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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    I gave my Wife a Hall Pass


    So yay, it happened, my wife fucked another guy for the first time since we have been together (other than me) and it was incredible!

    As I sit here with a hard dick and recall what happened, it started with us taking a very long weekend to ourselves at nice, local hotel. We were at the hotel bar which had music and a dance floor and this latin guy somehow got the nerve to ask my wife to dance while I was getting us drinks. I come back to see her and him dirty dancing and then discovered he was staying on a different floor of the same hotel. They walked back to the table and I quickly made myself scarce so they could do their thing. Latin guy asked for his coat back (she was using it to keep warm) and my wife told him, "No I will bring it up to your room in a minute." In that minute she freshened herself up and called me to make sure we were both okay with this moving ahead - safe to say we were!

    I need to add that we have talked about this for years but I never though she would make it happen, and so fast!!!

    She walked up to his room and explained the situation, she is happily married but has a hall pass and is single for the night if he is up for some fun. They went inside his room and had some red wine to cut the tension and after some small talk laid back on the bed and he kissed her. My wife said she was very giggly at this point knowing what was about to happen. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 24, 2019

    Patience Won my Wife Over


    I have been married for almost 5 years now. My wife and I are young cuckolds but very mature for our age. We are both 29.

    When we were just starting out and we were having sex, I would always bring up the fantasy of her getting fucked hard by a lover or master. I described how hard, slick, and big his cock would be as it slid inside. Sometimes he is using a condom and sometimes he is not.

    She sometimes says she wants him to not so she can feel the cock naturally. Over the years, our stories got to be more elaborate ... sometimes she is getting gangbanged by 3 or more big studs ... filling each of her holes. I have gotten her to even call out common names of guys we know with her begging them to fuck her hard. She will even role play giving rim jobs. I even convinced her to take nude pictures of her fucking dildos pretending they are other men.

    When I would bring up the topic for real with her, she would get really pissed off. She would say "I do not want to do it!". Please know that she was a virgin before me. I told her how much it would turn me on and that it might be an interesting experience for her. She would sometimes says to me, "What if I like it?" - but I don't think that means anything, more like a threat that I might lose her. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 20, 2019

    She Threw herself at Me when she came Home


    This all happened a few years ago, back then I didn't even know what cuckolding was. In fact it's only something I've discovered not so long ago.

    Like many people here I once brought up to my gf Dana the idea of her having sex with someone else or trying a bigger cock. While she wasn't initially sure what to think she eventually started liking this idea but it went nowhere because we didn't know anyone who could be a bull.

    Now at our college, more precisely in my faculty, there was this one attractive girl with whom I had classes with. I got along pretty well with her, worked on some group projects with her and when she met my gf they became really good friends. We'll call her Carla.

    One evening my gf was hanging out with Carla in her apartment, they were a bit drunk and they started talking about sex. Now Carla was like this innocent looking girl, she and her bf came from a small village and were raised in a somewhat strict christian community. So you wouldn't expect much from her when it comes to talking about sex. But it turned out her bf was quite popular among the girls in their hometown and he banged a few of them in secret. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 17, 2019

    I Found a Willing Couple


    I've been part of the hotwife/cuckold scene for a couple years now. I had two regular couples in Houston, but one has moved away and the other one has decided to leave the scene for personal reasons. Sadly, this has left me without a couple and since none of my friends are into the lifestyle (as far as I know) I turned to adult dating and swinger sites to find couples who would like to have a fairly experienced bull enter their relationship.

    I posted in a couple different categories and got quite a few responses. A lot of it was chaff, but after sifting through the messages I found a couple that seemed real and sincere. They didn't have many pics of themselves, but they gave me their email, we messaged, and took it from there. We chatted for a few days leading up into my trip to Austin, talked about things we liked, didn't like, our kinks, and out limits. We provided each other recent STD tests and talked about what specifically we were okay with.

    They wanted me to meet up with the wife in a hotel room that she had gotten her husband to pay for, fuck her senseless, cum inside her, and then send her home to her husband with some pictures and videos. I have honestly never been more excited about travelling for business before. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 13, 2019

    I only Sucked the Tip


    So my hubby, his three friends, and I, all go to the beach for the weekend. We ended up getting a nice room with an ocean view.

