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This is our 2nd post. You can read our first post here.

My wife, after her adventures on our previous vacations from work, thought she had had enough of the cuckold lifestyle....

When my friend came to stay with us for the night after Christmas, there was no indication that anything would happen.

We drank alcohol, played games and laughed.

Our children spent the night at the in-laws' house so we could indulge in different topics like different music styles we enjoy.

We drank from the afternoon hours until 1 a.m., at least I think so, because I was drunk by my big friend who could drink a lot more was fine.

At 3 o'clock I woke up and noticed that I was alone in bed, my wife was not there, and the TV was on in the living room, so I concluded that my colleague and wife were watching TV.

But when I tried to fall asleep I heard moaning, for a moment I thought it was the sound of the TV, but after a while I concluded that it was my wife....

I got out of bed and quietly went to the hallway, when I saw what was happening I froze.

My friend was lying on the bed and my wife was sucking his Big penis and he was sucking her pussy, they were doing a perfect 69 position.

I stood as if I was stunned, he turned her around with one hand and planted her on his hard wet dick.

She moaned so he turned her on her back and put her nightgown over her mouth. He fucked her pussy all the way hitting her balls, holding her big tits with his big hands.

After a few minutes of continuous penetration, he took out his penis and asked if she wanted more????

She in a hoarse voice replied fuck me to the end and cum inside me....

When he said if she was afraid of getting pregnant, she replied that she had a safety spiral.

He lay on his back, she took him in her mouth and spit on him, she jumped on top of him, she rode him for a very long time until he shot into her, when they finished she sat on top of him and said he was a wonderful lover and they must do it again someday.

I quietly went back to bed, when I woke up in the morning I got up and put my penis in her cunt, I lowered myself to eat her out very quickly knowing that she still had his sperm in her.

She's an amazingly good hotwife, I love that she's so kinky.

Luki - spraqny32@o2.pl




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