothing we couldn't work through. It was all part of my and hers awakening sexuality in my learning process and all had a great time.

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