    We have a big suite that has two master bedrooms with bathrooms in each and a big joining balcony. One bathroom had a big tub in it, and the other had a big glass shower.

    So we picked the room with the tub, and the other guys had the other room with the big shower.

    We were all having a great time drinking all day at the beach, and went out to the beach bars at night.

    So my hubby and I were really drunk, and we wanted to head back early. We really wanted to have the place to our selves to get freaky.

    We had the whole suite finally.

    As soon as we get in there, we start hooking up. We didn't turn the lights on, and just started heavy making out in the main living area in the dark. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 10, 2019

    My Girlfriend Cages Me and Plays Carefully


    My girlfriend gave some handjobs yesterday. She was playing with my cock a little bit before bed tonight and she started talking about it and asking me if I liked seeing it, which I said of course I did. She teased me a little bit and asked if I was mad she didn't let me post about it here like I wanted to initially. Really I wasn't mad at all haha but her hand on my cock made me realize how bad I wanted to. Then all of a sudden, she said, "Do it tonight." I made sure she really meant it and she laughed and said sure, but she probably won't see the post as she gets too nervous and self-conscious. I said that's fair and she just stopped and said take your pick, you can either post it or cum. Haha I had to open my stupid mouth and ask questions instead of just getting off and seeing what happened (like can I cum tonight and post it tomorrow... She said not an option). So, I got blue-balled after fifteen minutes of her stroking me, but that's okay. I am uncaged but I promised her I won't cum and I'll cage up before bed (she is already asleep).

    We have been laying pretty low with the cuckolding. We had a pretty kinky day Saturday as there was some stuff that needed to be done at her place (I'm mostly moved in though, so we both agree it is now our place haha) and I did it wearing a cock cage and red crotchless panties while she teased me. It was mostly caulking the bathtub and replacing the tub knobs and then a few other minor things. She had me in panties for all of it. We had made a decision that she is not going to get fucked for a while, and are still standing by that. But we have still been talking dirty and teasing, and this happened too. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 06, 2019

    I had to Behave while she was being Slutty


    The first time my fiancee had sex with HIM, when I wasn't there, was pretty amazing. My mom had been visiting for 2 weeks, so we were behaving ourselves, while she was there. My mom was using my car, so she had to pick me up at work before being able to go home, and since my fiancee got off work an hour before me, she was always home alone for a while.

    I texted her in the morning and suggested, that she play with him while I kept my mom occupied a little after she picked me up from work. It didn't take too much convincing unsurprisingly, but I made it very clear, that if she was going to play, I still wanted to be included some way.

    She agreed that she would get him to take pictures, and send me text messages while they were having fun. It's still 2 hours away before she goes home, and I already have butterflies in my stomach. I spent the afternoon doing stupid busy work, just to keep my mind occupied. It worked, fortunately enough, and the time came.

    My phone goes off, and it's a text from her, simply saying "Ready?". ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 03, 2019

    My Wife Understands Now


    So, I have been with my wife (let's call her Amanda) for close to 5 years now, and throughout the relationship we have been extremely lucky in how adventurous we have been able to be. We have had threesomes of all types, partnered up long term with couples we know, and between the two of us have basically acted out every topic or kink that has come up in earnest. Except hotwife/cuckolding.

    To start it off I've been overseas and interstate traveling for close to 6 weeks now, and during this time I've been in very remote areas, on the road and exhausted to the point where even if turned on when I get the chance to talk to Amanda, by the time I get to a bed I'm out cold. I think it was close to three weeks without actually getting myself off, but also knowing Amanda was at home having fun with toys of various sizes (she was quite descriptive) and her Hitashi best friend.

    One night I'm finished up with a client and look to have 2-3 days prior to the next international flight with nothing to do but enjoy this time in the town. It's around 9pm, I've eaten and drunk a few too many drinks, and he just read a long message about Amanda trying to setup a meet with a friend back home for a welcoming present. ... READ THE REST HERE


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